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Some of you might have seen this pic already.

Capturing a special moment in my home following our SWEET 16TH BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH on Sunday.

Sometimes, the most beautiful and meaningful things happen without thought or planning.


Every year, after the BASH is over and all the hard work leading up to it is done, I prepare my Thank You Message to all of you.

I typically include fun pics of the Big Day while doing my best to explain what your support means to us.


But this picture of one of our volunteers embracing Forever Foster, David S. Pumpkin, says it so much better than I ever could.


We rescued David last October, as you may recall. A heartbreaking neglect case. He was double the size, chained to a balcony all day long, never walked, painful glaucoma left untreated, with little to no human contact.


Until now.


This is what you do for our repair shop.

Time and time again. Especially when times are tough.

And you never disappoint.


With on-line donations in support of our beloved annual Event still coming through, we can proudly say we've raised over $10K!!!


 ***We truly hope the spirit of the season will inspire even more support. It's been one tough year. This has helped tremendously in rebuilding our foundation, but we need to ensure we get through the winter --- not only so we can maintain the high level of care for the senior beagles in our palliative care program, but so that we can save even more beagles in need without hesitation.  


So if you couldn't make it to Our SWEET 16TH but want to "sweeten the pot" for our Beagles, please don't hesitate to make your contribution today…THANK YOU

BIG ON BEAGLES RESCUE | Charity Profile | Donate Online | Canadahelps



Speaking of Thank Yous…


BIG THANKS to our Event Sponsors,

Rouge Health Solutions

Bell Animal Chiropractic

Flynn Roofing



Ren's Pets


To Susan & Susan at Tim's Party Centre for once again waiving the rental fee for the Tables


To our Special Guest,

Sabrina Campbell of 6th SensAbilities


To the Complimentary Cider courtesy of Geissberger Farmhouse Cider


To the Complimentary Cupcakes courtesy of Tina!


To our Chocolate Maker & Friendship Bracelet Maker,

Mazzy & Star's Foster Mom - Sandy!


To our Nail Trimmer Extraordinaire,

"Saint" James McLean!


To the generous donors of our Raffle & Auction/Marketplace,

Geissberger Farmhouse Cider

The Cleaning Purrfectionist

6th SensAbilities

Carl's Canines Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Chris's Constance Bay Pet-Friendly Getaway

Pluto's Place


Good Vibes on Main

Erica & Rob Murray

Maggie C.

Tina our Cake Queen!

Sheri Roberts

Sara H.

Lorna M.



Soca (Honorary Mention)

Bar Bar (3rd Place Winner)

George Bayley (2nd Place Winner)


Bea, the Jalapeno Goddess! (Our Baddest Beagle in the Universe 2023!!!)


To Emily, Andrew & Lillian for Adopting Truman!!!


To Our Bubbly BOBateers,

My husband, Bill

Erica & Rob

Deanna & Andrew

Malki & Gary

Tanya & Greg

Tina & Dave

Ben & Catherine

Kathy P.

Kelly, Brandon, Clara & Holden

Sabrina's son, Wyatt

Mary C.



Lori R.





 and last but not least, Maggie (Ruby Tuesday Dream Feather's Mom!), for beagle-sitting my brats while mommy hosted the big party!

  And of course…to YOU --- the SWEETEST THING about our SWEET 16th!

Our Supporters!

  Keeping the faith in YOU --- always. 







You are the Wind beneath our Paws!!!



Guess how much we raised at our 8th Annual BEAGLE WIGGLE WALKATHON at Slobberfest on June 17th?!!!


We reached an awe-inspiring…









The MAGIC truly happened on November 27, 2022 at our 15th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH!!!


Never in our wildest Rescue dreams could we have imagined what a Comeback it would be…


The first dream to come true was seeing all your beautiful smiling faces again and hearing all those happy howls! It was MUSIC to our ears!


We were in Beagle Heaven!


But we're still living the DREAM!


We've had record-breaking years before but this…

this is far beyond record-breaking.


Back in 2019, before the world changed, we raised a record-breaking $8K at our 14th BEAGLE BASH - the best BASH ever in all our history!


But then came our Comeback BASH on Sunday…


THIS YEAR, we more than DOUBLED that record!!!


We raised close to $17K!!!



The tears are streaming down as I write this note of thanks to you.

I don't know how I can thank you properly for saving this little beagle repair shop after 2 years of struggle.


Even during the Pandemic, you were there for us and we made it through because of you.


But THIS. This is beyond compare.


This is EPIC!


Here's to YOU, our amazing supporters - whether you attended the BASH, donated fantastic auction items for the Event, or made an on-line donation in support of it! (We raised close to $5K in on-line donations alone!!!)


Here's to our incredible Sponsors (Ren's Pets Whitby, EarthRated, Great Lakes Brewery and Geissberger Farmhouse Cider) who lit up the Raffle & Auction Tables with dazzling prizes!


Speaking of Tables, here's to Susan at Tim's Party Centre for being so taken by Little Tony Soprano's rescue story that she paid for the entire rental cost of those tables!


Here's to our Anonymous Donor for the $5K matching gift!


Here's to Award-Winning Singer, Rosita Stone for singing such a beautiful Tribute to Velvet and all the other beagles we sadly lost this year.

(I just asked her on the spot…how sweet was that?)


Here's to our BOBateers who always make the BASH a Success!

Special thanks to Kathy for the heartwarming Slideshow,

Tina - our devoted Cupcake Queen

and Lori our Dog Grooming Guru!!!

And everyone else for working so hard on Sunday, smiling all day long, for the love of Beagles in Need! We couldn't do it without YOU!


And of course, here's to our SO-BAD-THEY'RE-GOOD-BABIES for 2022 - Pancake (Our Baddest Beagle in the Universe 2022!!!) and his fellow Contestants -

Rebel, Paisley and Layla for making us laugh our tails off!




Until we meet again, Keep HOWLIN' for Joy! You've earned it!!!







TWELVE THIRTEEN DAYS OF CHRISTMAS 2021 ON-LINE AUCTION was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! We raised over $1200 for our Homeless Howlers! Thanks to all who participated in this fun-filled event and Congratulations to our Top Bidders! Enjoy your Fabulous Items!





The Show Must Go On
This hasn't been easy for any of us, but the beagles we save each year have somehow managed to save us in 2020 and straight into 2021.
We're not about to let them down.
Check out all the fun we came up with for the HOWLiday Season with much funds raised for our Homeless Howlers! 



The Results are In!!! ARRROOOO!!!

 Big Round of Applause for our 8 Contestants!!!

You didn't make it easy for our Judges!!!

The competition was FIERCE!


But in the end, only ONE Beagle can be named…




And only TWO Beagles can score 2nd & 3rd Place!


But first, let's make Honorary Mention to the other 5 worthy Candidates this year…



Contestant: Charlie

Long-Suffering Human: Caroline


Picture a lovely summer evening. Mom has a date. She makes a romantic dinner and sets up a table in the backyard.

Organic chicken is on the menu. Just enough for two. Charlie has other plans. While mom's date gives her a kiss over the table, Charlie makes his move. In no more than 3 gulps, Dinner for Two was reduced to Dinner for One. At least he left the salad.


Charlie, you so deserve Honorary Mention!



Contestant: BOB Foster Beagle, Portia (formerly known as Connie)

Long-Suffering Foster Parents:  Lori & Bernard


You may recall Portia winding up in the Emergency Room last Christmas for stealing a box of chocolates from the Kitchen Table!

Besides being a Table Dancer, her other priors include ransacking the linen & bedroom closets.


While we never want you to be hospitalized again for the consumption of chocolate, you definitely deserve Honorary Mention!




Contestant: Previous Winner of our Longest Tail Contest, Cosmo!

Long-Suffering Human: DJ


Cosmo is allowed to lounge on all the furniture, protected by covers of course, EXCEPT for one particularly nice chair.

It should be obvious that chair is off limits. Daddy piles books, weights, pillows, even an exercise ball on top of this chair when he goes out.

This is where the stubborn, determined nature of a beagle shines through!

When daddy gets home, all those things have been flung to the floor and there's a very content beagle curled up and fast asleep on the forbidden chair every time!

Also worth mentioning, last Christmas --- 12 year old Cosmo unleashed his inner puppy on parcels ready to send to relatives overseas!


Somehow, Cosmo, despite your BADNESS, you escaped the Title this year but we salute you with Honorary Mention!




Contestant: Foster Turned Forever Beagle, Zack

Long-Suffering Humans: Bob & Karen


Your humans think you only deserve a lump of coal this Christmas but we're going to sweeten the pot with our Honorary Mention!


Zack hates All Creatures --- fellow dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, rats, raccoons…he doesn't discriminate…

with the exception of ONE RABBIT.

Why, do you ask, has this rabbit won his affections?

Because he leaves these tasty little 'chocolate' balls behind whenever he visits Zack's backyard, of course!


As an aside, Zack also serenades his humans when they're at the dinner table.

But I think we can collectively agree that we could all use the sweet singing of a beagle right about now.


Zack, at the very least, we owe you this Honorary Mention!




Our Final Honorary Mention!

Contestant: Sally

Long-Suffering Human: Samantha


Sally, you came soooo close to scoring Third Place!!!

Have you ever been publicly embarrassed by your beagle's bad behaviour?

It's that much worse when it involves an Animal Control Officer!

Said AC Officer was called to the park that Sally was attending to remove a deceased raccoon.

While Sally's sister was interested in the cadaver removal proceedings, Sally focussed on the park garbage bins in the opposite direction and hit paydirt when uncovering a mouth-watering mountain of stale bread!

Sally instantly transitioned from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde. That's when the kindly Officer turned to her human and said, "Do you need some help, ma'am?" With the aid of his trusty catch pole designed to capture "dangerous dogs", Sally was rescued from her Bad Self while Mom turned a million shades of red.




And Now…for our 3rd Place Winner!!!

(You better not be scrolling ahead of us here, dear Reader! Good things - and BAD! - come to those who wait!)


Contestant: Roxy

Long-Suffering Humans: Ben (our talented Calendar Designer!) & Catherine





 Ben says Roxy's purpose in life is to find and inhale FOOD.

But on this occasion, she settled for something else.

Daddy heard some beagle mischief going on in the bedroom.

We beagle owners have a built-in Beagle Radar system for shenanigans but we're almost always late to the party.

Dad arrived in the bedroom to find $10 & $20 bills strewn across the floor, along with all his credit cards.

His wallet, however, was missing in action.

It's a good thing Roxy decided not to eat the money.

It came in handy at the vet's later where she ultimately pooped out what remained of her leathery snack!


Congratulations Roxy!

You've won Third Place in our BADDEST BEAGLE IN THE UNIVERSE Contest!!!

For your efforts, you'll receive a 3rd Place Ribbon and a $25 Gift Certificate for REAL FOOD courtesy of Ren's Pet Depot!!!





Next…Our 2nd Place Winner!!!


Contestant: Madison (also known as BADison!)

Long-Suffering Human: Monthly BOBefactor, Margaret





Madison, you came so close to winning the GOLD!


There's a reason her nickname is BADison!


The nextdoor neighbour can attest to that given they are the primary victims to Madison's crimes!


At 6 months old, she stole a striploin steak from the neighbour's BBQ.

At 1 1/2 years old, she stole a box of cheese biscuits from that same neighbour and returned wearing the box on her head as evidence.

As a grownup, she chased a racoon into the neighbour's garden, in the wee small hours of the morning of course.

While the racoon got away by jumping over the garbage bins, Madison plowed right into them.

Thinking they were being burgled, said Neighbour called the police.

That's about when Madison relieved herself right in the middle of their immaculate lawn.


When not terrorizing the neighbour, Madison is busy committing crimes at home.

Her in-house jobs include using the cellar as her personal latrine,

stealing a bag of marshmallows, of which she hid what she couldn't finish in the back of a closet, and devouring 3 torpedo shrimps!

Mom admits there are more crimes & misdemeanours but we did say to only submit ONE paragraph.



You've scored 2nd Place in our BADDEST BEAGLE IN THE UNIVERSE Contest!!!

For your efforts, you'll receive a 2nd Place Ribbon & a $25 Gift Certificate courtesy of Ren's Pet Depot!!!





And now, for the Title of BADDEST BEAGLE IN THE UNIVERSE 2020


Contestant:  Dudley

Long-Suffering Humans: Emily & Andrew


Dudley's list of Priors are longer than Cosmo's Tail!


His humans have kindly categorized his Crimes Against Humanity for us:


1.      Consumption & Distribution of a White Powdery Substance  (aka vital wheat gluten strewn across the floor/rug)


2.      Overdose  (Do NOT try this at home! 14 days worth of antibiotics in one dose! He survived, thank goodness!)


3.      Consumption of Illegal Substance (Well, at least in our opinion poop eating should be considered illegal!)


4.      Destruction of Personal Property - including but not limited to oven mitts, tupperware, ski jackets, backpacks, lunch bags


5.      Disturbance of the Peace - the complete annihilation of the bathroom


6.      Break & Enter - we're talking about the Fridge, of course


7.      Assault & Battery - Victim: a defenseless Jack-o-lantern resulting in emergency dental work on poor pumpkin


8.      Grand Theft - 300 grams of semi-sweet chocolate  (Once again, he survived - thank the Lord!)


*Rest assured, mom & dad have padlocked medicine cabinets & fridges for Dudley's future safety and longevity!!!


Because let's face it, Dudley is a BAAAAAD Dog!



And so, Dudley Do-Wrong, by the powers vested in our Esteemed Panel of Judges, we pronounce you





For your efforts, you'll receive a 1st Place Ribbon, a $50 Gift Certificate courtesy of Ren's Pet Depot and The BADDEST BEAGLE TROPHY for your fireplace mantel!!!


Check out the mugshot…there's a reason God made beagles sooo cute…











12 Days of Christmas 2020 On-Line Auction!


Our first online Auction which ended on Dec 12th was a success!!! We raised over $1200!!!

We may not have been able to get together for our Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH this year, but our Auction was loads of fun AND it resulted in more much needed funding for the 23 beagles

in our long-term care.


So, on behalf of our beagles, THANK YOU for your support!!!




Our Calendar Drive was also a Big Success!!!



Our 2021 BOB Calendar will go down in history as the one that followed the most difficult year of our lives. This time, we're paying tribute to the beagles that rescued us throughout 2020.

Your kind support of this very special Calendar Drive is helping our little beagle repair shop as we continue to face the challenges of these strange times. On behalf of them...THANK YOU.


Our Best Most Meaningful Calendar Ever…

The photos are stunning and the rescue stories amidst a global pandemic…INSPIRATIONAL!

BIG thanks (& virtual hugs!) as always to our big-hearted friend, Ben Sanderson, for designing it for us.

And special thanks to fellow Board Member, Kelly, for helping with the Bios and to Deanna - our Calendar Girl - who takes all the orders and prepares all the deliveries with a constant smile, and a little help from Norman of course!!!


 On behalf of our homeless howlers, Thank You for your Support!

We wish you and your families the Happiest of HOWLidays and the Best for the New Year ahead.

Big Hugs. Stay Safe.






WOOFSTOCK 2019!!! 
When:  Saturday, May 25th from 10-6pm & Sunday, May 26th from 10-5pm
Where: Woodbine Park, Beaches - Toronto 
***Visit us at the BOB Booth in the Pet Rescue Area! 




Scugog Shores Museum Village Port Perry

Saturday July 20 & Sunday July 21 9am - 4pm


Our Biggest, Bestest Fundraising Event of the Year was ONE HOWL OF A PAWTY!!! 

We want to thank EVERYONE who supported this very important fundraiser!


We raised a Record-Breaking $7K at this year's BASH 2018!!! 

We hope to raise another $3K for the Holiday Season!
Thanks to our incredible friends and supporters, we just know our little beagle repair shop will be back on top in no time! 

We could not be more grateful to all of you.
On behalf of the beagles we're here to save...THANK YOU. 




We're kicking off the Dog Days of Summer 2018 with




WOOFSTOCK is celebrating its 15th Year and the Theme is GROOVY!!! 
Dress up in your best 60s & 70s Funky Fashions for this fun-filled event! 
When:  Saturday, May 26th from 10-6pm & Sunday, May 27th from 10-5pm
Where: Woodbine Park, Beaches - Toronto 
***Visit the BOB Booth in the Pet Rescue Area! 


To set up your own on-line Giving Page for the Walk OR to pledge Haley-Grace, click HERE! Thank you!!!


I think Gunner, our "BEST HOWLER 2017", said it all!


The 12th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH was a HOWLING Success!


We put the BOW WOW! in Bowmanville on Sunday!




We raised over $5,000!!!





We had a HOWL of a good time at WOOFSTOCK!


Second…Great Company!

BIG HOWL-OUT to our BOBATEERS who helped us out at our booth!

Board Member - Erica Murray (She had me laughing the whole weekend long!)

Board Member - Debbie Parry (Deb not only volunteered all weekend but made a ton of dog beds that sold like hotcakes!)

Foster Parent - Beth Spigelman (We bought Moe a brand new Buddy Belt while we were at it!)

Carol Wallace (who shared more hilarious stories about Bowzer including his invitation to Woofstock's High Tea event!)

Lorna MacGillivray (with sweet Lilly in tow!)

Paul and Lisa Gilbert (We'll never be able to thank Paul enough for making the ever popular Prize Wheel for these events!)

Malki & Gary (Your smiles are contagious!)

Emma Hickey (Prize Wheel Queen!)

Rob Murray (Our MUSCLE at Closing Time!)

***Speaking of muscle, special thanks to the two Security Guards for helping us lug our stuff from parking lot to tent on Friday afternoon!!!

and of course, my husband for looking after our beagles at home all weekend!


Together, we raised over $1300 for our Beagles!!!


BIG THANKS to All Who Supported our 4th Annual BEAGLE WIGGLE WALKATHON!!!

From our Walkers for Walkin' & Wigglin' on behalf of homeless howlers,

To our hosts at Community Centre 55 for giving us the perfect venue (Slobberfest!) for our Walkathon,

To our wonderful sponsors at Global Pet Foods in the Beach for handing out goody bags and the Grand Prize to our Top Walker,

And of course to YOU, our supporters for keeping our Beagle Repair Shop in operation year after year!!!




It was a Beagle Miracle! The rain stopped! The sun came out! And we had a beagle BALL at Slobberfest!!!

As of Saturday, we raised just over $4,000!!!

Algernon - following TPLO surgery

Our Summer events meant a lot to us this year. It's been a tough one with so many medical emergencies, the biggest one of all had to be for Algernon. We call him our $20,000 Beagle!

After spending $10,000 for emergency surgery due to a life-threatening case of dietary indiscretion just prior to his timely rescue back in the fall to another $10,000 for TPLO surgery to repair bi-lateral cruciate ligament injuries also sustained prior to rescue just this spring.

But you know he's worth it.

Love & Grateful Kisses,

$20 Grand Al & The Rest of the Gang at



In a world filled with uncertainty…one thing is certain


There's No People Like Dog People Like No People We Know!!!

You did it again!


You saved our Beagle Repair Shop!


We raised over $6,000 at our 11th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH!!!


There's no People like Dog People…


On behalf of the beagles we've saved and those we're about to save --- THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!




We kicked off the Giving Month of June 2016 with a HOWL thanks to WOOFSTOCK & SLOBBERFEST!!! 


Check out what we raised at both events!!!





We think Rigo (top) and Billie Howliday said it all with their big beautiful beagle smiles!

We raised the WOOF at WOOFSTOCK, ya'll!


$3,333.00 for our homeless howlers!!!



Our thanks to everyone who supported the event!

Our beagles thank you too!


But you know we needed more funding with all the medical costs as of late!

Our 3rd Annual BEAGLE WIGGLE WALKATHON at SLOBBERFEST really helped to top it up!




"The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn is Just To Love and Be Loved in Return." (Eden Ahbez)


Here at Big On Beagles Rescue, we're taught that every day.

From the beagles we rescue.

From our tireless volunteers who never stop smiling, or scavenging, or wiggling, or building prize wheels.

From our Board Members and all the talent they bring to our Board.

From the Shelter Care Workers that reach out to us before giving up.

From our Veterinarians that charge less so we can save more.

From our Foster Families.

From our Adopters.

From YOU.


We raised over $4,000 at SLOBBERFEST

…thanks to YOU


Somehow, some way, LOVE always sees us through.



From All of Us to All of You…THANK YOU for all the love in your hearts





Introducing Mr. July...






You helped us raise over $5,000 for our Homeless Howlers!

Because of you, we're going to keep on repairing beagles in need!

It's our Christmas Wish come true!!!



Wishing you all the very happiest of HOWLidays!!!




Here's a HOWL-OUT to everyone who made this BASH the BEST!!!


Special Thanks to…


Our BOBateers:

Marna & Erica – Your Hosts                                               Dave & Bill – 50/50 Draw

Lori M. & Carol – Doggy Spa Ladies                                 Kelly – Calendar Girl

Rob, Gary & Andrew – Security Guards                           Helen/Paul – Prize Wheel

Jan & Malki – Welcome Table                                            Tina – Cake Lady

Jon & Deanna– Photographers                                           Anita & Robin – Raffle

Mary, Lorna & Lori R. – Silent Auction                            Lottie & Jessie – Floaters     

Debbie, Rachelle (aka Rocky), Maria & Lorna – Our Shop Girls!

Lisa – Caricature Artist (Lisa also led our Memorial Tribute with a beautiful rendition of "We'll Meet Again")

Kathy – Slide Show Operator                                             

Ben - Videographer                                                 


Our Sponsors:

Buddy Belt                                                                 Pet Valu

Dr. Maggie’s                                                              Away in the County




Rai Cheng - Mad Dog Treats (    

Global Pet Foods                                                       Define Planet

Gord on Grapes                                                        The Dog Market

Hair of the Dog Pub                                                  The Wine Expert

End of the Thread                                                    TAILS



Special Thanks to Karen the Dog Tailor and of course…our wonderful hosts at PAWSWAY! 



Congratulations Goes Out To:


Our Spot Prize Winners!



(Elton announced his Adoption to his foster parents, Denise & John, at the BASH this year!) 

Sidney the Sheep Dog - BEST UNDERCOVER AGENT


Our Baddest Beagle Contestants!

Consolation Prizes went out to:


Lola - for gobbling down $100 Cash (Loved by Mariel & Eduardo)

Soca - for eating a bag of moldy bagles (Loved by Malki & Gary)

Jewel - for dabbing on a little Skunk Musk and then rolling on the couch (Loved by Karen & Bob)

Quinn - for being a Runaway Expert! (Loved by Janet)


Our Prize Winners!


3rd Place Winner - Ace

(for stealing Mom's panties and displaying them for all their guests on Thanksgiving!)

 *Loved by Tanya


2nd Place Winner - Amber

(our Marathon Swimmer to Nowhere!) 

*Loved by Dawn & Julie




The Trifecta of Trouble!

For performing 3 Award Worthy Acts of BADNESS in just ONE DAY!

Morning - Broke into Green Box

Afternoon - Broke into cupboard and decorated the kitchen floor with Jello powder mixed with doggy drool

Dinnertime - Stole the last Souvlaki off the dinner table!!!



Our Baddest Beagle in the last 10 years...


*Loved by Carol



Last but never least...

a HOWL-OUT to YOU for keeping our Tails Forever Wagging!!! 





LOVE abounds at...



Here's Matthew and his long-time OBSESSION - my rescue partner, Erica, all smoochy smoochy on the Boardwalk that day!

Yes, one KISS from Matthew and the rest of the world fades away…



Too bad my other rescue partner, Kelly, didn't receive the same appreciation.

Apparently, Matthew mistook her for a tree.

Enough said.


All kidding aside, there was so much more to SLOBBERFEST and our 2nd Annual BEAGLE WIGGLE WALKATHON than Matt and his charming ways!




The weather held up beautifully - blue skies and sunshine…at least until 2pm when rescue groups & vendors all got soaked tearing down our tents.

But that's okay. It was worth it.


The results are in!!!


But first, we want to thank everyone who made this day so special!


We thank the wonderful organizers at Community Centre 55 for putting on such a great event!

We thank our fellow rescue groups for making a little Rescue Village of our own!


We thank Karen the Dog Tailor for joining our booth raising more support for our beagles with the sale of her adorable personalized doggy bandanas!


And we thank the talented Elizabeth Abbott for joining us too and sharing the proceeds of a few sales of her new book - "Dogs and Underdogs"!


And of course, we thank all of YOU!

Whether you attended Slobberfest or you sent your pledge to one of our Official Walkers --- you made this day PERFECT!


Speaking of our Official Walkers, we thank all of you for collecting pledges on behalf of our homeless howlers!


BOB Grad, Honey-Apple, with Deanna!

BOB Grad, Laura-Bell, with Kelly!

The lovely and talented Lilly, with Lorna!

Carol and the ever notorious Bowzer!

Karen and BOB Miracle Beagle, Dukey (Walking in the West!)

and Tommy in spirit thanks to his devoted mom, Shereen, who raised money again in his memory


We also thank the BYOB members who came out in support of our Walk with their beagles!

We enjoyed all of your company and even reunited with BOB Grad Wesley and his new little beagle sister!

Pencil came out too with his fabulous family and enjoyed a dip in the lake!


You are all so important to this cause, but only ONE Walker could win Top Walker!


Congratulations to Shereen in memory of her Tommy for once again raising the most pledges with a whopping total of



Not only did Shereen win the Grand Prize - a beautiful orthopaedic doggy bed courtesy of GLOBAL PET FOODS - but she donated it back to our rescue!

Guess who will be enjoying that new bed?

None other than Darla upon her arrival to our rescue family tomorrow afternoon!




The time has come to announce the TOTAL MONIES raised for this year's BEAGLE WIGGLE WALKATHON!



Between merchandise sales, donations & pledges…


We raised $5,355!!!


Now you may recall, we raised over twice as much last year at WOOFSTOCK but Fear Not!

We received a little more support from other sources just around the same time…


Saturday's BEAGLE WIGGLE WALK led us to GLOBAL PET FOODS' door!


Store Owner and avid supporter of animal rescue groups, Donna, and her staff were anxiously awaiting our arrival!

They had goody bags for all our Walkers!

And they had a couple cheques for us too!

The cheques represented the monies they raised for our Beagle Rescue from their SHOW US YOUR HEART Campaign back in February!


Those cheques amounted to $3,235.50!!!


The day before the Walk, a cheque came in my mailbox.


It was a United Way cheque representing contributions made by employees of various participating companies.


That cheque amounted to $755.91!


And finally, with our announcement of Canada Helps' "Great Canadian Giving Challenge" throughout the month of June,


We received a $1,000 donation from one of our supporters

and a $25 donation from another supporter the day after that!

Keep them coming throughout June, beagle friends! Every dollar represents a chance for us to win $10,000!





Yep, as far as we're concerned, our Spring event was a HUGE TAIL-WAGGIN' SUCCESS!


If you add it all up, we've raised a Grand Total of




What a way to kick off the Summer!



Howling it from the mountaintops in our hearts…





Wanna know what you did that makes us love you so much?

You came to our 9th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH!



And you helped us raise…


close to $5,000 for our homeless howlers!!!




On behalf of Pencil (booking his surgery with the money in our pockets), Jude (receiving his heart meds every month), Wulfie (due for some bloodwork in December), our perma foster gang at Sheba's Haven (fulfilling all their needs), and the beagles yet to come…


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


 We introduced our first ever BEAGLE WIGGLE WALKATHON at WOOFSTOCK 2014! As you can see, it was a HUGE success!

Our Beagle Wiggle Walkathon Walkers!
Grandpa Louie at Woofstock
Hope at Woofstock!
Our West-Side Contingent headed by Sir Duke!


We Love Beagles, Yes We Do!!! 


We did it.

We came together at WOOFSTOCK and we saved this little beagle repair shop.

In fact, we raised more money than we have EVER raised at an event.


You helped us raise $13,000 and we cannot thank you enough. 

That money has saved some very special beagles. We were able to cover several life-saving surgeries because of YOU. We want to keep on doing what we do so please don't forget us. We are in constant need of your support so we can continue to come to the rescue of abandoned beagles. There really is no greater miracle than ourselves when we come together for a cause near and dear to our hearts. Thank you for your continued support.




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A Boy and his Beagle at our 8th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH





There's a word for how we're feeling right about now.

Earlier today, we made a bank deposit to our Big On Beagles Account.

It was a very big deposit.


Because this year at the 8th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH, you helped us break a record.


This year, we raised close to $4,500 for our homeless howlers!!!




Yep, there's a word for this alright…








From the bottom of our beagle-lovin' hearts,


Thank you…




Your Friends at



Smile…and the whole world smiles with you!



On behalf of our homeless howlers


for supporting the Rescue Me Walk at WOOFSTOCK this year!



We may be small

But we're BIG

Big on Smiles

Big on Heart





According to our calculations, we raised a tail-spinning, bum-wiggling




Now that's worth howling about!



Endless thanks to all who supported our efforts including…


Those who pledged our Walkers!

Those who bought BOB gear at our booth!

Those who contributed and hand-made pawsome BOB Merchandise for our booth (you know who you are!)

Those who made muffins for us BOBateers (you also know who you are!)

Those who fed our Donation Box!

Those who sent us special donations in advance of the Walk!


And of course those who BOBateered at the event:


Janet & Doug Donnelly

Candice Forrest

Lori McCuaig

Gunjan Kahlon

Danielle Taplin

Lorna MacGillivray

Carol Wallace

Carole White

Nancy Boljkovac

Rebecca Daniels-Bastmeyer

Angela & Nick Jager

Andrew Barkhouse

Jan Gale

Board Members: Erica Murray, Debbie Parry, Mary Connolly & Deanna Barkhouse


We had a blast with all of you & your Beagles!



Last but not least…


We Thank Our Walkers:


Bill Gale with Sooner

Angela & Nick Jager with Olive

Janet & Doug Donnelly with Wilson

Kathleen Litzenberger with Bella & Millie

Deanna & Andrew Barkhouse with The Barkhouse Trio

Keith Hill with Cressie

Shana Hillman with Penny & Cooper

Beth Spigelman with Beowulf

Tasha with Bailey (Tasha was home sick but they were there in spirit!)


We LOVE to watch you strut for our beagles!


*If I've left anyone out, please let me know!!!




Speaking of our wonderful Walkers, we've got not one but two Top Walkers to recognize this year!


But first, we want to thank ALL our walkers for begging friends, family & co-workers on our behalf

and coming out to WOOFSTOCK to strut for our homeless howlers!

Some of you drove a long way to do this for us and we cannot thank you enough.



Now, for our Top Walkers! Please note, Sooner doesn't qualify 'cause she's related to the boss.   (  ;


Drum roll please…


The Walkers raising the most money this year for the Rescue Me Walk at WOOFSTOCK are:

Photo Courtesy of Jasmine Wang Photography


Olive & her doting humans, Angela & Nick!

(this is Olive's second win!)





Wilson & his doting humans, Janet & Doug Donnelly!




Olive raised $1,005 just by batting her eyelashes


Wilson raised $1,000 by looking so good in his BOB gear


They both deserve TOP DOG status!

What's $5 between friends, right?


Wilson & Olive,

you've won your parents

a BOB T-shirt of their choice

& a BOB baseball cap!


Don't worry, we've got something for YOU too!

A bag of your favourite treats!

You name it, you got it!


Oh, and Sooner said she'd be happy to give you each a kiss as a bonus prize

Introducing Mr. December...

In Celebration of Our 7th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH!

Bubba - accepting his trophy for Baddest/Bestest Beagle in the Universe 2012!

If I had a tail, it would be spinning out of control
Because you're PAWSOME, that's why
You helped us raise just over $3,000 at this year's
But there's more...
We're friends with fellow rescuers at T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue...
And they're friends with a very special company by the name of
Vigorate Digital Solutions...
T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue told Vigorate about us
Emily from Vigorate came to the Bash with her beagle, Smeagol
They both had a great time!
Emily made a video of the Bash too and she'll be posting it on Facebook!

And so Vigorate has decided to make their traditional end-of-year charitable donation

Add Vigorate's generous corporate gift to your amazing gift from the Bash
and we've got us a tail-spinning
 for our homeless howlers!
Things like this don't just happen
They happen when people come together for a cause
They happen when it's obvious how much that cause matters to everyone
They happen when LOVE Rules!!!
So I just want to say, on behalf of our beagles,
We really do
It's not too late to top up that TOTAL to maybe a dreamy $5,000!!!
If you couldn't make it to the Bash, you can still help us!
Make a HOWLiday donation in someone's name TODAY! We'll send them a card!
Or make your year-end, tax-deductible donation now!


PUPDATE on our 2nd Annual TEN DOLLARS TO FILL COLLARS Tail-End of Summer Campaign!!!
Our thanks to everyone who contributed to our Collar Campaign this year! You helped us raise over $1,000 for our homeless howlers! That should keep us going until our BIGGEST, BESTEST, MOST IMPORTANT FUNDRAISER OF THE YEAR...our 7th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH on Sunday, Dec. 2nd at PAWSWAY!!! Stay tuned for all the dazzling details!




Boy...did you ever walk for us!
But first...
Announcing the Top Walker for BOB in the K9 Rescue Me Walkathon at Woofstock 2012...


Raising over $900 in pledges,
put your paws together for
Angela & Nick and, of course, tasty little Olive!
Thank You for all your efforts!
We're delighted to award you with a free Pet Portrait courtesy of Murals By Marg!!!
Olive, that face is gonna make one beautiful portrait to hang over the fireplace!
Congratulations to you and your family!
And now...(drum roll)...
We want to pay tribute to ALL of YOU!!!
It's time to reveal
our RUFF Estimate on TOTAL MONIES RAISED this past weekend on behalf of our Homeless Howlers...
The closest we ever came to the staggering amount we raised this year was back in 2009 when we brought in just under $7,000!
We thought that was just the luck of the Irish beagle...
So we didn't wanna dream too big this year.
We set our Goal at a reasonable $5,000, held our breath and crossed our paws!
We exceeded our goal, good people...
and then some!
This year, YOU raised close to $9,000!!!
Yes, beagles are like potato chips!
And Yes, we're never gonna stop at one!
Because of you, we don't have to stop at all.


If only there were words good enough to express how grateful we are for you. In the meantime, we'll thank you with this beautiful beagle face!!!


I'll Show You MINE if You Show Me YOURS!!!

Our thanks to everyone who participated in 
Global Pet Foods' SHOW US YOUR HEART fundraising campaign!
My friends at Global say the campaign was a huge success! We're ever so grateful! Once we receive the donation from Global, we'll let you know how much was raised for our homeless howlers! Every dollar is going to matter to us right now. Thanks again for showing us your heart!!!


Little did we know just how important our BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH would be this past November.
Thanks to you, our supporters, and to all our corporate sponsors, we raised just enough to cover some very hefty veterinary bills we were about to incur in December. The Bash brought in $3,130.69. Our total veterinary cost in December was $3,138.46. Every dollar was put to extremely good use. That's because it was spent on some very special beagles indeed - one of whom we've chosen to wag in the New Year as our Miss January 2012! Yep, Miss Clementine took the lion share of those earnings. She needed life-saving surgery to remove some mass cell tumours.
And then there was Beowulf needing a few touch-ups of his own to ensure his golden years are golden.
Then, there was our adorable Christmas (the beagle, not the season) who became terribly sick and needed our financial support. As it turns out, she has Cushings but we're delighted to see a vast improvement with her already after starting her treatment through our vet!
Lastly, there was our beloved Luke who needed comfort in his final days. We tried all we could medically to keep him with us for Christmas, but his body had simply worn out and we had to bid him farewell.
As you can imagine, these costs have put quite a dent in our funding given the fact we spent all the Bash money already but we'll keep soldiering on for the beagles that mean so much to us. Like we've said before, we share the eternal optimism of the beagles we save. We just know there's a miracle right around the next corner to keep us going!
In the meantime, we want to thank the sponsors that got us through the last bit of 2011. We owe you a great debt for the miracles you made happen for our homeless howlers. Like Jakey says in his sign above...THANK YOU with all our hearts.
Introducing ~ Our Beloved Corporate Sponsors for the 6th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH:
Alpha Pet 
Beagle Bakery 
Buddy Belt
Dr. Maggie
Face Painting Fun (by Ester!)
For the Love of Animals
Global Pet Foods
Gordon Stimmell - Gord On Grapes
Lake Edge Cottages
Muddy Paws in the Guild
Murals By Marg
Pet Pointe
Pets In Motion
Sadie's Diner And Juice Bar
Sleeman Breweries
Wellington Brewery
Also, individual sponsors ~ our friend, Karen McLachlan, for her lovely Spa Basket, the lovely & talented Tina for her glorious Beagle Bash for Cash People Cake, and the equally talented Debbie Parry for all her hand-made treasures!
As always, BIG BEAGLE THANKS to our BOBateers for playing and working so hard at the BASH:
Erica & Rob
Deanna & Andrew
Tina & Dave
Anita & Arnie
Mary & Jan
Last but never darling husband Bill!
And, of course, the wonderful staff at PAWSWAY!!!


A while back, I bought a dozen Mod Dog collars for future beagles we rescue. This one is aptly named "Home is Where My Dog Is".
It's been a bit of a ritual from the start. You may notice we ask for donations of many things - previously loved doggy coats, beds, leashes. But we never ask for paw-me-down collars and that's because we decided it's the one thing we wanted to bestow upon our homeless howlers that's shiny and new and all their own. It's a personal expense I enjoy spending. Finding the cutest collars and imagining them on all the adorable beagles we save each year is part of the fun.
But having the means to fill these collars with beagles in need can be a challenge when our funding gets low. It's not that there are no beagles in need. There are always beagles in need. But we must be sure we've got the funding to fill their needs completely. Since Woofstock, we've been faced with some heavy hitting veterinary bills. With the shocking loss of 4 of our palliative care senior beagles (Becky in May and Nicky, Elizabeth & Clarky in July) along with Lukey's recent mystifying medical emergency, it's been enough to make our tails wilt. Lukey is doing better, by the way, but still on treatment and under close observation.
As for the yard sale up at my farm, it kinda tanked. I put on two yard sales and made less than $200. Maybe we're too far out from town with only the cows next door and they don't shop at yard sales. Perhaps we'll try setting up in the Town Square before summer is out but that'll mean you'll have to have an August meetup without me and I love our beagle meetups!
So for all these reasons, I'm clicking away at my keyboard on this blue sky day to tell you that we need your help. And the nice part is, it's painless! Thanks to just how many wonderful beagle-lovin' members we have in our BYOB Social Club, we can be back in the beagle rescue business in no time! That's important to us and to the sweet old fella pictured below. I think Jake would look pretty spiffy sporting the "Home is Where My Dog Is" collar just waiting to be filled...don't you think?
Here's how we can connect collar with beagle...
Introducing our First Annual TEN DOLLARS TO FILL COLLARS Tail-End of Summer Campaign!!!
We've got 229 BYOB members! If each member made a $10 donation through our Paypal Account, we'd raise $2,290 for newbies like Jake from Napanee! He's in a shelter there. He's about 10 years old. He's got little chance of adoption and space at this small town shelter is an issue. His days are numbered unless we come along and adorn him with one of our brand new welcome collars! We want to do that more than anything, but Jakey is gonna need veterinary care. He'll need a senior blood profile, neutering to protect him against prostate cancer, and dental surgery. His teeth are a bit nasty and nasty teeth can hurt. We don't want those teeth to hurt especially when he needs those choppers to gain some weight with the introduction of a tasty nutritional new diet to go with that spiffy new collar.
Please help us bring Jakey HOME by making your $10 donation TODAY!
If we can raise what we think we can raise in short order, we can bring Jakey home to us by next Monday! 
***Click on the Paypal link at the bottom of this page
In an instant, you'll be saving a little beagle boy well worth saving.
On behalf of Jakey, thank you from the bottom of our beagle-lovin' hearts...

Jakey from Napanee, Pre-Rescue

We've got good reason to be sad right now with the loss of 4 of our palliative care beagles in quick succession starting with Becky in May and St. Nicholas, my Elizabeth and Clark in July. We need to heal our hearts and that takes time. But rest assured, we'll be reaching out to more beagles in need before long. That's what we do and that's what you make possible year after year. The results are in from the K9 Rescue Me Walkathon at Woofstock.
We reached our dream goal of just over $5,000 thanks to YOU.
So you can bet your beagle butt we're not going to keep our tails down for long. There are other tails out there that need to wag again and we're just the folks to make it happen. Although we've been hit with hefty veterinary bills following our losses together with Lukey's medical emergency, we're topping up our funding right now with our First Annual TEN DOLLARS TO FILL COLLARS Tail-End of Summer Campaign! Our thanks to everyone for helping to make this new campaign a tail-wagging success!!!


These Paws were made for Walkin'

And that's just what they'll do!

One of these days, these Paws are gonna walk all over...


Is YOUR beagle ready to WALK for our homeless howlers in the K9 Rescue Me Walkathon at Woofstock this year?

OUR beagles are counting on it!


Sheba - Woofstock 2010

Click Here to set up your own on-line pledging site for this year's Walk!


Did you attend our...
There is no better way to support our special rescue work! Our signature event is held every year in November. It's our most important fundraising event of the year. Between the K9 Rescue Me Walkathon at WOOFSTOCK in the summer and our BASH, we manage to keep coming to the rescue of beagles in need. We cannot thank our supporters enough for participating in these two very important fundraisers each year. Without your help, we couldn't do what we do for these deserving beagles. You're the wind beneath our paws.


Posters & Pics of Previous Beaglicious Events Below!!!


Pupdate as of May 4, 2010!
We just received the cheque from our friends at Global Pet Foods for this year's Show Us Your Heart Program! We are beyond grateful for this incredible donation to our homeless howlers of $946! Special thanks go out to Donna & George who run these three Global Pet Food stores for choosing Big On Beagles to be the recipient of their fundraising efforts. Our thanks also go out to the Global Pet Foods customers for giving so generously. Global Pet Foods is head and tails above the rest! Show them YOUR heart by shopping for your beagle at Global!  

Global Pet Foods matching donations to Big on Beagles

for Show Us Your Heart 2010 

From now until February 14th, Global Pet Foods stores in the Beaches, Danforth, and York Mills have once again decided to generously support Big on Beagles and send donations from these three stores to our Rescue!! To support SUYH 2010, Global head office also has a Facebook page for this.  Please tell anyone you know to come to our stores to make donations, and also please send the following Facebook information so that Global head office and Hill's can match donations: 

For more information on Show Us Your Heart,

please visit the Global Pet Foods:


Big On Beagles is fortunate to have a very lively and involved community of friends and supporters.  Please join us at one of our many events!

Donate Now Through!