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 January 22, 2010:

Today, we lost our Briar. Heaven couldn't wait any longer to embrace him as we have been so fortunate to have done these last several months. It seems that a brain tumour might have been the cause, but no matter. We simply cannot stop what is meant to be. Our healing abilities only take us so far. There is a time for all of us. So what we must be grateful for is the time we were given to love Briar. We have a few people to thank for that. We have Elena who rescued him from a busy street corner before he set paw onto the road. We have the good folks at Toronto Animal Services who took him in and cared for him and called us when they knew he was too old to be of interest to the average adopter attending their adoption rooms. We have our long-time foster parents, Jim and Sharon, for speeding up their home renovation work in order to take him home with them as their newest foster beagle back in the spring. And we have Tina & Dave and their two lovely daughters, and their beagle, Zoey, for opening their door and hearts to Briar when Jim & Sharon left for Florida for the winter. It wasn't easy for Jim & Sharon to bid their Briar farewell but the love of this brand new foster family was so clear to them, they knew he'd be okay. And okay he was for the last few months - loved and spoiled and adored and happy. Who can ask for more than that?

May 7, 2009:    Very Happy Pupdate!

Briar scores an awesome foster home with long-time BOB foster volounteers, Jim & Sharon! Congratulations Briar and thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Jim & Sharon! This dynamic foster couple winter in Florida every year and only arrived back home in April when they were underway with some home renovations. But they expedited their renos to accommodate little Briar and we were, of course, overjoyed! Briar is settling in nicely and we'll be posting a pupdate from his foster family soon!

April 22, 2009: Still urgently looking for a foster family for Briar!!!
It was the Sunday before Easter when a little old beagle tried to cross the street at Warden & Eglinton. If you know that intersection, you know how unlikely his chances would have been making it across on his own safe and sound. But this little beagle had a guardian angel. A woman pulled him back to safety just in time.

Since then, the little old beagle has been charming the staff at the Scarborough pound. He couldn't have been taken to a better place. The caring staff always want the best for every animal that comes through their door. That's why they called us for this little boy. Although his health appears quite good, he's already neutered and he's as sweet as can be with people and other dogs, they carefully considered the age factor. At least 10 years old, this little guy deserves to find a home with longevity - owners/parents who will remain committed to his care for life, no matter what starts to fall apart a few years down the road. They figured we'd be the ones to ensure he gets all that and more.

So it started with a trip to the shelter on April 14th, a photo session with Mr. Beautiful and, on the drive home, the quiet contemplation of the perfect name. Suddenly, the story of Br'er Rabbit came to mind and there it was!

The next chapter is finding YOU...

Our foster homes are full but that's never stopped us before. Remember, where there's a Willamina, there's a way! So I'll just cuddle up with my beagles here and wait for the next miracle to happen! You never seem to run out of them for fortunate we are to have you!!

Your support makes it possible for us to bring life and love back to a deserving old beagle boy like Briar. Please keep it coming so we can keep coming to the rescue of our wonderful and inspirational rescue beagles!