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July 17, 2022

Today marks the end of a very emotional week. There is so much to tell you.

But this comes first. The most difficult news.


On Friday, little Sadie suffered a grand mal seizure. She was rushed to hospital by her frantic foster daddy who called us straight away.

Our hearts froze. We were instantly transported back to Victoria Day when we lost Neal.


Like Neal, the vet suspected a brain tumour.

There was no bringing Sadie back to the quality of life she had just before this tragic moment in time.

And so, with her foster family surrounding her with all the love in their hearts, Sadie left us too.


But we're trying to focus on her last dance with us. Not the goodbye.


After all, they always save the best dance for last and we were lucky to have that dance with Sadie.

We may be alone on the dance floor now but we remember that last dance…

We remember Sadie whirling around her big backyard, tail in the air, sun lighting up her face.


Despite all the health challenges we were working through with her powerhouse team of vets, she was HAPPY.


We owe that to her Forever Foster Family - Mark, Kelly and Daisy - who would have danced a Marathon for her.

And we owe it to all of YOU who dance right along with us every time, and who clap us on when we don't think we can keep moving our feet.



Less than 3 months.

We wanted that dance to last so much longer.

But it's not about the length, is it?

It's the DANCE.

It's always the dance and what a dance it was.

May 26, 2022:

I'm old enough to remember Sadie Hawkins Dances from my high school days.

Just barely, mind you.

The Disco Era was cutting in.

But I remember the concept.

Poor Sadie Hawkins.

Forever the butt of the joke.


Not THIS Sadie though!

Nobody is gonna put you in a corner.

We all want to dance with you.

Because losing your partner at 15 years old is heartbreaking.


That's why we're here. Standing right in front of you. Hand stretched out. Hearts all a flutter.

Can we have this dance, Sadie?

After all, they always save the best for last.



Love makes us do crazy things.

Only 2 days away from our 7th Annual BEAGLE WIGGLE WALK at Slobberfest and we're halting preparations to save Sadie.


But what's more important than that, right?


Please, if you haven't made a donation towards our first REAL event after two very challenging years, please make it now.

Big or small.

For Sadie, in memory of our Neal, for ALL the beagles on our dance floor and those yet to arrive.


Our pie-in-the-sky goal was to surpass the incredible success of our virtual Walk last year when we raised a heart-stomping $12K!!!


So far, we haven't quite reached $4K.

Please know, we are extremely grateful for this support thus far.

We truly understand these are hard times, but we must admit we're worried about keeping the music playing here at the beagle repair shop and we all know music has the power to heal the soul.


Sadie will need more vetting. With a Grade 3 heart murmur, we may need to do a full cardio workup including ultrasound. And don't forget those all important medications for joint comfort and mobility. And preventatives for the nasties, i.e. ticks and fleas, oh my.

Whatever Sadie needs, she will get, along with all the other dance hall beagles in our ever growing family.


It would really mean the world to us if we came home tonight from our Road Trip Rescue to a CRESCENDO of new pledges for our Walkers and maybe even a few more Walkers to join us this Saturday!!!


We won't be just WIGGLING up the Boardwalk, we'll be DANCING IN THE STREET!!!