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December 15, 2021 eblast:
 Every Time a Homeless Dog Sings

A Rescue Angel Gets their Wings



So Many to Thank for George Bayley…



God Bless the Good People of the SPCA de L'outaouais for working with Rescue Groups like ours to save the "Unadoptables".


God Bless the Good People at Sit With Me Rescue for reaching out to us about yet another Quebec beagle in need.


God Bless the Volunteers at Critter Cabs: Animal Rescue Transports for safely driving yet another beagle all the way from Quebec and straight into our outstretched arms.


God Bless our vets at Carter Veterinary Hospital for squeezing us in on a fully booked day…all for the love of what we do!


And God Bless YOU for supporting our work as much as you do so that we can provide George Bayley with the very best medical care.


And then there's the LOVE because Lord knows that's medicine too…


God Bless Foster Mom, Kathy, for opening her wounded heart back up again so soon after the loss of Madison in October.

When George saw Kathy walking towards him this afternoon, he ran straight into her arms.



Finally…God Bless George Bayley

We can't wait to hear you SING!





There will be some challenges ahead for George medically.

Our vet's preliminary assessment this afternoon included xrays. It's likely George has a torn cruciate ligament that will need repair. He also is in dire need of dental surgery. When all was said and done today, his initial vetting including bloodwork and tick preventative and something for the pain in his leg came to over $1,000 and that's just the beginning of George's road to recovery.


There are no words to fully express how grateful we are for your support each time we rescue a beagle, but we hope you know that you truly make a world of difference for each one of them no matter the size of your gift.


THANK YOU for helping us show George...It's a Wonderful Life