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July 24, 2022



On Thursday, while the fur was flying at my house with the strategic placement of puppy pee pads, paper towels, and bells on my boots for the 3 month old blind beagle puppy that has turned my world upside down…and while heartlifting pics were streaming in and filling us with delight of BOB beagles on summer vacation --- BOB Grad Ruby Tuesday Dream Feather boating the lake at her cottage, ears floating in the breeze and Molly (formerly known as Lollie) celebrating her 11th Anniversary with her mom and without a single trace of fear on her happy face, and a recovering forever foster Velvet dreamily breathing in the salty ocean air on her East Coast trip (all to be shared with you soon on our FB page)…



While all this liveliness was taking place, the life of a very special beagle with the most adorable oversized pudgy paws was coming to an end.


How can it be, while life is bustling all around us, that a life once as vibrant as those others can end?

It feels as though all the world should stop and take notice.

Rest assured, we have at BOB.

As we know you will too, in support of her incredible family - Lori, Bernard and beagle sister Lucy - who were Portia's beautiful world for the last 3 years from foster to forever.


We believe with all our hearts that's when our chunky little senior beagle (formerly Connie) truly began her life. The moment she slammed into this beagle repair shop like a wrecking ball with a tail back in August of 2019 after being abandoned and finding her way to the good folks at Toronto Animal Services.


She never looked back.


A proud repeat candidate of our BADDEST BEAGLE IN THE UNIVERSE Contest…oh, the shenanigans she got into!

Mom kept a long list of her crimes and misdemeanours --- a shameless table dancer, relentless counter cruiser, avid closet crusader, and (heaven forbid) consumer of a box of chocolates one Christmas when she landed in hospital! Thank the stars above she lived to commit many more crimes (never again involving chocolate, of course).


And all those serious health problems she couldn't quite shake despite countless trips to the vet? Portia had no time for self pity. She was too busy Living the Dream, baby! Thanks to a family who adored every inch of her, no matter how many cleanups there were along the way. They kinda liked following her paths of destruction. Never a dull moment with their Portia.


Tonight, when all the world is still and quiet, let's light a candle for Portia who lit it up with her sparkling presence for a precious while before venturing forth to wreak havoc and sparkle on the next one just beyond our sight.


We won't forget you, Portia. No way we ever could.



Jan 17, 2020 - after a very scary trip to the Emergency Hospital over Christmas after getting into a box of chocolates, we are happy to say Connie is doing fairly well! But we are still sorting out her Lyme Disease as her numbers are still higher than they should be. Please keep her in your thoughts!

August 22, 2019:


Introducing one of the cutest chubby bunnies EVER...Connie!


Yesterday, we gathered up this adorable little bundle of love from our friends at Toronto Animal Services.  She'd arrived as a stray which is always so puzzling. She can barely walk from the shelter door to the parking lot, much less run away from home. But alas, her story is unknown. What we do know is that our chubby bunny needs to lose some rolls. A trip to our vets also revealed that Connie is Lyme Disease positive. But none of this is gonna get our sweet girl down. She's an optimist. The tail never stops wagging. We'll get her sorted out with a little time and a whole lot of love. And as for her story? It starts NOW and it's a happy one!