David S. Pumpkins!

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November 3, 2022 eblast:

I'm David S. Pumpkins…any questions?!!!



Yes indeed, David, we have questions.


The biggest one being how anyone could let this happen to you…


10-year-old David should be a small beagle. He has short legs and he's low to the ground.


But he weighs double the size he should at 55.6lbs


It's one of the worst cases of obesity that we've ever taken on.

It's also a truly heartbreaking case of neglect.


David was collateral damage after a marriage breakup.

He was apparently the husband's dog but the husband no longer wanted him when they split up.

He dumped David on his ex-wife who didn't want him either and who worked 12 hour shifts.


David was left alone for 12+ hours a day.

Never walked.

Left out on an apartment balcony for hours to do his business.

Fed Alpo.


And so he would just sleep all day.

No exercise.

No love.

Getting heavier and heavier.  


And there's more to this sad story.

David has been suffering from painful Glaucoma in his right eye for who knows how long.

The pressure reading in that eye is through the roof!

And of course, he's completely blind in that eye.


Between the obesity and the Glaucoma, David has been carrying a tremendous burden.


But all that is about to change.

He's with us now.

He's family.

And we're going to undo all that has been done to him.



We cannot thank you enough for your support in times like this.

After all, it's about to make such a difference for this boy as it has for all our new arrivals and those yet to come.

We're especially grateful to be hosting our 15th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH at K9 Central in Bowmanville on Nov 27th! We're counting on its success to see us through these challenging times.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Big Event as we get closer to the date!

Our paws are tightly crossed that you can all come out to support such an amazing event for beagles like our sweet pumpkin pictured here. It means the world to us and to him.


He really is such a sweet boy!

Sweeter than pumpkin pie!


*Big HOWL-OUT to Cheryl at One Last Chance Rescue for reaching out to us about our new baby and to Freedom Drivers for getting him safely to us all the way from the shelter in Quebec where he was surrendered.