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Nov 5, 2014 e-blast:

It is with very heavy hearts that we share the sudden passing of BOB beagle Scarlet who we rescued along with Cy-the-one-eyed-guy from the wilds of rural Ohio about 3 years ago. Scarlet was a spunky little granny of a beagle who became a permanent fixture in the home of beloved BOB foster parents John & Laura. You may remember John & Laura - they were the proud foster parents turned perma-parents of the oldest beagle in BOB history - Huck was thought to be at least 20 years old when he passed away in 2010.


Despite being senior, Scarlet was in great health. Her passing was very unexpected brought on by sudden irreversible illness earlier this week.


It's one thing to look at an adorable picture like this and share our sadness, but to know Scarlet is to truly love her. We wanted to share some words from her family so you will know Scarlet too.



Scarlet was an energetic beagle, running about and demanding things go the way she wanted, when she wanted...except when she was asleep ;). She had a special chair where she'd sit and watch the world go by in the window.  She walked and played in the backyard and the local park every day.  She got her favourite foods and had beds in every room.  We teach music to children in our home. They loved her so much too; she'd always be the first to run out and greet them as they arrived for their lessons...the students that have been by this week are very sad.


   It's funny we didn't tell you as many stories about her like we did with Huck.  I guess one of the biggest ones is how she came by the nickname "Mouse", and answered to that more than anything.  I think it was because when we first got her, she had the stitches in her nose and I just didn't have the heart to shout "Scar" as a short form for her name.


We're going to miss our little princess.  Thank you for introducing us to her.



John & Laura


To John and Laura, we are the ones grateful for you. Scarlet left this world knowing the very best of people because of you. Thank you for loving her beyond measure.

September 27, 2011:
Wee Little Pupdate on Scarlet from her Foster Mommy:
Reasons Why Scarlet is Hilarious:
1. She crawls under all the blankets on the bed, of her own free will, and then can't find her way out.
2. If she's excited when she comes in from outside, she takes a running start and leaps onto the back porch as if she is jumping a four foot fence. Imagine ears spread out like wings as she does this.
3. She looks at you expectantly, the way Bonnie Pearl does, but if you talk to her when she's doing it, you are instantly smothered with beagle kisses.
4. Her howl is priceless... I don't care what anyone says. It's just plain funny.
5. She has learned, from her brother Reese, how to "turn on the cute" and be somehow even more adorable when there is food involved.
6. Smallest... beag... ever!
September 6, 2011:
Scarlet just arrived all the way from Ohio this past week! Guessed at 10 years old, Scarlet was a stray who was rescued off the streets along with her younger one-eyed protector we ultimately named Cy. This senior sparkplug has made quite an impression on us. Aside from a booboo on her nose that's healing nicely and 6 teeth that needed yanking, she's in great health! She's now settling into her foster home for some much needed rest and relaxation. But we think she's highly adoptable! Just don't be mistaken...Scarlet may be a decade or so old, but she's got lots of pep in her step still! She LOVES walkies and giving kisses to anyone willing! So send her well wishes as she recuperates from her dental surgery and we'll keep you posted on her progress! In fact, we've asked her foster mommy for a pupdate in a week's time!