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Thank You for visiting our beagles for adoption! A picture may speak a thousand words and a sad beagle tale might pull at your heartstrings do you know which beagle is the RIGHT beagle for YOU? By submitting an Adoption Application, of course! By filling out an application, we learn more about you and what beagle would suit you best! Keep in mind, too, that the beagles posted here are those lucky enough to land foster families with us. We hear about other beagles in need practically on a daily basis. Sadly, there are never enough foster homes to take them all in. So, even if you're not sure if you see the Beagle of Your Dreams posted on our site today, don't let it stop you from sending us your application! Perhaps, fostering a beagle in need interests you. If so, we welcome your completed Foster Application as much as we do receiving adoption inquiries! Whether you're looking to adopt, foster or simply learn more about our special work on behalf of homeless howlers, give us a HOWL today! We're always wagging our tails in anticipation of your heartfelt messages!!!


March 16, 2011:
Despite Harvey's winning smile and cuddly personality, he never got many nibbles for adoption. We know it can take time for the older dogs, but we were surprised not to find an adopter for Harvey. Of course, Harvey isn't upset in the least. He figures he's found his place in this world with his foster moms - two sisters who share him equally! We hope to have a pupdate from them soon!!! 
All About Harvey...
Pupdate as of January, 2009:

We shared a little post-howliday cheer with Harvey and his Foster Mommy this month! And what a polite and pleasant party guest he is!!!
With all the howliday bustle, we forgot to share Harvey's little story with all of you!
Our little gentleman was rescued by a rural animal shelter last fall. As scrumptious as he is, they were having little interest from the public. You see, Harvey is a seasoned beagle guessed at 10 years old, give or take a year. Most folks coming to the shelter are looking for young pups. But, oh, what they're missing! Harvey much prefers cuddling you than a silly toy! And he's got his house manners well figured out by now. He's the perfect addition to the family who appreciates that although he may be past his prime, he's oh so sublime!
November 14, 2008:
Three Cheers for Harvey Heartbreaker!
Harvey hasn't even unpacked his bags yet, so we'll need to get back to you on his story! In the meantime, send him well wishes!
Your support makes it possible for us to bring life and love back to homeless beagles like Harvey. Please keep it coming so we can keep coming to the rescue of our wonderful and inspirational rescue beagles!