Beowulf aka Wulfie

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July 7, 2016 eblast - Memorial Tribute:
Today has not been a happy day. Today, we had to say goodbye to Wulfie. He'd had a bad episode brought on by Vestibular Disease, an old dog condition.Typically, such episodes resolve themselves in one to two days with the dog bouncing back to enjoy more of their golden years. But Wulfie didn't bounce back. After 5 days, he was still unable to stand up much less walk. It had taken a toll on him and his quality of life.
A dog is not a dog if they can't chase after scents with their tail in the air, especially a beagle such as our Wulfie.
It was over 5 years ago now that Wulfie joined our pack. His owner had been moved to a nursing home. At 10 years old, Wulfie had found himself in an animal shelter up in Barrie. He had a heart murmur. He wasn't considered adoptable. The staff called us.
His name had actually been Bailey. Too many beagles named Bailey in our line of business so we came up with something close enough. But the mighty name "Beowulf" morphed into Wulfie for his foster mom and everyone who knew him. Wulfie was well known at her cottage where he had plenty of doggy friends that he visited on his walks up the Point. For the last 5 years, Wulfie has had the life of every happy cottage owner. Working in the city during the week and off to the cottage on weekends and throughout the summers! Mom is a teacher. So Wulfie became a cottage dog.
We've got to focus on the last 5 years. We've got to find comfort in the good times Wulfie has had with our BOB family. His life could have ended 5 years ago but it didn't. It had been far from over.
We thank his foster mom, Beth, for giving him the cottage life. The sounds of loons on the lake at dawn and dusk to grab the attention of those ears, stars too many to count above his head after midnight, those beloved walks up the Point on blue sky afternoons, followed by blissful naps under the shade of Beth's side.
I think Wulfie will always be there in spirit... 
Dec 6, 2011:
Beowulf just arrived today from the Barrie SPCA so he needs time to unpack his bags and get all his vetting completed. Poor 10-year-old Beowulf lost his long-time home when his elderly owner was moved to a nursing home. It's been a difficult time for this dear old soul. We also have some concerns for his health so please send pawsitive thoughts his way and we'll post a pupdate as soon as we can!
Dec 9, 2011:
Good news! After a number of tests, our vets have ruled out any serious medical conditions! There was a concern for Cushing's but a stim test has revealed no signs of it! Wulfie, his new nickname courtesy of his foster mommy Beth, does have a food allergy and can certainly afford to lose a few pounds, but other than that, he appears to be fit as a fiddle! He's also one of the jolliest beagles we've had enter our rescue! Yappy HOWLidays, Wulfie! Welcome to the BOB family!