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eblast dated March 30, 2021:


Yesterday at 5pm, we said goodbye to Harlow.

Harlow and his adorable, graying widow's peak.

Harlow and his scars from a past we cannot fathom.


Our vets suspected a debilitating form of Dementia or possibly even a Brain Tumour. He was becoming increasingly agitated.


Oh the Joy he first felt when he set paws on the sprawling property at the Haven last summer - his ears lifting in the breeze, a smile breaking through the uncertainty as he chased sun and butterflies and felt that JOY - the kind that makes you forget everything bad that came before it.


But over the last while, all that beautiful joy was gradually disappearing.


There is nothing more heartbreaking for us than the moment we realize that we can no longer bring joy to a beagle that deserves nothing less.


It's now the day after we said goodbye to Harlow. The sky is blue. The sun is shining. He would have loved today.

But all we can do is remember Harlow's joy for that short time he was able to live within it. Those memories are what we cling to now.


All our thanks to Catherine and Bill at Sheba's Haven for giving Harlow their never-ending love,

especially when it was needed the most - at 5pm yesterday afternoon.


Please remember Harlow along with us by lighting a candle in his memory at 5pm today. 





August 1, 2020 eblast:



Once upon a time, there was a beagle named Harlow. He had dark, sparkly eyes and thick, wavy fur like Gene Harlow's hair in the 1930s! Very dashing was Harlow.


But despite his timeless beauty, Harlow lived the first 14 years of his life in the shadows. Not every detail is known about those gloomy days but what IS known is not at all fitting for a beagle that would be Prince.


The consquences of the past can be seen in the many scars he now bears. Some can heal, others cannot.


Overgrown nails practically imbedded in his skin, long-neglected sores from an untreated skin condition, a rather nasty ear infection and even nastier urinary tract infection  - those are things that can be fixed.


But the many scars from brutal attacks brought on by dogs in the household much bigger and much fiercer than him will always be there, a constant reminder of the past. And Lord knows how he got the peculiar indent on the top of his head. But somehow, that lopsided kewpy doll look makes him all the more adorable.


There are other unseen scars no doubt that may never fully heal. The kind that come from a lifetime of neglect, one devoid of love, good care, and all the things that go with a well spoiled dog. The things beloved pets like ours take for granted - like daily walks with tails held high and noses to the ground, tasty meals morning and night in clean bowls, fluffy dog beds to curl up on at night, and the freedom to go outdoors whenever nature calls.


But on July 29th of this very strange year for us humans, something very wonderful happened for this beagle.


That was the day Harlow became Prince!


How did he go from wallowing in the shadows to bathing in glittery golden light, you might ask?



YOU made him Prince!

You made his Happily Ever After possible!


And how can he ever thank you for moving him from dungeon to gilded castle, with every wish he could wish for granted and all the kisses his heart desires?


If I know you like I think I do, this picture of the newly crowned Prince Harlow is all the thanks you need…


*Special thanks to Daniel Pazder, Inspector - Animal Welfare Services, Ministry of the Solicitor General for rescuing him first, Toni Redfern & the friendly Staff at Peterborough Humane Society for providing his temporary B & B lodgings, and to the equally friendly Staff at Omemee Veterinary Hospital for his high quality medical care!


Last but never least, to Catherine & Bill of Sheba's Haven for opening their hearts and home to Prince Harlow for as long as his royal heart desires!