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September 20, 2018:


Poor Sylvia and poor us! This summer, Sylvia suddenly was unable to walk. It was devastating for her foster family who would do anything for their dogs. Without hesitation, we brought Sylvia to a trusted and amazing vet, Dr. Malik, who is also treating our Fenn! Sylvia has spent the last few weeks in Dr. Malik's emergency hospital in Newmarket for a ruptured disk. We were fearful she would not regain mobility but slowly, she's getting back on her feet thanks to Dr. Malik and his amazing team! Of course, despite all the cost cutting this wonderful vet did for us, we are severely depleted of funding. This year has been one of the worst ever for costly medical interventions. Please consider a donation to help us keep our doors open for beagles just like Sylvia. 


Dec 19, 2017 eblast:


There's nothing quite like a Christmas Miracle.


Meet Sylvia.


A few weeks ago, Sylvia was taken to a shelter up north. Her owner has Alzheimer's. She'd been severely neglected as a result. Her nails were so long, they'd curled under.


But worst of all, Sylvia can barely move without a struggle. She's not been on walks for a very long time and she's been overfed to the point of obesity. Her teeth are in terrible shape too. We can only imagine what she's been fed. But despite it all, Sylvia has this joy about her. It only takes someone speaking to her kindly or bending down to pat her head and that inexplicable joy gets her wiggling from nose to tail.


And it was that joy that made the caregiver for the owner finally step in, out of mounting concern for a dog that deserved to have something to truly be joyous about. The local shelter intervened and the family surrendered Sylvia to its care.


It was the right thing to do.


Still, the caregiver was both heartbroken and worried. What would happen now? Who would want Sylvia? Who would see beyond the weight and the rotting teeth and the poor coat and understand how much she has to offer? Who would see to it that she is gradually transformed into the dog she's meant to be?


At roughly 10 years old and in the shape she's in, who would love her?




We would.


After all, perfection is boring.




Please join us in welcoming Beautiful Sylvia to our Family!


And please join us in thanking the good folks at this shelter for working so generously with us on behalf of Sylvia!


Most of all…please join us in thanking our long-time foster parents, Leanne & Guy, for opening their hearts and home to this very special joy-filled beagle…just in time for Christmas!




From our Family (including Sylvia!) to Yours…


Happy HOWLidays