Figgy Figgy Budd Budd!

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 e-blast dated March 16, 2023:

This is the hardest part.

Coming to the realization that we can no longer fix a beagle we’ve come to love so much.


There is nothing we wouldn’t do for a dear old beagle like Figgy Figgy Budd Budd.

Diapers when he needed diapers.

Bathroom breaks in the wee small hours so those diapers would stay dry, at least to the best of our ability.

Food trials to figure out what he loved best.

Complicated Pill Scheduling courtesy of his devoted Nurse Ellen.


Anything for Figgy. Anything for love.


Over the last 14 months, Figgy knew love like never before.

I know this from all the pics Ellen and Wayne would send me.

All the silly little stories about this silly old boy who stole their hearts one precious memory-filled day at a time. 


Every story of his newfound happiness filled me with gratitude and a continued sense of purpose.

Gratitude for the incredible friends we’ve made.

The foster parents we cherish - heart and soul.


Figgy stories. There are many, but a couple stand out for the girl behind the curtain.

The Saturday afternoon Figgy decided to help dad with the yard work.

A picture of Figgy looking over daddy's shoulder with such keen interest. It warmed my heart. He thought himself quite the Handy-Dog that day. Never mind the fact his idea of helping was taking a well-earned nap in the garage amongst the garden tools.


Or the time he swallowed a bug at the cottage and it got stuck on his tongue causing Ellen to go to dark places like…what if he swallowed that demonic bug and it grew into a sharp-toothed alien that exploded out of Fig’s tummy?!

That didn’t happen of course and once the bug disappeared, His Majesty was no worse for wear, resuming his Royal perch on the Muskoka chair to oversee his cottage kingdom like the King of all Kings! A king not at all afraid of a lowly bug.

All hail, Figgy! Another bullet dodged!


But sadly, there's no more dodging now.

The wheel chairs so kindly sent along for Figgy to try from our friends at Sheba’s Haven didn’t work.

His front legs have become almost as weak as his hind legs. It was our last ditch effort.

He can no longer hold himself up.

His health and mobility rapidly deteriorating, we know what we must do out of love.

He can't be a dog anymore let alone a proud king. He's struggling and he's so very tired of struggling.


But it never feels like love to end a life we’ve worked so hard to save.

And yet it is love.

It's love in its truest form.


We don’t own these precious souls.

We've simply been given the honour to share time with them no matter how long or how short that time may be.


We are better because of it.


And Figgy? Well Figgy is leaving this world celebrating the love he so dearly deserved even if it came late in his story.


But I have a hunch this is not where the story ends for Fig. His adventurous spirit would never allow it.

Not for a minute.

He’s too TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS for the story to end now.


Please light a candle in celebration of Figgy tonight and in solidarity with the family who will always love him.

January 26, 2022

More good news to share on this FRIGID day and it’s sure to WARM your heart!!!
Figgy Figgy Budd Budd…we love you!
We’re still waiting on his EKG results but the rest of the results from last week’s preliminary work up at our vets have come back and the news is encouraging! A course of antibiotics are helping to provide Fig some comfort for his mouth until we’re hopefully able to tackle those nasty teeth. The antibiotics are also helping to resolve a urinary tract infection. Best of all, Figgy’s heart rate appears to be slowing down thanks to the heart medication. So we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief and focus on a proper diet and his daily beloved walkies! Although he might skip today’s walk and play with all of brother Drakey’s toys instead, followed by cuddles and nappies and just looking ridiculous cute in general. ❤️

Stay WARM everybody! 

January 13, 2022:
Does anybody remember Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
Well…we’re about to welcome OUR version to the BOB family! Only difference is ours isn’t an old car with a musical honk that can fly sometimes. Ours is a 15 year old beagle that survived a life of neglect that we HOPE will have a musical snore when he’s tucked in lovingly by his foster family and who will learn to fly with the power of unconditional LOVE!
Ladies & Gents…it is our privilege and honour to present (drum roll please)…
BIG THANKS to the folks at the Animal Welfare Services government division for saving him first and providing such excellent health care, especially for his heart condition, and to the good folks at Windsor-Essex Humane Society for providing his boarding while his cruelty/neglect case was being worked through and once it was, for reaching out to us to give him the life he deserves, even if it is just for a short while. Our thanks to the incredible folks at Critter Cabs Rescue Transport for adding our Figgy to their roster at the last minute! He’s on his way now! First leg! Driver says he prefers to ride shotgun so his wife has been demoted to the backseat! See Figgy? You’re already Royalty!!!
And finally, our thanks to Ellen and Wayne for opening their hearts and home to our first rescue of 2022! Our Figgy Pudding! Our Fig Newton! Our Figgy Stardust! Our Figgy Figgy Budd Budd! (Oh the nicknames you’ll have courtesy of your foster parents who we know will have you soaring in no time!