Henry Lee

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March 6, 2012 
Over the last 19 days, Henry Lee has been living a lifetime with Catherine and Bill at Sheba's Haven. He's run like the wind through acres of farm fields, tail-wagged right along with the other Haven waifs like a brand new puppy, followed his new "daddy" around like his second shadow, inhaled the many intriguing smells of his country home like any self-respecting hound must do, and ended each day curled up on the couch like a dog spoiled to tears by a family who loved him to tears.
Before all this living, he was unceremoniously dumped at a shelter because his owner claimed "he barked too much". At Sheba's Haven, there's no such thing as barking too much...especially for a 12-year-old dog with so much to say. If we were to translate those happy barks for Henry, I think the words would be "Thank you, thank you, thank you".
Henry Lee had prostate cancer. We knew it wasn't a good diagnosis. We knew we couldn't expect to have him with us for long.
Some might say 19 days is far too short. But we must remember that dogs live for the moment. If we calculate it that way, Henry Lee had 27,360 minutes of being loved to tears. If it had only been one minute, it still would have been worth it. Henry Lee was worth it.
Henry Lee showed his thanks in so many ways these last 19 days. Now, I want to show you mine. Thank you. Thank you for allowing us to give life to the fullest for every beagle we rescue. No matter how long.
And to Catherine and Bill, there are no words I can write that could stop your tears right now. All I can say is thank you.
Feb 22, 2012:
Meet our 101st beagle saved!

Henry Lee left for his permanent foster home with Catherine & Bill of Sheba's Haven on Feb 17th after a lengthy stay in hospital. The picture attached is one I'll always cherish. He looks like he's always belonged to them.

Mr. #101 has a whole lot of living to do until he no longer can. Henry Lee has inoperable cancer of the prostate but I assure you, it's not stopping him from following his heart just yet. There are matters of the heart to tend to first and he's determined to accomplish every single one of them. All those things that beagles love to frolicking in the snow, chasing interesting smells around the pine trees of his endless backyard, wolfing down delicious meals made for a king such as he, and snoozing on a warm patch of afternoon sun coming through the window of his new home. But most of all, he's going to share all the love in his heart with his new family at BIG ON BEAGLES. We thank Catherine & Bill of Sheba's Haven for always finding a spot for our palliative care beagles. Bless you both for giving Henry Lee something to wag about