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We are now back to normal! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

* Pet Listings for Big On Beagles used to be listed on Petfinder, however we have since transitioned to posting on our official web site only.

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B.O.B. was established to help beagles in emergency situations. We work closely with many animal shelters throughout Ontario and beyond. In some cases, our rescue services extend across border. Our primary focus is the rescue of senior beagles, those with chronic health issues or correctable health matters such as obesity, those in need of emergency surgery and sadly, those suffering from physical or emotional trauma. Essentially, we're here for the underdog. As you can imagine with what they've been through, these beagles are not "perfect". On rare occasions, a young beagle with virtually no issues will come available through our program. Behind the scenes, we may also learn of healthy, young beagles looking to be re-homed by owners no longer able to care for them. At any rate, any beagle available for adoption directly through B.O.B. will be featured on the adoption page. Once again, if you're looking for a younger beagle, you are still welcome to fill out an application as we may know of a possible match through our extensive contacts.
Of course, we also encourage you to consider giving a shelter beagle a second chance for a happy home. If you visit, you can view the dogs currently available in shelters within Toronto and the GTA. Young, healthy beagles come available in shelters regularly. These, of course, are not the dogs that need the special help of an organization like B.O.B. If you think you might be someone who could reach out to a dog with special circumstances, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Even if you just want to get a better understanding of how we operate and whether you would be able to offer the right home for a beagle with special needs, pick up the phone and chat with us!

The Adoption and Fostering Process:

Whether you're interested in adopting or fostering a BOB beagle, the application process is virtually the same.

First, you need to complete the appropriate application form which can be downloaded from the top of this page. Once we've had a chance to review your application, you'll be contacted. If we feel you might be a good match to adopt one of our beagles or to foster, we'll set up a telephone interview with you to thoroughly go over your application and answer any questions you might have. If we all agree to move forward, the next step for the adoption applicant would be a Meet & Greet with the beagle of your dreams! You would meet with our rescue beagle in his or her foster home. Most of our foster homes are situated in Toronto and the GTA.

For the foster applicant, you may meet with the dog in need of foster care in their home, at a shelter or wherever they may be currently. If the Meet & Greet goes well, we would then arrange a Home Visit. In most cases, the beagle you're interested in adopting or fostering would accompany us. If you have pets of your own, we would have them meet on common ground first, gradually making our way into your backyard and then into your house. If that goes well, we will be delighted to approve you for adoption or foster care!

While Big On Beagles is comprised of an incredible group of BOBateers, our primary focus is always the rescue of beagles in need! Your patience is appreciated. If you should leave a message for us, please be assured that you will be contacted as soon as humanly possible.