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On March 21st, 2012, Chrissy's mommy and I said goodbye to this dear sweet girl. Sadly, Chrissy developed cancer and was no longer cheerfully enjoying life as she once had. I'll never forget Christmas...the dog not the occasion...because she was far brighter and far jollier and far more wonderful than a fleeting day in December. All my love and appreciation goes out to Carole for giving her such a loving home right until she tearfully said goodbye. What greater gift is there than a love like that?
Finally, our busy schedules got set aside! Foster Mom, Christmas and I came together for the Volunteer Recruitment Fair at Pawsway this weekend! While Foster Mom was helping me at our booth by promoting the wonderful world of fosterhood to passersby, we pulled out the adoption papers and signed away! Big Hugs to Carole for falling madly in love with her foster beagle, Christmas! But of course, how could she not fall in love?   (  ;
April 5, 2010: ADOPTION PENDING!
It happened again. Another unsuspecting foster parent has fallen in love! Foster Mom simply cannot part with Christmas. She wants her all year long, for many years to come! It all happened after Christmas had her surgery to remove the benign tumour on her rump. Nursing her back to health brought their hearts together more than ever. We couldn't be happier for them both!!!!
Feb 9, 2010: PUPDATE on Christmas from her Foster Mommy:
She greets each new day as if it were Christmas365 days a year!!!! She's certainly living up to her name, and bringing Christmas joy to the entire householdeven the cats are coming around and dont glare at me with resentment quite so often!!
Did someone say she was 10???? That news hasnt reached Christmas aka Chrissy yet! Her energy is abundant and shes not big on naps either. I think she's solar-powered! She loves her walks, but needs to brush up on the old leash manners. That's okay, were game to prove that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks!
Christmas hasnt yet met anyone she doesnt immediately adore! Shes great with most dogs though a bit timid around the larger-than-her breeds. Shes my fierce protector too, already showing her guard-dog side by howling mightily at anyone she doesn't know who dares approach the house!! Little do they know, her ammo is a bunch of kisses...
To sum it up, Christmas is pretty dog-gone perfect!!!!
Jan 25, 2010:
Your buddies at BIG ON BEAGLES just saved CHRISTMAS!!!
The beagle...not the holiday...
There she was. Unceremoniously dumped at a shelter in January. 10 years old. Severely overweight. Sporting a rather obvious lump on the bridge of her nose, not to mention a few others raising some concern. Her owners were moving. That was their excuse. The holidays were over. Christmas was over.
But here at BIG ON BEAGLES, we celebrate Christmas...ALL YEAR ROUND.
Thank you for making that possible.
We'll be pupdating you on Christmas shortly! So far, so good! Our vet ran a senior profile bloodwork and all is looking very good! We just have to wait on the results from the lumps - keep your paws crossed that she's okay. Because Christmas is just as her name sweet as plum pudding!!!