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August 25, 2011:

If you've visited our Home Page first, you'll know that we raised $2,200 in our TEN DOLLARS TO FILL COLLARS  Campaign! We are truly blessed to have such good friends and supporters in our corner! You're in Jakey's corner too and the contributions you've made couldn't have come at a better time for this dear little boy. Jakey's owner was an older man with too many dogs and not enough sense. He was asked to release Jake and at least one other dog from his care due to negligence and serious concern for their health and well-being. We thank the investigating officers of the Napanee shelter for coming to their rescue. Jake was skin and bones at the time he entered the shelter. He's still too thin, but we know this could be the result of more than neglect. Our vet has discovered a very serious heart murmur they're guessing at Gr. Level 6, the highest grade level. A cardiologist has now conducted their own examination of Jake including ultrasound and we are awaiting the results from our vet at this time. We're preparing for the worst but praying for better. Whatever the case, we're here for Jake and you made that possible. Thank you so very much for being an important part of this rescue.



August 16, 2011 eblast:

A while back, I bought a dozen Mod Dog collars for future beagles we rescue. This one is aptly named "Home is Where My Dog Is".
It's been a bit of a ritual from the start. You may notice we ask for donations of many things - previously loved doggy coats, beds, leashes. But we never ask for paw-me-down collars and that's because we decided it's the one thing we wanted to bestow upon our homeless howlers that's shiny and new and all their own. It's a personal expense I enjoy spending. Finding the cutest collars and imagining them on all the adorable beagles we save each year is part of the fun.
But having the means to fill these collars with beagles in need can be a challenge when our funding gets low. It's not that there are no beagles in need. There are always beagles in need. But we must be sure we've got the funding to fill their needs completely. Since Woofstock, we've been faced with some heavy hitting veterinary bills. With the shocking loss of 4 of our palliative care senior beagles (Becky in May and Nicky, Elizabeth & Clarky in July) along with Lukey's recent mystifying medical emergency, it's been enough to make our tails wilt. Lukey is doing better, by the way, but still on treatment and under close observation.
As for the yard sale up at my farm, it kinda tanked. I put on two yard sales and made less than $200. Maybe we're too far out from town with only the cows next door and they don't shop at yard sales. Perhaps we'll try setting up in the Town Square before summer is out but that'll mean you'll have to have an August meetup without me and I love our beagle meetups!
So for all these reasons, I'm clicking away at my keyboard on this blue sky day to tell you that we need your help. And the nice part is, it's painless! Thanks to just how many wonderful beagle-lovin' members we have in our BYOB Social Club, we can be back in the beagle rescue business in no time! That's important to us and to the sweet old fella pictured below. I think Jake would look pretty spiffy sporting the "Home is Where My Dog Is" collar just waiting to be filled...don't you think?
Here's how we can connect collar with beagle...
Introducing our First Annual TEN DOLLARS TO FILL COLLARS Tail-End of Summer Campaign!!!
We've got 229 BYOB members! If each member made a $10 donation through our Paypal Account, we'd raise $2,290 for newbies like Jake from Napanee! He's in a shelter there. He's about 10 years old. He's got little chance of adoption and space at this small town shelter is an issue. His days are numbered unless we come along and adorn him with one of our brand new welcome collars! We want to do that more than anything, but Jakey is gonna need veterinary care. He'll need a senior blood profile, neutering to protect him against prostate cancer, and dental surgery. His teeth are a bit nasty and nasty teeth can hurt. We don't want those teeth to hurt especially when he needs those choppers to gain some weight with the introduction of a tasty nutritional new diet to go with that spiffy new collar.
Please help us bring Jakey HOME by making your $10 donation TODAY!
If we can raise what we think we can raise in short order, we can bring Jakey home to us by next Monday!