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Thank You for visiting our beagles for adoption! A picture may speak a thousand words and a sad beagle tale might pull at your heartstrings do you know which beagle is the RIGHT beagle for YOU? By submitting an Adoption Application, of course! By filling out an application, we learn more about you and what beagle would suit you best! Keep in mind, too, that the beagles posted here are those lucky enough to land foster families with us. We hear about other beagles in need practically on a daily basis. Sadly, there are never enough foster homes to take them all in. So, even if you're not sure if you see the Beagle of Your Dreams posted on our site today, don't let it stop you from sending us your application! Perhaps, fostering a beagle in need interests you. If so, we welcome your completed Foster Application as much as we do receiving adoption inquiries! Whether you're looking to adopt, foster or simply learn more about our special work on behalf of homeless howlers, give us a HOWL today! We're always wagging our tails in anticipation of your heartfelt messages!!!


Huck is part of our palliative care foster program. At 20 yrs old, we felt it was in his best interest to stay with his foster family for the rest of his life. After all, he's so happy and that's what matters most to us!
Eblast sent on October 6, 2010:

Last week, we lost the oldest beagle I've ever known. His name was Huck. It's taken me a while to let you know because this little old fellow, who was barely bigger than a thimble, packed one powerful punch to my heart and to the hearts of his forever foster family. He was supposed to live forever. At least, that's what we imagined. But that was just a fairytale. Huck was older than the moon and could no longer defy nature.
I'll always remember the day I met Huck. A volunteer from the distant animal shelter where he was abandoned by his owner kindly brought him to us. He pulled up in his car after hours of driving. And out came Huck, fresh as a daisy, bouncing more than walking. His driver followed behind him, leash in hand and his pet parrot on his shoulder. They were quite the sight, the 3 of them.
That was a few years ago now. Huck was supposed to be about 18 then.
It's because of Huck that I met two very special people who I am so honoured to call friends. John and Laura were Huck's forever foster parents. They loved him, diapers and all. Both musicians, Huck was well versed in all kinds of music but his favourite was the Blues. That's how he came to be known as their little Blues Hound.
You'll never be forgotten Huck. That would be impossible.

PUPDATE as of April 6, 2009 ~ Another endearing message from Huck's permanent foster daddy:
Dear Marna,
Everything is great!
Just thought I should let you know about my little shadow.  He still loves the blues, his Orijen Sixfish, and wobbly walks along the canal.  It does my heart good to know he sits on the couch with Laura and I watching Battlestar Galactica instead of wandering the mean streets of Owen Sound.
So here's the medical update; that strange bubble tumour thing he had is all but gone, as if it was never there.  He seems to be pretty happy about it.  And so are we.
So, we'll scratch his ears for you, and tell him you're thinking about him.  He sleeps well on a feather duvet knowing that his weary old bones are loved.
P.S.  He now has the nicknames Bones, Cricket, Creaks, Prancy Pants, Droops, Wigglor, Goober, 'owlface and Duck.  You know a beagle is loved by how many names he has.  Just ask Reese/The Beag/Bologna/Fish/Tube/Potato/Wiggles/Puddin'/Hoagie Perogi.
October, 2008:
There are times in a rescuer's life that all the effort, all the fight, all the tears don't seem worth it when the dogs in need never stop pawing at your door. But then, you get a message like the one from Huck's foster daddy below and, suddenly, you're back in the race......
"Dear Marna,
I know you are a busy lady, but I thought you'd have some time to hear some good news. Huck's more than fine, and as the months go by, he's becoming very trustful and loving of Laura and me. You might say, he's gone through some personality changes; one is that he wags his tail waaay more often. He does happy dances and actually skips around the house now. But here's the sweetest of all...he's always been my little shadow; if I leave the room, he's got to follow me, even if that means dragging his old bones out of his pillow which is on his very own cushy chair. And he always has to sit next to me (but not touching me); however, the other day, while I was sitting cross-legged on the floor with some sheet music, he wobbled over, climbed into my lap, and with a sigh, curled up in a doughnut. IN MY LAP. I couldn't believe it! Laura saw it too.
I know it seems silly, but for us, that was a huge deal. Huck's clearly had a bad life, but he's finally getting to live a dog's life. I think he now knows not all people are horrible.
If all you've ever done was help Huck, all your work has been worth it.
PUPDATE after Woofstock 2008:
Hucky chose the short walk for seniors when it came to this year's K9 Rescue Me Walkathon at WOOFSTOCK on Sunday, June 8th! We can't thank our supporters enough for coming out and making it such a success for our rescue beagles! Hucky says AROOO! Ruff translation? We're pretty sure it means Thank You in Beaglemese...!!!!
Jan. 25, 2008: Well, Hucky's foster Mommy and Daddy have decided to make it official so they're off to Jamaica to get married! CONGRATULATIONS JOHN AND LAURA!
As for the Huckster, Yours Truly has the honour of doggy-sitting our Oldest Rescue Beagle Ever! It's only been a few hours since little Huckleberry Hound's arrival and I'm already on the rooftop proclaiming, "I HEART HuckaBeagle!!!" He's too adorable for words!
Read all about this little dumpling below...Considering his advanced age (from what we know, he's pushing 20!), Huckaroo will probably live out his life with his doting foster parents and that's just peachy with us! He's such a happy little camper and still so full of beans!!
Hello Fellow Beagle Lovers! Just thought we'd let everyone know that Huck is thoroughly enjoying his summer vacation with his foster family! Everyone just thinks he's the sweetest guy ever! He's being spoiled rottten - getting lots of attention and plenty of treats! He's also enjoying walks to a huge park complete with a soccer field! So much grass to sniff! He isn't the fastest dog in the world mind you, but he LOVES to run around in the soccer field and sniff all the new and interesting smells!
I think Huck and Reese are really starting to become friends, but they're really more like brothers. Huck doesn't seem to like sitting on any furniture (other than the bed), so he has a blanket and a pillow on the floor he likes to cuddle up on. It's near the air conditioner vent, so I think that's why he likes it... it keeps him nice and cool! Anyhow, he was lying on his bed one day and Reese came over to sniff him so Huck stood up... and Reese stole the bed right out from under him! He plopped right down and stole Huck's spot without thinking twice! I think Reese is now officially Huck's pain-in-the-butt little brother! But they never lost their temper with each other - no doggy fights whatsoever. Everyone is pretty content despite the expected sibling rivalry!
Huck has attached himself to me for the most part. He follows me around, and gets kind of restless when I'm not in the room with him. But it seems to be a healthy attachment. He isn't really a cuddly dog, but we're working on that! He loves to be petted though, and if you lie on the floor next to him, he'll shimmy up next to you for maximum attention!
As far housebreaking, we're still working on it. He's definitely getting better! He goes out for tinkles immediately after dinner, and just before bed and first thing in the morning, and then at times when he's looking restless and wandering around. He isn't marking the couch anymore! Yahoo!
The truth is, Huck is a very sweet dog and just LOVES attention. The only thing he doesn't seem to like are BATHS! He tries to escape from the tub every chance he gets!
That's it for now from Huck's Humble Servants! We'll write again soon if there are any interesting developments!
We're so grateful for folks like Huck's foster parents! They've given this old boy a whole new and happy life! Here's his sad little tale turned happy:
UPDATE AS OF JULY 6, 2006! We're tail-waggingly thrilled to share the good news! We found a wonderful foster home for Huck! Big hugs go out to his new foster family, John & Laura and their adorable dogs, Reese & Spike!
On Friday, July 7th, Huck will be taken to Toronto by one of the Owen Sound Shelter's volunteers! We'll be scooting him over to our vet's for a full examination, then it's off to the pet boutique for a spiffy new collar! He'll no doubt snooze in the car on the way to his new foster home! Send pawsitive thoughts Huck's way as he makes this wonderful transition from a shelter to Home Sweet Home! We'll be posting pupdates once he's settled in!
Read Huck's story below:!
Huck was in the care of an animal shelter in Owen Sound! The nice folks at this shelter asked BOB for help. At that time, Huck was believed to be 18 years old! He deserved a REAL home!
On June 22, 2006, the word started to spread about wee little Huck through the rescue network. He was found as a stray by the shelter. When they finally traced Huck's owner, they were ready to celebrate his reunion with his family. But, his owner never came to retrieve him. In the end, the owner chose to surrender him to the shelter. Apparently, Huck was of no use to him his age.
There is not a great deal known about Huck. His owner was not all that forthcoming. But, regardless of the lack of history, Huck has touched the hearts of his caregivers. He is a sweet, little beagle with not a lot to say or howl. He may be quiet as a mouse, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want your attention. His tail wags a mile a minute at the mere sight of an approaching human! He's also just fine sharing his digs with other dogs and cats.
Apparently, Huck was an indoor/outdoor dog which meant that he needed a refresher course on house manners. Nowadays, Huck's foster parents use baby diapers to be on the safe side as his kidneys aren't what they used to be. Huck doesn't seem to mind wearing them in the least.
Huck wasn't neutered upon rescue and, given his advanced age, we've decided against subjecting him to any surgery.
Finding quality foster homes is so important to our work. Not every beagle needs the long-term care that Huck needs, mind you. If you would like to learn more about fostering, then send us an email: and ask for a foster application.