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What's a BOBateer, you ask?
Why it's the highest ranking volunteer in all the world, of course!
We LOVE our BOBateers! We love them sooo much, we want MORE BOBateers!!!
Would you like to be a BOBateer?
Bark back if you do!!!
We're sniffing out a Committee of BOBateers that can come to our rescue when the need arises!
See below for the list of BOBateer opportunities!
If one or more categories appeals to you, email us back to let us know! We'll be preparing BOBateer applications for each category which we can then email to you! The Foster Application is already available on our web site.
Coming together for one cause under four paws...


Click HERE for Assessment/Home Visit Application

Click HERE for Beagle-Sitter Application

Click HERE for Event Helper Application

Click HERE for Beagle Transport Application

BOBateer Categories:
Foster BOBateer
Fostering is a rewarding experience. As a foster BOBateer, you act as a temporary parent for a homeless beagle. You provide the heart and home, we provide everything else. If you've ever thought about fostering but have questions for us before sending in your application, drop us a line and we'll take it from there! Otherwise, you can fill out a foster application at any time! The foster application can be found on our web site under Adopting/Fostering!
Transport BOBateer
In some circumstances, transportation is needed to get a rescue dog to us from another source. If you've got a car, this might be up your alley! Click on link to Transporter Application above!
Beagle-Sitting BOBateer
Perhaps, you're unable to make a full-time foster commitment to a homeless howler but would LOVE the opportunity to baby-sit one for a foster parent! When our foster parents book a vacation or dream of a weekend getaway, we need someone special to look after their foster beagle while they're away. On the other paw, there are instances when a rescued beagle being transported to us from beyond may need an overnight stay with a trusted BOBateer somewhere along the route before making the final leg to us in Toronto. Either circumstance is a great way to get your short-term beagle fix! If this BOBateer category interests you, click on link to Beagle-Sitting Application above!
Assessment/Home Visit BOBateer
Sometimes, we receive rescue requests from shelters out-of-town. Our policy includes a Meet & Greet to assess temperament with every beagle we're considering taking into our rescue but if they're not local to us, it's not always easy to arrange a visit quickly.
The same predicament arises when we receive great applications to foster or adopt our rescue beagles. Our policy includes a Home Visit but if the applicant lives far away, we must find someone we know and trust to conduct that Home Visit on our behalf.
If you live outside of Toronto and would like to offer your assistance in these situations, please let us know, click on link to Assessment/Home Visitor Application above! 
Event BOBateer
As you may know, our BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH is our annual signature fundraiser which is held towards the end of each year. It's our biggest fundraising event which means the need for many BOBateers! We also receive invitations to hold booths at other dog rescue and dog-related events throughout Ontario. Sometimes, it's not always possible for us to stretch ourselves enough to have a public presence at all these great event opportunities. Promotion is such an important aspect of our work and it would be nice to participate in as many events as we can throughout the year. If this type of BOBateering interests you, click on link to Event Helper Application above!
Last but not least...
Brainstorming BOBateer
The Brainstorming BOBateer is a part of a Planning Committee for BOB. We've recently formed this dynamic group to meet a few times each year and brainstorm on behalf of BOB. By bringing together beagle-loving people with diverse backgrounds, interests and occupations, we stand to benefit greatly from their input leading to the implementation of exciting new ideas on how to make our little beagle rescue the best little beagle rescue in the world! If you'd like to join our Brainstorming Committee, send us an email!

****BOBateers must be 21 years or older, with the exception of Event BOBateers. We welcome students 16 years or older to volunteer at special events, with permission from a parent!