Little Tony Soprano!

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July 18, 2022

Friday was an emotional day.


Just as we were learning about Sadie's devastating medical emergency which sadly lead to her loss that very afternoon, we received a call from our friends at Toronto Animal Services…


Could we take in a 3 month old blind beagle puppy?


His story is yet another heartbreaker brought on by the worst side of human beings.


He was purchased through Kijiji. The purchaser knew very little about puppies, or beagles for that matter. They went on-line to look up the breed and they noticed something was different with their purchase. His eyes didn't look like the bright lively eyes of the beagle puppies on the internet. Suddenly, they clued in.


The puppy they just bought off Kijiji was BLIND.


And so, they contacted the seller to complain about the defective product.

But the seller made it very clear --- No Refunds. No Returns.


And this is when the buyer actually did the right thing, at least for the little puppy. They went to their local shelter and surrendered their mistake. But this little puppy is no mistake in our eyes. He's perfect. And of course he needed the perfect name. Given the fact he possesses the high octave, ear piercing range of a soprano opera singer (a puppy's dog-given right on occasion) and the Bravado of a Disorganized Crime Leader (24-7), it made PERFECT sense.


Little Tony Soprano!


The fur is flying when it comes to Little Tony right now so give us time to sort out the first rescued puppy we've had in our program for a very long time. We're pretty rusty when it comes to puppies. We're quickly learning that it takes a Village to raise a puppy, especially a puppy as special as Little Tony Soprano.