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January 2016 update:

In the movie, "When Harry Met Sally", Harry admits his long-standing confusion over the song Auld Lang Syne sang traditionally on New Year's Eve. He wonders…are we supposed to forget old acquaintances or remember them? Sally just shrugs suggesting that all we really need to understand is that it's about old friends.

The holidays are over and perhaps we can still faintly hear the bells ringing in the New Year, but things are much quieter now. I thought this would be the perfect time to raise our cup of kindness and remember what we left behind in 2015.

Here at your beagle repair shop, there were two old friends who left us over the holidays.

On Boxing Day, little June-Bug (devoted partner in crime & cuteness to Gypsy-Rose) passed away at a fine old age. The girls had come to us back in 2007 from a pound in Ohio. Even then, they were guessed as seniors but we'll never know their true ages. That hardly matters. They were ridiculously cute and such cuteness trumps age every time. Look at Hazel McCallion. But let's get back to our cute old girls. They were inseparable, like real sisters. Bickering one minute and cuddling the next. Board member, Mary, and her roommate Jan took the girls in as their foster beagles. And they never let them go. Even now, when only Rose remains in sight. Baby June, as Mary liked to call her, will always remain steadfast within their hearts.

The loss of someone due to old age is always sadly expected. We want more time, of course, but we understand the rules. The loss we suffered on January 2nd, however, wasn't so easy to accept.

Our Carlton. Our funny, bow-legged beagle from Ottawa, still so young at approximately 10 years old, could no longer carry himself on those wonky legs. He was our Tiny Tim. We wanted to fix him but we couldn't in the end. And now his little spot on his favourite blanket at Sheba's Haven is empty. Sometimes, things don't work out the way we want.

Two losses too soon. Two different rescue stories. But they have one thing in common and that, my friends, is LOVE. They were both loved. We loved them and you loved them. We will never forget them.

So let's raise our cup of kindness to JuneBug (Baby June) and Carlton (Snoop)…and to each other for that matter. After all, we're old friends.



Sept 9, 2013 Pupdate:

Little Carlton has had his share of vet visits, but everything appears optimistic right now! Our vet tested the masses on his small frame and all have been found to be lypomas (fatty lumps) only. Last week, we met with a specialist at the Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic (the same clinic that met with dear Wesley regarding his prostate trouble) to look at the reason behind his bowed legged appearance to both pelvic limbs. Sadly, it appears that Carlton suffered cruciate ligament ruptures to both hind legs. The good news is that although chronic, it's stable and considering the fact he spends his days running and playing on the 3 acres at Sheba's Haven, there is no sign of lameness or discomfort. Accordingly, surgery is not recommended at this time. For now, we are simply to monitor him closely should any changes occur. Of course, this means he's not the most adoptable candidate given the fact he may need surgery in the future. However, there might just be someone out there who is prepared to do everything he may need down the road. He's well worth it, we can tell you that.  




July 24, 2013 eblast:




I broke a promise today.

I promised we'd hold off on taking any more beagles until we recovered from Liza's emergency bills.


But how could I keep that kind of a promise?


This is Carl.

The guy with the "LOVE Rescued Me" scarf.

He was patiently waiting to see our vet earlier this evening.

Carl was dumped on the side of the road somewhere in Quebec.

He wound up in a Quebec pound.

His time was running out.

Carl is at least 8 years old.

He's got some concerning masses riddling his small frame.


Carl is a big kisser.

This is one promise I didn't mind breaking.




We've got friends.

I know we do.

We've made it this far because we do.

Somehow, I know we'll be okay.

We got good friends on our side.

We've got love on our side.



We now have 11 wonderful BOBefactors giving their monthly support!

We need just a little more to be okay.


If 20 more friends were to sign up at $10/month,

we'd have $500 coming in each month to cover all my expensive broken promises.


That would be great, but I've got paws crossed for twice that much.


If 70 more friends signed up at $10/month,

I'd never have to make a silly promise like that again.