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May 7, 2014 eblast:

Fare Thee Well, Sweet Boys





            Last night, we said goodbye to Bubba (lovingly known as "Chance" - our Kissing Bandit) and Delray ("BooBoo" - our Country Bumpkin).


            The boys' forever foster parents and I knew their time with us had come to an end. Chance had outlived his prognosis with inoperable cancer and BooBoo had developed a severe neurological disorder making it increasingly difficult for him to stand much less walk. Both had lost their spark.


            They'd come to us together and together, they left us.


            Although our hearts are broken, we see the joy they brought us and that we brought them. Had we not reached out to them, their lives would have been taken much too soon back at that rural pound two years ago.


            It is for this reason I will always be thankful to Helen and Paul for the unconditional, unstoppable love they had for these boys - from Paul building an old-doggy ramp for BooBoo to use as easy access from their back deck to his beloved grass below, to Helen's quiet strength at the darkest hour holding it together for them and bringing them such great comfort and peace simply by whispering "I will love you forever" in their soft beagle ears.


            Last night's difficult loss marked the end of a chapter for Big On Beagles. We've come to the realization that we must sadly hold off from taking any more beagles until we can get back on our feet again. For the first time in BOB history, we've run out of funding. We raised so much for our homeless howlers, thanks to you, that we didn't hesitate to spend it on some very deserving dogs. What little is left must be kept for the long-term beagles currently in our care. 


            So that makes sweet Hope the last beagle saved for the time-being. The two surgeries required for her Bilateral Mastectomy will total approximately $2,500.


            But hope is not lost - for her or for us. Like her name, we're holding out HOPE for our quick return.


            To all of you who support us, either as valued monthly bobefactors or by way of heartfelt contributions when needed most or so often by way of both, that hope exists because of you.


            And never forget all that your support has already done.


            You've saved 126 beagles since our little repair shop opened for business over 12 years ago. We may be small but we're big. Every single dog is remembered by name and forever imprinted on our hearts, whether they remained with us due to health issues or found families of their own.


            Rest assured, hope springs eternal here at Big On Beagles and we've got high hopes for our Beagle Wiggle Walkathon on May 25th. Just maybe, it will be enough to rescue our little rescue.


            On behalf of BooBoo and Chance, thank you for the joy you've given and for the joy you'll surely give again.

(Excerpt from) July 18, 2012 E-Blast:
Meet One of Two good old Southern Ontario boys in need of a miracle!
Both guessed around 10 years old, came in as stray dogs to an overflowing pound in Innerkip, Ontario
I never heard of Innerkip before then.
Meet Delray
Aside from a few bad teeth and some stiff joints, he's one healthy old boy! We had him neutered and he's now living it up with his new foster family! We kinda think he might just stay there forever. At his age, there's nothing he'd like more than to put up his paws, sip on his Watertini on the back deck and enjoy retirement!
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Let's give Delray some time to unpack his suitcase and get to know his foster family. I can tell you one wonderful thing in the meantime. His foster family loves him to bits!!!