Mistletoe Moe!

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Jan 7, 2020

On January 2nd, forever foster mom Beth shared one final kiss with Mistletoe Moe.


3 years ago, just before Christmas, this charming older boy with worn down teeth, various lumps & bumps, and a Gr. 3 heart murmur showed up at Toronto Animal Services…without a past and without a name.


Everyone knows Christmas is a time of Miracles.

That Christmas, the miracle was this boy that we named Mistletoe Moe!

We gathered him up just in time to follow tradition by sharing a kiss with him under the Mistletoe!

Well, as I recall, there was no actual Mistletoe other than Moe himself and he was really all that was needed anyway.


For the last 3 years Moe has been kissed a million times, at Christmas and every day in between. We have Beth to thank for that. When she retired from teaching physical education and moved up north to her cottage year round, Moe was right there by her side, reaping the benefits of full time attention, love and slow-paced nature walks followed by lovely naps on the couch.


This is what we must remember.

Because of Beth, because of you, because of all our love combined, Moe's life didn't end 3 years ago.

It BEGAN and oh, what a life it was!



eblast dated Dec 9, 2016:


Still a little dopey post-op, but Mistletoe Moe is going HOME tonight!

He doesn't know it yet, but there will be gifts under the tree for him this Christmas!


The newest member of our BOB family met with a cardiologist earlier this week and they determined him to have Mitral Valve Disease but thankfully, he's showing no clinical signs of decline so we were able to proceed with his surgery. Poor Moe had 6 impacted, decaying teeth pulled and 3 masses removed which have been sent off for biopsies. Needless to say, he's one pooped pooch! So Tonight, he's just gonna cuddle on the couch and watch a Christmas classic with his foster mommy! I'm guessing they choose…"It's a Wonderful Life!"


Moe wants to thank you for EVERYTHING, starting with this moment captured here.


From our Family (including Moe!) to Yours…

Happy HOWLidays

eblast dated Dec 3, 2016:


While we were contemplating Mickey's balloon surgery in the New Year, we received this email from our friends at Toronto Animal Services…




"So we've got this stray older beagle…all of his teeth are worn down to the gums and he has some old dog changes to his eyes. He also has some lumps and bumps, 2 of which our vet suspects are lipomas but there are other smaller masses around his eyes. He has at least a grade 3 heart murmur, but is not symptomatic at this time (no hacking/coughing).

As far as his personality goes, he is happy and friendly, good with other dogs!

What do you think?"


We think he needed a name!


Introducing Moe…Mistletoe Moe!