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August 15, 2013 eblast to supporters:


It's hard to believe the little strawberry girl pictured below came to us over a year ago. I'm grateful for that year. She got to know what it's like to be loved completely. That's all because of her foster mom, Judy. We'd been planning to make her adoption official because as far as Judy was concerned, she was her furever girl right from the start. I think Sundae knew it too. Sundae became Sweetie to Judy on account of just how darn sweet she was. Two days ago, Sweetie became very sick. It was sudden. There was no planning and no preparing for the unthinkable. She slipped away as quickly as she appeared a year ago. But the difference between then and now is that Sweetie left with a year's supply of love. Heaven is just a little sweeter now.


It's an honour to share with you, Judy's tribute to Sweetie aka Sundae:



How do I begin to give her a tribute?  She's been my life-saver, since she's been with us, calmly, quietly melting her way into our hearts....especially mine, since having another female in the house has been lovely.  I know she came with the name you gave her, Sundae, but she was such a sweetheart that it was only natural to call her "Sweetie".  And it fit her disposition perfectly.  She never barked, or made a fuss, always let the "boys" meet me at the door first, but she'd be there behind them wagging her tail, waiting her turn to be pet.


She was very particular about her waistline, often declining treats unless they were her favorites.  She loved her solitude, preferring her special bed by the window, only approaching me at nighttime for a little scratch behind her ears and down her back, then off she'd go, back to be alone.  She was a joy to take in the car, sat perfectly still, very ladylike.  We had two visits to the cabin, a "girls getaway".  I have another one booked, don't know if I can go without her.


I told her before she passed that whoever let her go to wander aimlessly alone didn't know what they had given up.  The year with her was a blessing.  We didn't rescue her, it was the other way around.  I miss her, my little brown-eyed girl.

August 15, 2013:


It is with sad hearts that we announce the passing of dear, sweet Sundae who later became lovingly known by her perma-foster mommy as Sweetie. Our sweet girl bayed us farewell on August 13th, just over a year after her rescue. While our hearts our broken, we are so thankful she had a year full of love thanks to her foster family. You will be missed, precious girl.

July 26, 2012 eblast:




The Love Stories keep happening here at BOB Tailquarters!

That's because we've got plenty of investors who believe in our work!


Today, we scooped up Sundae from the Oakville & Milton Humane Society

She needed scooping

Abandoned by her owners at roughly 11 years old

But instantly loved by the good folks at the shelter

If only they could find her a new love and a new home

She'd been waiting since May


She's got her new love and her new home with us now

We don't care if she's got a scoop or two of some other breed mixed in with her beagley sweetness

After all, that's what makes Sundaes sooo yummy!



On behalf of our yummy Strawberry Sundae,


THANK YOU for believing in us.