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Our supporters mean the world to us and to the beagles we're here to save. There are no words good enough to express our gratitude. And there is no such thing as a small donation. Every gift matters because every gift builds on top of the other. These gifts are what keep us doing what we were meant to do - saving precious lives year after year and providing nothing but the best level of care.
Whether you decide to make donations to our homeless howlers from time to time, or choose to become a monthly supporter ~ we are thankful to you. You are all part of the BOB Family.
In the summer of 2013, we realized a need to strengthen our foundation. We've grown so much over the years that our annual medical costs are well over $60,000. It's incredible to know that we have such strong supporters to help finance this very critical aspect of our rescue work. Given our focus is the rescue of senior beagles, those with chronic and/or serious health issues, and those requiring emergency surgeries - the funding is absolutely crucial. But maintaining this level of funding is no easy task. We don't want to always be "hounding" our supporters for more donations than they can manage. This is why we developed our Monthly Giving Program and continue to work on its growth. A monthly gift of even $10 can make a difference especially when 100 friends sign up at that amount or more! It gives us such peace of mind having the security of a steady income for our homeless howlers.
Please help us grow by joining our family!
In the meantime, meet some of our Monthly BOBefactors! We like to call them honoured members of our HOWL of Fame! Even if one of our monthly supporters moves on in time, we still like to pay tribute to their support and always will. The impact they make is too great not to honour them in this way.
As you'll see, many of our BOBefactors have chosen to give their beagle's name instead of their own. After all, our own beagles are often our greatest inspiration to do equally great things!
We hope YOU will consider joining our family too!

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HOWL of Fame

Marna Gale with Darwin & Violet

It only makes sense the beagle that started it all should be the first to appear in our Monthly BOBefactor HOWL of Fame! If it wasn't for Darwin, Big On Beagles wouldn't exist today. He was my first rescue beagle and my greatest inspiration! I have him to thank for it all. His sister Violet (on the right) deserves recognition too. She came along a bit later although she never considered herself second fiddle to anybody. Here's to my two babies for opening my heart forever to BEAGLES!





In Loving Memory of Hattie

Hattie . . . my wise old beagle and my inspiration for joining your Monthly Giving Program!

Last August, I adopted Hattie and Mavis through another source. They were from Kentucky. Mavis was about seven years old then, and Hattie was about twelve. Hattie had several serious health issues: mammary tumours, a heart murmur, and a kidney issue. She’d likely come from a puppy mill, and hadn’t lived in a house before: she had to learn to climb stairs. She’d had a tough life; if I made a quick movement, she’d flinch.  It took a while for her to trust me, but once she felt comfortable showing her true self, she was trusting and sweet and gentle. And funny! Hattie and Mavis would be on a scent and Hattie would bray - scream - a huge noise from a dainty little dog!

Hattie’s proteinuria was always serious, but we managed with medication. Then one morning in January 2021, she was a little off, then queasy, then rapidly progressed to hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. I’m sad that her time as a pet was so short, and I’m grateful that she spent her last months with me.

I’ve been following BOB for a while on FB. When I saw Harriet, my heart hurt. Poor wee soul. Helping Harriet and BOB in my small way feels like the right thing to do. 

Mavis is still with me, of course, my silly little pal. She’s a clown in a dog-suit. She makes me laugh every day.

Thank you for all the work you do, with all its joy and heartbreak. It matters.


Naomi & Mavis 





Growing up, I was extremely shy. I gravitated towards animals as easy friends who give and receive love without judgment. My love affair with beagles began with Snoopy and progressed at 17 when my Dad got a beagle puppy named Ralph shortly after my parents split up. Ralph gave us something to play with and talk about during awkward visits. When I finally got my own house with a fenced-in yard, I knew I was ready for a dog and a beagle was what I wanted. We searched local rescues and finally found Bailey, and she has been an amazing addition to our lives for the past 6 years. When I discovered Big on Beagles, I wanted to help however I could. Beagles are such special dogs and I admit I have that feeling of wanting to save every single one. I had donated money on a few occasions but then realized that donating monthly helps both me and Big on Beagles; BOB can budget more easily and so can I! I love knowing that my contribution is being counted on to help current and future beagle rescues. I feel like I get to know every beagle that comes through with the photos and pupdates we receive; getting to meet some of them at meet-ups is nice too! I have always tried to give a certain amount to charity every year anyway, and I truly believe it couldn't go to a better organization.

The Mills Family - Robbyn with Zinger & Dorian with Zoey!


I (Dorian) have always loved animals, but never really considered having one of my own.  That is until Robbyn and I met, and she came packaged with our wonderful boy, Zinger.  We got off to a cool start, as I had a history with allergies, but he soon melted my heart and became my boy too.  This love has led us to take in a foster beagle (Elsie), who unfortunately passed after only 6 weeks, which broke our hearts...but planted a seed that will be with us forever.  Soon after Elsie, we rescued our bagel (bassett/beagle) Zoey from a nearby pound and have had to fight with ourselves to not save every beagle we see since.  Zinger is 12 and blind, and currently enjoying his "retirement"; Zoey is our 5 year old boundless bundle of unbridled puppy love.  They have brought so much to our lives that I can't imagine life without them.

When we discovered Big on Beagles while looking for adoptions and rescues, we realized we could help out in another way; by giving a courageous person like Marna, with a heart big enough for every homeless howler, a helping hand.  When we get a message every month that a donation has been made on our credit card to BOB, we feel fantastic and thankful to have the opportunity to help such an amazing and generous organization.  It breaks our hearts to read the cards life has dealt some of BOB's beagles, as we can't imagine abandoning or surrendering our beautiful pups.  But it is good to know that BOB and Marna are out there - to find the forever homes, foster homes, or last few days or weeks of comfort and love these beautiful and caring doggies deserve. 

Tailwags & love,

Dorian, Robbyn, Zinger & Zoey Bean

In Memory of Ranger
In Memory of Bronte


Growing up on a farm in Southern Ontario, I was surrounded by beagles - the best breed of dog anyone could wish for. It wasn't long into my married life that we adopted our first dog - a Beagle-cross called Bronte. She was a loving motherly type and perfect in every way. When Bronte passed on, it was very difficult and we were not sure if we should get another dog. As if by fate, a little boy came into our lives and we knew we had to adopt him. Ranger was playful, energetic, and handsome; he had the biggest ears we had ever seen on a beagle eventually “growing into” them. He was gentle, protective and quite a ladies man. You couldn’t resist Ranger. He loved everyone and everything, signaling his friendly nature by the ever present wagging of his flash white tail. Sadly, we recently lost Ranger to cancer but we wanted to make a difference in the lives of other beagles. We are delighted to be BOBefactors and know that Ranger and Bronte would be proud that we donate to B.O.B. and the great work that this small but mighty organization does.


Ranger and Bronte will be forever in our hearts.


Phil and Roseanne Armstrong 

Allan's beloved beagle, Ella (In Memorial)


Ella turned 13 on Aug. 1, 2013, and on the same day we also celebrated our 4th anniversary.


She was originally rescued in 2002 from the Quinte Humane Society by a kind beagle lover. Ella was anxious and shy and frightened of much in the world, including people carrying brooms, loud noises and planes flying overhead.


In the summer of 2009, her rescuer could no longer look after her and Ella needed a new place to hang her leash. I heard about Ella’s situation, but my beautiful beagle Roxanne had just died and I wasn’t sure I wanted to adopt a new beagle so soon. But I went to meet Ella and guess what? Four years later, we have developed into a great team and I am thankful every day for the fun and joy and silliness little Ella brings to my life.


I’m also in awe of the fantastic work that Marna and all BOBateers do to help beagles experiencing troubled times. Ella and I are happy to make a monthly contribution to support other beagles.




(Sadly, Allan lost Ella since sending us her beautiful story. This will now be our tribute to this special little girl.)

Candice's beagle boy, Barney (In Memorial)

 Barney and I were awfully lucky to find each other eight years ago, and we hope that others will find the same happiness.
February, 2014: Our Hearts go out to Candice after losing sweet Barney earlier this month.

Snoopy & Woodstock are filling in for monthly BOBefactors, Mary & Fred


Our family (including the many sweet beagles who have shared our lives over the years) have always been awed by the important work that Marna and Big on Beagles does to help those beagles who are in need of support. As lifelong dog lovers, we know how much it takes - financially and emotionally - to care for a dog - never mind one that has had some trauma in its life.

The decision to support Big on Beagles on a monthly basis through our creditcard was an easy one. We set the amount (which we can always change or cancel), we get a tax receipt and a thank you note every time the monthly payment is processed. Easy, quick and automatic! But most importantly, we feel good knowing that in our small way we are providing Marna and Big on Beagles with a steady source of money (albeit a small amount) every month that she can count on. This is the least we can do when we cannot always respond to her need for adoption or fostering!
For the love of all the beagles who enrich our lives, please consider monthly automatic donations to Marna and Big on Beagles! We are very glad we did.

Fred, Mary and Emma (our 9 year old beagle)

Sadly, Fred passed away in 2017. We will never forget you, Fred. 

Lorna's beagle Lilly (on right) & Friend at WOOFSTOCK!

Lilly wants to help cover veterinary costs for other rescues like her!






Our dear friend, Lorna, lost her husband Bill in 2018. He will always be in our hearts. We won't ever forget the weekend Lorna & Bill hosted a yard sale for our little beagle rescue. It ended with pizza and beer on their front porch, and Bill making us laugh all the while. 

In Memory of Zara
Kathleen's girls - Bella & Millie


On February 14, 1998, I went looking for a dog. The first place I hit was the Toronto Humane Society.  I had no idea how important that particular Valentine's Day would be.  I walked around and found dozens of great dogs looking for their furever homes.  And then, I came across a little black dog in a cage that was recently surrendered.  Only 10 months old.  She was half spaniel and half beagle.  And she was all black.  She was my Zara Puppy, my black beagle.  As far as Zara was concerned, she was ALL beagle - stubborn, food obsessed, escape artist, couch eater, and, of course, full of love for everyone.  No one was safe from Zara's wiggles and licks.  It never occurred to her that someone might not love her back.  From that moment, I was in love.  Zara lived to be 15 1/2 years old.  She was slow and lumpy in the end but still the cutest black beagle you've ever seen.  Zara turned me into the beagle lover I am today.  Sadly, Zara became sick with Cushing's Disease and struggled at times with her arthritis when it was time for the walks that she previously always loved.  I lost her last September and I still miss her every day since.  I now have two beautiful beagle babies named Bella and Millie who never cease to amaze me every day with nothing but love, just as Zara did.  If I could surround myself with hundreds of beagles, I would.  There is just something about those eyes that bear into your heart and never let go.  My monthly donation is for those poor senior dogs, as Zara was, who may not move so good, or hear so good but whose love never diminishes.  They deserve to be loved and cared for properly.  Thanks, Big on Beagles for everything you do!!


Kathleen, Bella & Millie 

Sam & Her Boys, Charlie & Dunkin (In Memorial)

My goal was simple, to donate monthly to BOB in memory of my boys, Charlie and Dunkin. I think I was a natural born animal rescuer since I was a child. I always brought home strays and tried to mend their broken wings. In my twenties, I volunteered for different cat & dog charities. My first foster dog was a 6-year-old beagle/lab. I laugh now, as she had no personality traits of a beagle. I decided she was so good I would rescue another beagle on my own. That was Charlie. He was sweet and timid but was a typical stray hunting beagle with no petiquette. I spent many nights in tears not knowing how to manage this poor lost soul. Housetraining was difficult but his separation anxiety was the most challenging, especially while balancing a new marriage and career.  Many times, I considered adopting him out but his sweet trusting eyes wouldn't allow me to give up. I changed my life for Charlie, stayed home more often and kept a consistent schedule to keep his stress level down. Charlie was a doll, he wouldn't hurt a fly. A real old and caring soul.  I imagined him being with me forever.  He never pushed to be Number One with all the other dogs that came and went, but I would catch him staring at me from afar hoping I wouldn't forget him. I would often whisper to him that he was indeed my Number One and that one day, it would be just us. But then came Dunkin. He came through a rescue but during his stay with me, he injured his back. We later discovered he had a significant heart murmur and I spent a small fortune between the two ailments. Dunkin was quite opposite of Charlie. He had no problems pushing to be Number One and was much more independent. Both beagles helped me through some difficult times, including a divorce and multiple moves. With Dunkin's health issues, I always thought he would go first. It was a terrible shock when Charlie was diagnosed with cancer and I had only one last day to come to terms with losing my best friend that I promised would be Number One when all the others were gone. That was in 2010. I still miss him dearly. Dunkin was a trooper but after losing his buddy Charlie, he took over as the needy and anxious boy wanting to be by my side every minute of the day and never happy when I left. I still miss him sitting under my chair while I work from home.  He lived much longer than the vets had anticipated, but it's never long enough. I lost him this year and now have no beagles to keep me company.
I miss my boys every day. Their memorials now sit perched on the dresser on my side of the bed. For the first time in many years, I simply cannot bring myself to take another homeless dog into my life.  I am just not ready. So, I give my gift to BOB to support those foster parents taking in beagles like my Charlie and Dunkin while they fall helplessly in love with that charming beagle personality.  

Tanya's boy, DJ (In Memorial)
Tanya's "Ace of Hearts" - In Memorial

I had DJ (my Regal Beagle) for over 13 years. I loved him from his puppy years through his golden years, but loved him best as a senior dog. He was a scaredy-cat dog, but when I was going through a personal crisis, I watched him overcome his fears and become brave for me (well, except for thunder, lightning, and fireworks - he never liked those). Once he left me to go to the Rainbow Bridge, my cat Mikey (who adored DJ) and I were both heartbroken. I didn't think I could ever have another dog. Eventually though I missed the clicking of beagle toenails on the floor, the snuffling of the infamous beagle nose, and the sheer beagle mischievousness and chutzpah. I knew that one of the best ways I could honour my Regal Beagle was to help another beagle. I adopted Ace (aka Ace Of Hearts), an 8-year-old beagle in need of a good teeth cleaning and a bit of training, from my local shelter. Mikey and I are both glad I did; Ace is such a great fit with our family, even though he insists on stealing my spot on the couch and the bed.

I stumbled across the Big On Beagles site accidentally, and was taken with the fact that it's a local beagle rescue group with a Meetup group for beagle owners to interact with each other and to raise awareness for the rescue group. While I would love to be able to adopt all of the beagles that need help, I know that's well beyond my means. However, if I just give up some of my Timmie's coffees each month, or rent a movie instead of going to the cinema, I can help BOB help other beagles. And just imagine what BOB could do if enough of us help. Barrooooo!

Sadly, Tanya lost her "Ace of Hearts" in April, 2017 due to cancer. Ace will always remain in our hearts as a BOB Bad Boy after winning 3rd place in the BADDEST BEAGLE in the UNIVERSE Contest for his obsession with mommy's panties...You'll never be forgotten, Ace. 

Bruce and BOB Grad, Emily (now Tess)

I was sitting in my backyard with Tess beside me today, Thanksgiving (2013), and it occurred to me that a year ago when I began to foster Tess, she would not have been emotionally able to do this as she was too scared to want to be anywhere but hidden. I felt both wonderful and sad to be with her now. How humbling to watch Tess, with kindness and time, begin to overcome her physical and emotional injuries. To see Tess rediscover that faith in life and humans, that puppies seem to be born with. But it was not just kindness and time and Tess's own inner strength that achieved this. Without Big on Beagles, Tess would not have been rescued. Her medical needs would not have been tended to while being cared for until her foster home was found with me. If not for all this, Tess and I would never have met and she would never have ultimately adopted me. The care and time that Big On Beagles volunteers provide cannot be measured in dollars. But the costs of veterinary care, food, etc. ARE measured in dollars. Without continuing support for Big on Beagles, Tess would not be with me now. Abuse of these wonderful dogs sadly occurs year round. To save beagles like my Tess, money is needed year round. This is why I decided to not just donate money once or twice a year, but do so on a regular monthly basis.
(Tess passed away in May 2019. She will never be forgotten. In her loving memory, she's paved the way for Bruce's new BOB Foster Beagle, Greta.)

Bailey & Maddie strike a pose for the camera


Above is a picture of my beautiful babes ~ Bailey (left) and Maddie (right)! 


Since my husband and I relocated to Toronto, I discovered Big on Beagles on the internet while searching for a potential doggie meetup group for our girls and to meet others in the GTA that share our love for beagles. I began receiving the e-newsletters from BOB then and it was so hard to read about all of the beautiful beagles in need, young and old. We don't have the ability to open our home to more adorable beagles (though, if you asked my husband, I've sure tried anyway), and can't even foster because we're in a condo near downtown.


I envy everything that BOB does for beagles in need. After seeing a number of the stories, I wanted to at least try to play a tiny part in the good that this Rescue is doing in the lives of these deserving dogs. My monthly donation is nothing compared to the good BOB does, and it doesn't compare to what the wonderful foster parents and adopters provide for those beautiful pups either, but I hope it can continue to help nonetheless.


Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many beagles!


Molly and Shawn McCort

Oscar (In Memorial) and his buddy, Alex
Oscar (In Memorial)

Beagles are the perfect combination of cuddles, silliness, intensity, and trouble. We are proud to be monthly BOBefactors in memory of our first beagle, Oscar, who we lost in an accident at 3 yrs old.  We miss him very much.

After Oscar, a beagle named Ringo found his way to us when he needed a new home.  He has taken on the job of keeping our dog Alex company, giving everyone affection, cleaning up any "spare" food that may be sitting around, and keeping us on our toes - all tasks that Ringo takes very seriously.

There's never a dull moment with a beagle around, and our home wouldn't be the same without one.

Thank you for the work you do,
Leanne & Leith

Caroline with her beagle, Charlie
Charlie at his second home in St. John's, NFLD


I've been trying to answer 'why did I decide to donate monthly?'.  For many reasons - partly because I think BIG ON BEAGLES does very good work; partly because I volunteer while I am in St. John's at the local SPCA and see how many beagles come through here and how poorly treated they have been (there is a very good beagle rescue here, as well); partly because my own dog is a rescue, although he came from Speaking of Dogs and partly because ideally I do think that small amounts, taken together, allow for greater stability and therefore better work.  And less time spent soliciting funds.


Thanks for all you do.



Loretta with her Monty (In Memorial)


Why do we support Big on Beagles? One word: Monty. Monty was our first love – the love of our lives. We didn’t adopt him through Big on Beagles, but it was the day he died – December 12th, 2011 – that I read an article by Marna in one of the local newspapers. I knew I had to do something, so on that day I made a donation in memory of the beagle of my life – Monty.

Truth is I’ve loved beagles ever since I was a little girl. I don’t know – there’s just something about beagles that warms my heart. When I moved on my own and got married, we decided to adopt a dog and my heart led me once again to beagles. We stumbled across Monty on a website (then named Charlie) and the rest is history.

I’m writing about Monty because today is the 2 year anniversary of his death and I want my monthly support to be in honour of this very special beagle. I also strongly feel that Big on Beagles does amazing work by helping homeless dogs who would otherwise be forgotten: the elderly and the sick. Big on Beagles reminds us that there is hope for all of us. Monty was the embodiment of hope: he woke up every day with excitement for what the day would bring. It is my goal to try to live with some of that hope.

Monty was also the embodiment of pure love. He was the purest love I’ve ever known or am likely to know. He loved with his entire being. We called him “a heart wrapped in fur”. After he passed away, we wanted to give back some of his love to others and so that is why we became supporters of this wonderful organization. Like Monty, Big on Beagles loves unconditionally. 


BOB Grad, Ritchie Berngards


HOWLOOOO! My name is Ritchie but my family and buddies call me Ritchie-The-One-Eyed-Wonder-Beagle! My Mom and Dad had a beagle named Freddy before I came along and they knew they wanted more beagliciousness in their home. That's when they heard about BIG ON BEAGLES and met Marna. I had some pretty crumby experiences in my past, and Marna just knew they could give me so much love that I would never think about those days again. She was right! I even have a new sister, Miss Magnolia Pearl, also a BOB Grad! Please remember, there are so many beagles in need out there and emergency expenses are practically an everyday occurrence for BIG ON BEAGLES. Setting up monthly support for Marna and the beagle brigade is super easy and you know the best part? You'll be helping create happily-ever-after-magic for beagles just like me! Thank you!


Licks & Tailwags,

Ritchie Berngards


(He had a little help writing this lovely note from his Mom & Dad, Terry & Guy)


Ritchie passed away in 2015 and his family have moved on now but we keep him here on our HOWL of Fame to honour him always - as we have for Magnolia Pearl too. 

BOB Grad, Magnolia-Pearl Berngards aka Ritchie's sister


HOWL-OOO!!! My name is Miss Magnolia Pearl - Ritchie's sister! I just came back from the beauty parlour as I wanted to look pretty for the Howl Of Fame! Marna is the absolute best! I was just a stray lady of the streets with a sad tale to tell when BIG ON BEAGLES rescued me! Before you knew it, doctors were checking me out and making me feel brand new again! When I was ready, Marna found me a wonderful home with another BOB Grad named Ritchie! Everything is coming up roses now...or should I say, magnolias! I get tasty meals every day, I'm in much better health, and best of all - I've got myself an endless supply of tummy rubs! Life is good at last. Please consider making life good for other beagles by becoming a monthly contributor. There are lots more rags to riches stories waiting to happen out there! But helping once neglected beagles like Ritchie and me means big veterinary bills for BIG ON BEAGLES. With your help, they can cover the costs to make lots more success stories like mine come true!


Whisker Tickles & Tailwags,


Magnolia Pearl Berngards (with a little help from Mom & Dad, Terry & Guy) 

Beagle Rosie and her little sister/throw pillow, Lola


My childhood dog was a beagle named Sparky (the name seemed original at the time) that I absolutely adored. So when my wife and I went to Animal Services and we saw Rosie, it was love at first sight and I knew we had to adopt her. We've had her for 2 years now and it's absolutely the best decision we've ever made (well that, and the whole "getting married" thing). 


She was a stray found in Sarnia and brought up to Toronto. I have no idea why someone would let such a sweet, gentle dog go (even if she ran away, no one came to claim her), but I'm so happy she's with us now. She's unusually quiet for a beagle, never howls, only the occasional whimper. It's when the scent of a squirrel arises that we see her true beagle side come to light. And she LOVES affection. We also have a little chihuahua-papillon mix, Lola, and if Rosie isn't curled up next to us, it's because the two of them are snuggling together. 


I love all dogs, but beagles will always have a special place in my heart and I think it's fantastic that organizations like Big On Beagles exist to help older beagles in need. If I ever win the lottery, I'm building you guys a beagle sanctuary/palace!


Thanks for all the work you do,

Dwayne and Antonella

Charles and Daisy (In Memorial)


I decided to become a monthly BOBefactor as a way to honour my sweet Daisy who passed away much too soon in September 2013. Daisy was a special part of my life for 8 years since the day I found her back in 2005 near Flesherton in Grey County. She had most likely been abandoned up there or had been living on her own for some time and wasn't in great shape. It took a few months for her to recover and then to get used to city life, but soon she seemed right at home and loved going for runs on the beach or nature hikes in the woods and parks around Toronto. I miss Daisy and our daily walks and cuddles. She was a wonderful companion and such a gentle soul. She was amazingly quiet for a hound and never howled or barked. She was very shy around other dogs and preferred the company of people! She had a phenomenal way of staring    and looking at people with those beagle eyes! People were always saying how she seemed such a wise old soul. So true! I never did know her exact age but I'm guessing that she was at least 10. I so wish she could still be here with me but I'm so grateful for having had the chance to take care of her, give her a home and a new outlook on life. 


I had never planned on adopting a dog, but as many dog owners know well, it seems that she chose me! I had some experience with beagles as my parents had two of them, Amanda and Henry. Typical beagles both, howling and getting into all kinds of food and trouble all the time, digging under fences and running away. But both sweet and loving dogs who adored being with my family and were happiest cuddling on the couch. 


I admire Marna so much for all of the wonderful work she has done over the years for our beagle friends and especially the senior dogs, the abandoned ones and those with health issues. I am happy to support BOB and am so grateful that there are so many caring people out there who feel the same way and have supported, fostered and adopted so many beagles in need. I hope to bring a beagle into my life again one day, and until then will be proud to support the BOB gang and happy that all of us together are making a difference in the lives of these adorable creatures! 


Charles Caty

Lapkin enjoying a glorious tongue-out snooze!


Hi there! My name is Lapkin. Looking at me, you might not guess that I am a beagle (or that I am about 12 yrs old), but I have documents to prove it! My servants wanted to find out about my royal lineage so they sent in one of those Q-tip cheek swabs for genetic analysis. turns out that I was declared to be a PURE BREAD beagle! This made me feel much better as I never did like that beagle cross label. It just proves that looks can be deceiving! *It turns out that if you have 70% or more of one breed, you are considered pure bred as far as the testing company is concerned)!


I came into my servants' lives through BOB and I know that they are very grateful to Marna for granting them this honor.  When I was first rescued, I was given the name Highway after being rescued off the side of a busy highway up north, but it was soon decided that this was not appropriate for a dog of my status and I was joyfully re-named! Since then, I've shared my home with a distinguished beagle named Bublic who had the honor of winning the first ever BADDEST BEAGLE IN THE UNIVERSE award at the BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH! I've also shared my home with Walter (the sweetest farting beagle ever known). Both of these noble companions are now sadly gone. I only have Marquis, my servants' 23 year old cat, to contend with now.


My servants decided to give monthly donations to BOB because it is just the right thing to do. We beagles have special needs and the people at BOB understand that. My servants were at first concerned that the monthly donation was too small to make a  difference but my friend Marna set them straight. Every little bit helps and it is very important to have a steady source of funding. So as a pure BREAD beagle of distinction, I appeal to you all.... please help!  Every little bit counts and every beagle counts!


Sincerely yours (all beagles are sincere, don't you know)



In the Spring of 2017, Lapkin's beautiful family lost their precious boy but he will always hold a special place in all our hearts. 

Macy (aka Our Miss January 2014)


My Beagle was not a rescue although I have always wanted to rescue a dog. When BIG ON BEAGLES rescued Duke in March 2014, his sad story really touched me and so I joined the BOB Family of Monthly Supporters. Beagles are so sweet, friendly and mischievous. They all deserve to be happy like my Macy who graced the BOB Home Page as Miss January 2014! Macy loves other beagles, all dogs as a matter of fact, and of course she loves People! Let's just say, she loves EVERYTHING!  :)


Her Doting Servant,


Cheshire & Dover!


My girls Cheshire & Dover are the reason I became a Monthly BOBefactor. They came to me in 2012 from a Beagle shelter in Newfoundland - the sisters had escaped from a backyard where they were being groomed as hunting dogs while living in squalid conditions. The girls came to me at 7 months old. They are the darlings of our household! We love them dearly and are blessed to have them in our lives.





Peanut & Kona!


Hope you enjoy the little montage of Peanut and Kona! I had been meaning to sign up for monthly support ever since attending the BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH. Mike and I love the work that BOB does and we wish we could come to more BYOB (Bring Your Own Beagle) meet-ups! But since our little (human) boy came on the scene two years ago, it's been a bit more challenging! Nevertheless we just want to say thanks for all the great work you do for beagles in need, Marna!


Mike & Natasha 

Leto - AFTER!


Leto's story:


One evening, driving back from the cottage, I was following a debate on the radio about the fate of dogs used for testing in medical facilities. This was new for me. I had never heard about these dogs and the conditions in which they live. Some people were speculating the dogs are not actually unhappy, as they do not know anything better than being in a cage all their life. The discussion shocked me to the core. It also motivated me to help.


After a week or so, while checking the web site of my local Humane Society, I came across a 5 year old Beagle in need of a home. I wondered whether he was one of the retired medical dogs I'd learned about.


So I went to visit him and found this tiny Beagle (first pic above) who was not looking at all like a 5 year old. You'd think he was a puppy! The staff assured me that he was 5. I also learned that he had not been used for testing but his past was just as sad. He'd been rescued from a puppy-mill in Woodstock. When I got him home, I discovered he had much to learn. He didn't know how to run, how to climb stairs, how to enjoy treats, how to jump into a cozy bed or hop in a car in anticipation of a trip to the cottage, or chew a bone, the list goes on. He had never even walked in a park before. He didn't even know what grass was or how much fun it is to roll in it. It took me a couple months to introduce him to all these wonders, to train him and to help him gain his confidence.


The name Leto comes from a famous science fiction saga: Dune, by Frank Herbert. Leto was the Great Emperor of the planet Dune! I mention this because everybody asks me where the name came from. I thought Dune was quite a famous novel but it seems not too many people ever heard about Leto. Sometimes I wonder whether I chose the right name for him. (LOL)


Anyway, this is our story and this is why I appreciate so much the work that BIG ON BEAGLES does on behalf of beagles in need. That's why I wanted to help as much as I can by joining the Monthly BOBefactors.




Lori with BOB Grad, Lollie (now Molly) & her poodle sister, Islay

Why I chose to join the Monthly Giving family: Because every time I look into Molly's eyes I feel such joy that she is home and safe where she belongs. It's Marna who made it happen and I will always be grateful for that. I hope she never stops helping other Beagles.