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January 31, 2023 eblast: 

If ever there was a beagle that lived up to their breed with such confidence and grace, it was Phoebe.

Right up until the day she left us . That day was January 19th…

after eight beautiful years of being every bit the beagle she was meant to be, thanks to Andre and Hyedie.


We finally made it all official too at our BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH Comeback in November

when Andre & Hyedie joyfully signed the Adoption Papers to a cheering audience.


But we know Phoebe owned their hearts the moment she waddled through their door back in the summer of 2015. Andre especially. She was daddy's girl. She also kept the other beagles in line, including Velvet after she stormed through their door a few years later and THAT was no small feat! But Phoebe was always so calm and truly ZEN about pretty much everything...except when it came to glorious FOOD!


That was always cause for releasing her essential beagle self with endless howls of joyful anticipation!


And on occasion, when supper was "supposedly" over, Phoebe would head straight back in her kennel in the hopes her humans might actually forget and serve her a second meal! You can't blame a girl for trying.

Andre and Hyedie, our hearts are with you now as you sort through this difficult loss together. It's our hope that you find comfort in the undeniable truth that Phoebe was beyond happy these last 8 years because of you. And she's taken all that love with her now wherever she might be…we're guessing somewhere up above wreaking havoc with her sister Velvet no doubt.

Our thanks to everyone who responded so kindly to our FB post in memory of Phoebe earlier this month. We want you to know how much your thoughtful words of sympathy mean to us and especially to our foster families. This special kind of support truly helps heal hearts. 





October 7, 2015:

Boy, are we behind with our pupdates! Our apologies! The good news is - we found a wonderful foster home for Phoebe! Stay tuned for adorable little pupdates from her foster parents who just happen to be BOB Grad Petey's parents!!!  (  ; 

 August 19, 2015 eblast:


We're not one to sound alarm bells unnecessarily but there are times when we have little choice, especially when the life of a sweet beagle like Phoebe hangs in the balance.


Like many rescue groups, we are in a constant struggle over two things in particular - maintaining finances and growing our foster program. Thanks to your generosity, we somehow always manage to find the funding even at the most challenging times. But funding is secondary to dedicated foster homes. The availability of foster homes dictates whether we can rescue a beagle in need or not.


Right now, our foster homes are full.

Right now, Phoebe needs our help.


She's running out of time. The shelter can only hold an unadoptable dog for so long and none of the other rescue groups contacted are able to help her. Phoebe is depending on us to come up with a miracle.


If you've fostered for us before and would like to chat about fostering Phoebe, OR if you've been thinking about joining our foster program, now is the time to let us know.




Here's what we know about Phoebe via an email we received from the animal shelter who rescued her first…



On Aug 12, 2015, at 1:41 PM:

Hello there

Just wondering if you would have room for a senior beagle with a few medical needs the shelter cannot take on.

Phoebe was removed from her previous owner for neglect. She has a chronic ear infection, overweight, Grade 2 of 6 heart murmur, immature cataracts (which dont need medication right now but our vet believes they are progressive and would need regular follow-up to ensure she does not develop pain). The vet also suggests she would need bloodwork done to check thyroid function, chest xrays, dental cleaning and a very strict diet as she is at high risk for developing other weight related issues.

Her personality is sweet, tolerant and friendly. She is tolerant of other dogs but does not seek to play. She was good with her food being removed. Showed no interest in a cat in a kennel. She does bark occasionally for attention and she can be a bit dramatic for nail trims and vaccines as she will howl and panic but not with aggression.

Let me know if this girl sounds like a candidate for you. She just needs some TLC in her senior years.


Coordinator: Canine Services


*Phoebe is in the care of an animal shelter out-of-town. If we're able to secure a foster home for Phoebe within a week, she will be transferred to our veterinary clinic in the Beaches for her vetting before being placed in her foster home.




With Hopeful Hearts…