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Dear Friends,
Recently, I wrote to you about Truman. I'm sure he gained many fans thanks to that message, even if I didn't get the chance to take a better picture of him. Sadly, I never will. We lost Truman shortly after sending that message to all of you. Heaven just couldn't wait any longer.
We grieve for losing out on the chance to give Truman the love he deserved, but I've gotta believe he's in a much better place no matter how hard we try to make this place heavenly enough for the beagles we're here to save.
The Show really does go on even through the tears.
Meet Truman, The Star of His Show
We may be tuning in a little late in the show, but that's just the way things go sometimes. At least, we've got a chance to change the ending to this story.
In the last episode of The Truman Show, he found himself scooped safely off the streets by a friendly animal control officer who brought him back to a shelter where he enjoyed regular meals and a warm place to sleep.
Before that, who knows...But it couldn't have been good.
Truman's nails were so long they'd curled completely under, making it painful for him to walk. His teeth were and are a dentist's worst nightmare and his ears were packed with what seemed like years of neglected filth. Even after cleaning them out, the caring shelter staff could tell he's as deaf as a doornail.
Worst of all is his heart. Estimated at 12 years old, Tru was detected with a worrisome heart murmur with at least a grade level of 5 or 6 - the highest they go and the most serious.
There's no denying how late in the show it really is. But we're here now. We're here to make sure there's quality of content for our Truman. That's what matters most. No matter the quantity. We're going to make sure this show has a happy ending and we can do that because of you.
That's why we're dedicating The Truman Show to YOU.
We can never thank you enough for your support.
The Show WILL Go On for Truman