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The BUZZ is growing with the Peanuts Gang down at BIG ON BEAGLES!!! We're gearing up for the 6th Annual K9 Rescue Me Walkathon at Woofstock on Sunday, June 14th! So stop sitting on your tail! Download YOUR pledge form from our Home Page TODAY and Walk for our Homeless Howlers!!!


June 9, 2009 - Today, we lost our dear little Vada. I refuse to say, after a courageous battle with Cushings. Vada was never at war with anything or anyone. Vada just wanted to have fun - on sunny days and rainy ones, it didn't matter the weather. She just wanted to  play with her housemates, especially Violet the beagle. Vada just wanted to be happy. And that's exactly what Vada was ---- happy. To Vada's foster mommies, Linda & Betty, we are forever grateful to you for bestowing that priceless gift of happiness on our Vada. Yes, she left us much too soon, but she left us knowing she was loved and that's all that matters in the end. Wherever you are now, Vada, we will never ever forget you. How could we?
 March 30, 2009 Pupdate:
Our poor Vada had an unfortunate relapse with her Cushing's Disease. Over the last few weeks, her symptoms had recurred which meant she needed another ACTH Stim Test to determine whether an increase in her meds is necessary. It turns out, it is. We've now had to increase to 2 pills a day and we'll need to re-check her levels in another week or so. It's an uphill battle sometimes when it comes to Cushing's. And the meds are costly. Please keep our little Vada in your thoughts right now. And if you can help towards her care, we are always grateful for the support. Every dollar truly makes  a difference to our homeless howlers.
January 5, 2009 - We haven't pupdated you on Vada for a while! Sorry about that, but the news remains the same. Vada is still a darling little princess and doing so well thanks to lifesaving medication and the love of a wonderful foster family. But make no mistake. Vada is always in our minds and hearts. She deserves to find a home of her very own. Right now, she shares her fabulous foster home with several other dogs which she doesn't mind in the least but wouldn't it be nice if she could be someone's princess again and maybe share the royalty with just one or two other furry subjects?!!! What about YOUR castle?!! Send us your adoption application TODAY!!
Pupdate as of July 26, 2008: Everybody send Vada well wishes for a speedy recovery! She doesn't know it, but she's getting spayed on Monday!

PUPDATE as of April 15, 2008:

Vada wants to thank everyone who came out to her special party at Urban Dog in March! She can't believe how many friends she has in all of you! Anyway, she wants you to know she's doing wonderfully! She loves her Foster Mommies and animal friends she has at home. Life is BEAUTIFUL for Vada! We've also established the right dosage for her Cushing's treatment so all is going well on that front. Soon, we will have her spayed and she'll be ready for her Forever Home! Until we pupdate you again, Vada sends her love!!
Jan. 19, 2008: A little Princess finds her way into our arms...
It's time to share Vada's story with you!
It all started with a phone call from our friends at the Niagara Falls Humane Society just before Christmas. They wanted to know if we had room for a very sweet beagle girl. She had been surrendered by her elderly owner who gave the reason that her own health was bad and she could no longer care for her dog. Back then, Vada went by the name "Princess". But that was the old days. And being so young (she's only 3) and adventurous, our newest rescue beagle took to her new name with a carefree wag of her tail!
But I'm getting ahead of the story. There were a couple problems at the beginning. Vada, formerly knows as Princess, was sporting a huge belly which could either mean she was expecting...or she was ill. And although the shelter's vet took x-rays, they couldn't say, for certain, she wasn't pregnant.
So that was our first problem. Taking in a pregnant dog requires extensive resources and an experienced foster home. Which leads me to our next problem --- No Vacancy. Our foster homes were completely full. It was also the exact same time we committed to St. Nicholas from the Georgina Pound. His was a dire emergency given his health issues.
But, once again, we were torn. The way the shelter manager carried on about Vada. She was special. She was happy despite being in a shelter. She loved everyone - dogs, cats, parrots and people! She loved life and the last thing the dedicated staff wanted to do was end that life. So, we made a deal. They would hold on to little Vada until after Christmas and we would search for yet another miracle in the meantime.
After the holidays, we reconnected with the Niagara Falls shelter. Vada still looked like she ate a beach ball. Given the time that had gone by, we could pretty much rule out puppies. Something was very wrong with Vada. The shelter only has so much in their budget for vetting and what Vada needed, they couldn't afford - nor could they place her in adoption with unknown health problems. Her only chance was us.
We seem to be blessed with miracles these days because the perfect foster home came along just in time! Our thanks go out to Vada's new foster mommies, Linda and Betty!
Linda is a veterinary technician and old friend who just happend to give me a call and declare that she would very much like to foster for us if we should need her! Well, Linda, we sure needed you and so did Vada!
To make a long tail short, after multiple tests at our vet in the Beach, Vada has been diagnosed with Cushing's. We were all very saddened by this news. At only 3 years old, she's very young to be burdened with such a disease. But we've got to look at the bright side, like Vada always seems to do. With treatment, the condition can be controlled and she can lead a long and happy life. But she'll need to be on that treatment for her entire life. And the treatment (pills imported from the UK) does not come cheap.
So far, our veterinary costs have come to $1,000. That includes the multiple tests and 6 months' worth of the meds to get her started on the road to recovery. Once her condition is under control, the costs will be about $100/month. Will she be adoptable? We think so! When you meet Vada, you'll see why.
Vada is indeed a little Princess that deserves nothing but the best care, not to mention her own golden palace and the love and attention of many royal subjects!
Will you count yourself in as one of her royal subjects?
When it comes to a donation from you, it doesn't matter the amount. What matters is that you give what you can...for the love of this precious breed. Vada deserves a fairytale happy ending fit for a princess and, TOGETHER, I know we can make it happen!
On behalf of Vada, thank you for your friendship and for your support!
This is what matters to us...being here for dogs like Vada...