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October 25, 2021:

It is with aching hearts that we announce the passing of Palliative Care Foster Beagle "Madison" (aka Matilda aka Mattie).


It happened quite unexpectedly yesterday morning, just hours before our Halloween Meetup. She'd been struggling with a multitude of health issues.

But Mattie was howl bent on attending the Meetup, the first in-person meetup since the Pandemic broke out. She and her devoted Foster Mom, Kathy, were looking forward to it. We've all been looking forward to it.


Yesterday morning was a very difficult one for the BOB Family. Every single beagle we rescue becomes a permanent a part of us, whether they remain with us for life or they move joyfully onto Forever Adoptive Families of their own. They never stray from our hearts.


But the Show Must Go On, as they say, so we put smiles on our faces and headed to Thomson Park for the sake of all our members, friends, supporters, and especially for all the beagles that had been anxiously waiting for that moment.


We may have entered the park with broken hearts yesterday but that's not at all how we left it.


The joy on everyone's face changed everything. Reuniting with old friends. Meeting new ones.

And those crazy beagles of ours.

How do we even begin to describe the beagles?

Some were in adorable costumes. Some were halfway in adorable costumes, doing their very best to tolerate their owners as they frantically tried to prepare them for the Costume Contest.

While others (the rebels of the crowd) were naked as the day they were born, refusing to comply, nothing more than a blur of fur as they darted past us, howling all the way in hot pursuit of the beagle in front of them.


And just like that, our spirits were lifted.


I'd like to think Mattie had something to do with it all. It would be just like her to make such magic happen.

The first thing Mattie did when she waltzed her way into her Forever Foster Home when we took her in from the animal shelter back in the summer of 2016?

Well, didn't she just march right up to Kathy's cat, Mr. Blue, and plant a big fat kiss on his unsuspecting face! They were thick as thieves from that moment on.


That was Mattie. Pure Love. No hesitation. Always up for a tailwag…and a kiss.


I'd also like to think that she's been reunited with Kathy's beagle, Joey, up there in heaven. He once won First Prize for Best Howler at one of our events. Anybody who knew Joey wouldn't be surprised about that. And everybody knew Joey.

I'm guessing she HEARD Joey at the gates of Heaven well before she saw him.



Please light a candle for our Waltzing Matilda…

And for her Foster Mom, Kathy, who was there for her precious Mattie every dance step of the way. 

 June 14, 2016 eblast:





Oops…we did it again!


We welcomed another beagle to our Beagle Repair Shop!


The timing isn't so good to take on more right now. What else is new? Although we did raise a fair amount of funding at WOOFSTOCK and SLOBBERFEST, that funding has already been spent (stay tuned for an update on Blind Joey coming next).


But that's how the beagle biscuit crumbles. We take on the expensive cases, as you know. Money comes and money goes, but we keep going.

Thanks to all of YOU.


So we took a chance at the highschool dance. We held out our hand to little Madison. How could we say "No" to that face?


We heard about Madison at WOOFSTOCK when our friends from Toronto Animal Services approached us there.


"We've got another beagle for you!" they exclaimed.

"Ugh!" we exclaimed back.

"We're knee-deep in beagles and expensive surgeries!" we explained.

"But," we said slowly and painfully, "Why don't you email us about her and we'll see what we can do."


She was another little heartbreaker that we couldn't possibly turn our backs on. Madison had returned to Toronto Animal Services after 8 years. She'd originally been transferred from Ohio back in March, 2008. She was only a pup back then and adopted quickly.

Another happy ending…or so they thought.


By May 2016, she'd come full circle, brought back to the shelter - this time as a 'stray'. It didn't take long to identify her. But it soon became clear that her original adopter in 2008 had taken good care of her. There was a paper trail of costly medical intervention after she suffered 2 disc injuries and needed surgeries at VEC. They also came across a notation about possible seizures. TAS staff were successful in tracking down her original adopter. Sadly, her adopter had given her away to an older couple at some point. Strangely enough, it was an elderly woman who brought her to the shelter last month claiming she'd found the dog wandering the streets.

She even knew her name. We can only speculate on the truth.


But there is something we know for certain. Madison deserves a chance at happiness with a family who will never desert her again. But, given her uncertain health, she first needed a rescue group to swoop in and gather her up. We did just that last Thursday! And we're so glad we did. Madison has been to our vets for our full medical work-up and all looks great! For now, we just need to watch for seizures. There's a possibility this may have been inaccurate information. We're very hopeful for her! In the meantime, she's having a ball in her foster home that she shares with an old cat named Mr. Blue and a dynamic beagle boy named Joe. Before Madison came along, this was Faith's happy foster home before we lost her to cancer.

As lovely as Faith was to us, Mr. Blue wasn't a big fan. But things are looking up for Mr. Blue...


The first thing Madison did upon arrival was give Mr. Blue a big Hello kiss on his nose!