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eblast dated April 10, 2023:


Before December 1st, Bobby & Suzie were “the heartbreaking neglect case” we were about to take on.


But after that day, they became a part of us.

Family, in good times and bad.


We knew Bobby was very sick from the start and time wasn’t on our side, but you know we made the very best of NOW for him.


No longer was it Bobby and Suzie against the world.

In the blink of an eye, their life became a Hallmark card of celebrating every moment with a family who loved them with every beat of their heart.

Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day and every love-filled day in between.


All thanks to their foster family AND the doting “Relatives” that are YOU - our supporters.

The relatives who are always there to hold up their Family…in good times and bad.


Bobby didn’t make it to Easter Sunday. His frail body could no longer fight the cancer.

Surrounded by Family, he left us on Saturday night.


But I think he stayed just long enough to be sure his sister Suzie would be ok.


Ever since Dec 1st, Bobby has been cheering Suzie on as he watched her bond with BOB Grad Daisy who had a rags to riches story of her own.

He watched as they raced about the big back yard that he couldn’t believe belonged to them.

He watched as they snuggled together in the biggest softest doggy beds.

He watched as she enjoyed such tasty meals and such hearty walks about the neighbourhood.


But the thing that gave him the greatest peace of mind was the love shared between all of them in their happy house far far away from their Before.


To call Mark and Kelly 'Foster Parents' hardly explains who they are.

They are two hearts that have embraced and loved and been broken so many times.

But they never lose sight of the reason they put their hearts through all that hurt and that reason is far more important to them.


Giving FAMILY to these beagles no matter how long or how short.

It’s worth every tear that falls.


This morning, I received the most beautiful message from Mark…


"One of my neighbours once told me that all you can hope for is that your last day isn’t your worst.

Bobby’s last day was very much a good one. He spent the morning napping and watching the squirrels play in the backyard trees, he spent the afternoon hanging out with his three best friends, and the last thing he ever did was eat his dinner which was very much his favourite thing in the whole world.

He was a complete joy. Thank you."



This week while the sun is shining and the warmer weather is arriving, please light a candle for Bobby and his Family - YOUR Family.

We always find our reason to keep going because of YOU. 





December 1, 2022 eblast:

You Just Saved These Beagles



Their heartbreaking rescue story began back in October when they arrived at a distant shelter we've worked with in the past. They had come in as strays in "really rough shape". When an owner came forward to claim them, the Animal Welfare authorities had strict requirements before releasing them. Continue with the medical care they both desperately need or surrender them back to the shelter. 12 year old Bobby was their biggest concern, sadly diagnosed with Heartworm Disease while in shelter. But Suzie, guessed at around 5 or 6, clung to Bobby for comfort. So closely bonded, they needed to stay together. Nevertheless, the owner returned Bobby to the shelter after only one day. He admitted he didn't have the means to follow through with his care. But then, Suzie stopped eating. Without Bobby, she was shutting down. Thankfully, the owner had enough sense to surrender her to the shelter too.


We are so very grateful he did.


Given the sensitive nature of this rescue case, we cannot name the shelter that saved these two first but we do want to extend our deepest gratitude to them for all they've done. While in shelter, Bobby began treatment for the Heartworm. Both received much needed nail trims, baths, and good quality food. And Suzie had her spay and a dental done. Bobby desperately needs a dental too but we need to focus on the Heartworm treatment first which is daunting enough.


We've got someone else to thank for this Christmas Miracle come early.


That success you made happen at our 15th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH made this happen.


Bless you all from nose to tail.


As I write this, the good folks at Critter Cab Animal Transport are bringing these two HOME to us over the next several hours.


Christmas has definitely come early for our bonded pair!


A train set for Bobby, a dolly for Sue?

Nah…we're gonna do better than that.


We're gonna give these two precious souls one HOWL of a loving HOME for Christmas.