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Link to Fran/Franky's video

July 9, 2018 post:

Dear Franky,

This is how I will remember you. Just as you were in this video I took over 3 years ago. Running, playing, smiling. No more cancer to slow you down now, Franky. Even the blue sky above isn't the limit for you.




May 25, 2015 eblast:


You'd think after all these years of running a rescue, I'd be prepared for anything. But I'm not. The tears still fall. The heart still aches. And the question that never gets answered keeps repeating…





Here's the good news. Even though we cry and we hurt and we never get the answer to that question --- we rise above it. With every beagle we save, we rise above it.


This afternoon, a little 9-10 year old beagle overflowing with courage and faith in humans despite it all - in other words, fully armed with the very best beagle survival skills - will be arriving at our repair shop door. But her rescue story didn't start with us. She's got an entire army of compassionate soldiers fighting for her.


Fran's story is expected to come out in a media release down the road so for now, we're not able to sing the praises of all those involved in saving her.


Fran had surgery to remove the large mass just before coming to us. Do you know what Fran is up to now? She's zooming around like a race car or…like a true beagle. She's also charming everyone she' meets…like a true beagle. Stealing hearts is effortless for Fran.


Now, it's our turn to complete her fairytale happy new beginning.


Fran will be meeting with our veterinary team at BEACHES ANIMAL HOSPITAL at 3:20 today for the remaining medical care she needs. And then, we'll be looking for a loving foster home for this beautiful little miracle to fully heal and thrive and, of course, steal more hearts!



This is what COMPASSION can do.





Our thanks to all the unsung heroes who saved our newest little princess --- you know who you are  ---


and our thanks to Fran's future foster family - whoever you may be…