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eblast on December 2, 2021:


If we just had more time, Harriet, oh the joy we could have given you.

If we just had more time, Harriet, oh the wags you would have wagged.

If we just had more time, Harriet, you would have finally believed it…


That you were LOVED. That you will always be LOVED.


If we just had more time, Harriet, I know we could have convinced you.



It is with such incredible sadness that we share the loss of Harriet as of 5pm today.

Lord knows we tried. We just couldn't fix her.

But we're going to remember the magical moments over the last 7 months. That glimmer of hope in those haunted eyes. A glimpse into a fairytale future we were not able to reach. But there still were moments. And those moments are all thanks to her beautiful Foster Family ~ Mark, Kelly and Daisy. They would have gone to the ends of the earth for Harriet.



Please light a candle for our Harriet tonight. And please whisper to her that she was LOVED and always will be.   




excerpt from April 10, 2021 eblast:




We got this message from our friends at the Oakville-Milton Humane Society on Wednesday…

(***Big HOWL-OUT to this shelter --- they always provide so much veterinary care in advance. We are especially grateful to them right now given all  we're facing with the other BOBBERS.)


Hi Marna,


I hope you are well and navigating this pandemic safely.  

I am reaching out about a senior girl that came into the Shelter and was not claimed. She is a sweetheart but has some medical issues.  Her kidney values are off so we have her on a k/d diet and some fortekor. She has a grade 3-4 heart murmur. She likely was never spayed and has a small umbilical hernia.   She had an ear infection and uti but those have been treated.

So, it is looking like she is likely palliative, but she is very sweet and we would love to see her live out what remaining time she has in a home with good care.

Do you think she is a possibility for your program?  She does have a cardiac ultrasound in May (the earliest they could see her).

Let me know your thoughts. 

Thank you, Andrea



Of course, we've got room for Harriet!