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Sept 22, 2014:

In April, 2014, Budley finally found his forever home with the nicest woman you could ever meet. Sadly, his time with her was short. She lost him to illness on this day. Our sincere gratitude and sympathy go out to Budley's mom, Martha, for surrounding him with love no matter how briefly. He left this world knowing he was loved completely because of you, Martha.  


Sept 9, 2013 pupdate:

Budley visited us last week for an appointment at our vet's. His wonderful foster mom, Catherine - owner and founder of Sheba's Haven - had concerns about his back. She was worried he might have a disk issue along his spine. Thankfully, this does not seem to be the case. We'll be trying some vet recommended treatments at home to ensure his comfort and happiness nonetheless. We do think Budley has found his forever home at Sheba's Haven. Catherine has been caring for senior dogs for many years and she knows when they should stay. Budley is that kind of guy. We're more than prepared to care for him for the rest of his beagley years!  



July 3, 2013 eblast:




This Canada Day, we had something much better than fireworks.

We had Budley Budright.


So often, we rescue beagles that have been severely neglected or even abused.

Budley is different.

Budley enjoyed the same home for the last 10 years.

Your typical family dog.

But then, his owners ended his family dog career by surrendering him to the Ottawa Humane Society.

The reason?

Something about allergies.

Maybe Budley was never abused, but he still hurts.

His temporary Foster Mommy, Tracy, who kindly provided him with a B & B just outside Ottawa for the long weekend, described it best.


"He just seems lost."


We don't want him to feel that way.

We want to give him HOME again with us.


We can do this because of you.

You did it again.

You saved another life.


But here's the thing.

We've rescued 3 beagles in quick succession.

They've all needed costly medical care.

Budley has a concerning mass on his side that needs investigating.


Buddy's vet care included, we've probably already spent at least half of the $8,000 we raised at WOOFSTOCK.


We really raised the roof at WOOFSTOCK, didn't we?

But now, it's time to strengthen the foundation of this little beagle repair shop of ours.


Please consider becoming the next building block.


Join our growing family of Monthly Supporters!

Our BOBefactors…if you will!


Without a foundation, we can't hold up that roof very long.

Ask any charity and they'll tell you the same thing…

Having the security of monthly income makes planning for the future possible.

Whether the future is a day away or a year away.


We've got lots of plans for our homeless howlers!


If everybody gave $10 a month, we could build one howl of a repair shop!

One that could last furever!


It's so easy too!

Now that we're a registered charity, you can set up your on-line monthly gift in seconds

thru the secure Canada Helps site

and receive a charitable tax receipt for your kindness!


So please,

help us lay the foundation one brick at a time


Become a BOBefactor TODAY!