Dallas the Cowboy

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May 22, 2013 E-Blast:

Do you remember Dallas? His owner abandoned him behind the Niagara Falls Humane Society with a note attached to his harness.  All the note read was "Dallas, 8 yrs old". 

His owner clearly left out a lot of things. Like how Dallas likes to put aside exactly 3 kibbles to the left of his food bowl at meal time. When he's done his bowl, those 3 kibbles are gobbled up last with pure delight! I guess that's dessert! 

His owner left out how Dallas is grateful for everything positive in his life, no matter how negative things seem to be. He spent 2 months at the shelter. But he's not bitter. He looks up at everyone with more gratitude than we deserve.  

His owner left out all that, and now there's even more.Like how Dallas is more than happy to protect his new dog buddy from thunder booming outside by welcoming him to cuddle up close.

Or how he's more than happy to use his other new buddy as a pillow at nap time. 

Last but not least,his owner left out how Dallas spreads sunshine wherever he goes. He's pure magic. People are drawn to him. Dogs too.

He smiles. We smile.  

How do we know all this?

'cause he's our Dallas now. 

Cross your paws for the newest member of our family.

He's covered in lumps and bumps. We're hoping they're all fatty lumps but only time will tell. He's been to our vet today and we're running tests.  

Please keep him in your thoughts.

You know we're here for him every pawstep of the way.

And we're darn well going to do everything to deserve the gratitude on his beautiful face.

No matter what, we love this boy - lumps and all.    

Dallas, it's just like the boys from One Direction sing… 

You don't know you're beautiful.That's what makes you beautiful!