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May 2, 2021 eblast:

2 years ago, Bella-Moon arrived at our Repair Shop. We didn't have much hope repairing her though. She was senior, with a multitude of health problems. But we had more than just the best veterinary care at our disposal. We had Cindy. Bella's forever foster mommy who has loved Bella with every fiber of her being. It didn't matter the challenges of loving a dog like Bella --- the wall to wall pee pads that eventually covered her livingroom, the difficulty achieving eye contact and connecting with Bella like we all love and fully expect to do with our beloved pets. Bella was different from the start. So hard to reach. But Cindy saw the beauty within this distant moon and she was determined to reach her somehow. Cindy has loved Bella without conditions or demands. And Bella has known more love in the last 2 years than she ever could have imagined after being abandoned in a shelter. And I'm so happy to tell you that Cindy did indeed reach Bella. There were moments. Such beautiful moments shared.


We've sadly come to the end of this fairytale.


Yesterday at 3:30pm, Cindy said goodbye to her love as she has for all the loves that came before her. I know she smiled bravely through her tears for Bella. And I know Bella gathered up all that love as she set her course for the next destination wherever that place of mystery may be.


We lit a candle for Bella yesterday, and for Cindy - the love of Bella's life. But we're certain Bella had no trouble finding her way. Like the brightest moon in a sky full of stars, she illuminated the night.



So much love and thanks go out to Dr. Koszti and the rest of the fabulous team at Beaches Animal Hospital for providing such excellent veterinary care to our Bella these last two years. We also thank YOU, our steadfast supporters, for making this beautiful time for Bella to share with Cindy possible in the first place.


But above all else, we thank Cindy for giving her heart and soul to these dogs again and again no matter how much it hurts in the end.


Our foster parents...we would be nothing without them.

Jan 17, 2020  Our sweet Bella-Moon has been diagnosed with Cushings. She may also have a protein-losing condition known as PLN. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as we sort out her treatment plan.

March 20, 2019 eblast "Saved by the Bella!":


Two weeks ago, we got a call from the Durham Humane Society in Whitby. They might sound familiar to you.

That's where we picked up little Velvet just days before Christmas! That was a happy day.


This time around, it was just a preliminary visit to meet an old, very sick little beagle named Lilo. She might sound familiar too. News about Lilo spread like wildfire on social media. She'd been replaced by a puppy and unceremoniously dumped at the shelter by her family. Heartbreaking enough but much moreso due to the fact she was mostly blind, deaf, and prone to pacing in circles. She fit our criteria of course and we were prepared to take her on the spot, but this is a shelter like no other. They wanted to help with her medical as much as possible. They had her in to see a vet followed by an assessment with a neurologist in Toronto. All the while, they placed her in a loving temporary foster home through the shelter. They tried a treatment plan for a week as recommended by the specialist but there was sadly no improvement. Lilo likely had a serious medical issue, perhaps a brain tumour. There was no quality of life left to offer her.

They had to make a very difficult decision. We support them with all our hearts.


But there is a happy side story here.

That same day we met Lilo, the staff asked us if we'd like to meet another senior beagle girl guessed at 8 to 10-years-old, who had arrived earlier that day. Her story was just as sad. A well-meaning young family rescued her from someone else who had posted her for sale on Kijiji. One look at her and this family knew they had to take her if only to save her from whatever life she was enduring up until then. She was in terrible shape. Her dull, unhealthy-looking coat was matted and smelly. Her nails were long and her ears were filthy. She seemed to be in pain when she moved. They took her without hesitation. Sadly, her new life with this family was short-lived. One of their children quickly developed an allergy to her and that's how she found herself at the shelter…alongside Lilo.


The family had provided some veterinary care for her in that short time she was in their care, including putting her on medication for significant arthritis in her hip, but she still badly needed a dentistry. Once again, this shelter went above and beyond the call of duty.

Her mouth is now rid of the painful rotting teeth that had been causing her so much discomfort.



It's time she found some stability in her life and a whole lot of love.

And while all our hearts are broken over Lilo, you might say our hearts are now saved by this other little girl…


Introducing Bella-Moon!

Welcome to the First Day of Spring, little one. We can't wait to watch you bloom.



Big thanks to the wonderful staff at the Humane Society of Durham Region for going to the moon and back for Bella-Moon…