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June 6, 2023 eblast:


This morning at 9:40am, Catherine took little Donald Mac to the vet for the very last time.

104 days.

That's all we had.

God knows we wanted more.


We packed a lot into those 104 days though.

And not just the medical stuff.

After all, the blood tests/ultrasound/xrays/splenectomy surgery --- all those things were the icky parts for Donald.


We'd rather like to remember the good stuff, by beagle standards.

Like following Catherine to the fridge even if his appetite wasn't up to the aforementioned beagle standards.

He'd follow her just about anywhere.

He knew she loved him.

If only her love could have been enough to fix him.


But it was something at least. That love.

He felt right at home with it.

It showed in the carefree way in which he napped.

His little mesmerizing snore keeping in tune with the soft music playing on the TV in their family room.


Yes, perhaps his favourite times were his beloved naps cuddled up snug-as-a-bug on a large variety of exceptional beds.

He could nap for hours and forget his health troubles.

He'd only wake when nature called.

That's when a sleepy Donald would sit up, yawn, strike his lazy boy stretch pose, and waddle off to the big backyard that is the extraordinary beauty of Sheba's Haven to get the annoying business of doing his business out of the way so he could go right back to bed.


It was his heaven on earth.

But his worsening liver disease refused to let Donald live out his simple life more than these last 104 days.

It took him from his peaceful dreams.

He couldn't eat. He couldn't sleep.

So once again, we found ourselves having to accept that we couldn't fix this.


Our Tribute here isn't just for Donald though.

He's left us now.

I'm not going to say for greener pastures.

I can't imagine greener pastures than at the Haven (thanks to Bill's excellent lawn care).

But I'm sure wherever this place we eventually go is, it's beautiful.

And he's happy.

No more struggles.


This is why my Tribute is also for his foster mom, Catherine.

Because she's still here, holding his collar in her hands.


In the last 104 days, Catherine has done everything she could do to make life worth living for Donald in between those icky vet visits.


Every day included food tasting events with Donald in the kitchen.

Catherine would present His Highness with a large variety of gourmet dishes in the hopes of finding The One!

For a while, he had a thing for the worst stuff on the market that Catherine jokingly referred to as Roadkill.

But eventually, he turned his nose up at that too.


Keep in mind that Catherine runs her own palliative care rescue for many chronically ill senior dogs, in addition to fostering palliative beagles for us. She has a busy schedule from the moment the rooster crows off in the distance each morning.

But somehow, she is MAGIC.

Somehow, she manages to make EVERY dog feel like they are the centre of her universe.

She is an incredible force. As is her partner, Bill.


You may think losing a dog would be accepted as part of the deal when one chooses to rescue very sick dogs for a living, especially after all these years. But that's just not true. While a Rescuer may know this will eventually happen, their heart doesn't easily "accept" it at all.

That heart got into the business of rescuing dogs because that heart has so much love to give.

When you lose the one you love with all your heart, even if you love so many all at once, it breaks.


And yet, here's the amazing thing.

If another dog like Donald came tapping their paw at Catherine's door tomorrow, she'd open her door and her broken heart in an instant.


Here's to Donald Mac.

Here's to Catherine.

And Here's to ALL of our Devoted Foster Parents.


 Our Love & Endless Appreciation for what you do.





February 24 eblast:

Introducing our sweet little freshly rescued Donald.


You can't see it, but he comes with baggage.

The baggage of not having consistent veterinary care in his senior years.

Last time he was to the vet was back in 2016.

And there were serious worries then.


Donald had not been annually protected against ticks and he was exhibiting signs of potential infection.

The vet highly recommended testing for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses but the owner declined.


Fast forward six years later.

Donald's owner surrenders him to the shelter for euthanasia, claiming serious health issues resulting in his suffering.

But the shelter vet wasn't convinced it was the end of the road for Donald.

Neither were we.


It may be a roulette game of health conditions and the medical costs that go with them EVERY SINGLE TIME we take in an old beagle with baggage like Donald,




Because just like you, our hearts melt the moment we look into the sad and bewildered eyes of a beagle in need,


and we pray for the day we can change that completely.


Our sincere thanks to the wonderful staff at the Humane Society of Hastings / Prince Edward for saving Donald first and for calling us next,

AND to Bill & Catherine at Sheba's Haven for opening their heart and home to foster yet another senior BOBBER for our little beagle repair shop!  


All these smiling faces coming together just for you, sweet Donald.

Welcome to our FAMILY, baby.