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Elvis became a permanent member of his foster family at our BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH in November 2019!!! We're so happy for him and for his wonderful family!

May 4, 2018


Elvis has left the building!!! We brought Elvis HOME to us today! He's had his vet work done and is now enjoying a little down-time in the country at Sheba's Haven until we can find him a more long-term spot! Stay tuned!

*excerpt from May 1, 2018 eblast:



He's in the care of our friends at Toronto Animal Services.




They named him Elvis and Elvis really needs to leave the building!




Here's the message we got from his caregivers at the shelter…




Hi guys; we have an older beagle (about 10 years old) we have named elvis who is looking for a rescue placement. He is a typical beagle guy; happy go lucky, friendly, very easy going and gets along with others and enjoys following a good smell!!


He is super stressed here at the shelter and is a non stop barker when he is in his kennel alone ��   We put him out with other dogs here and he couldn't care less, just went about doing his own little beagle thing. When he's in his element, he doesn't bark or stress.


Thus far, we have done full blood and we had a little lump removed from his eyelid. ( That's why he looks a little squinty/watery eyes in the pictures)


If you're interested in more info and may have a spot for this gem please let us know!




One of our members of the BOB team is meeting Elvis right now actually. She says he's a little Love-Bug and generous with the kisses! But with the other two arriving shortly and no foster homes yet confirmed for any of these deserving beagles, Elvis must stay in the building just as Flavio must do. Both dogs are dearly loved by the staff at both shelters so they are safe. The girls, on the other hand, were at higher risk in over-crowded smaller shelter circumstances so it came down to taking our own risk to save them.