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June 4, 2014 eblast:

The Story of Our Life

We take him HOME

We drive all day to keep him safe

And Time…is frozen


The Story of Our Life

We give him HOPE

We spend all we have (all you give)

until he's fixed inside

That's the Story of Our Life


 (Our Beagle Rescue version of One Direction's "Story of My Life") 



            We raised an incredible amount of money for our beagles at Woofstock. All in thanks to YOU. Without the miracle that is YOU, we couldn't have covered the multitude of medical emergencies we've endured already this year. We're still not quite out of the woods yet. We never really are. It's the story of our life. Because the reality is, it costs a lot to save a dog's life and we're here to save as many as we can year after year.

             I want to thank you, not only for your life-saving support, but for always cheering us on. Your positive comments whenever we post about a new rescue case means a lot to us. When we told you about Jude, a couple of you hoped this little beagle wouldn't have any serious health problems for a change. But we knew that wouldn't be the case. That's why we took him. We're here for the beagles that need us the most. We always have been.

            Jude has undergone his initial exam. Some things are encouraging while others are not. Jude has a significant heart murmur, likely Grade Level 4 or 5. The highest is 6. Nevertheless, he shows no signs of heart failure. Jude also has periodontal disease. Dentistry is never cheap. But the most concerning is the mass on his back end. If it proves to be something more sinister than a fatty lump, we could be faced with a tumour too tricky to remove given the location. It may very well be better to leave it and keep him happy as long as we can.

            First things first - we'll run a full senior blood profile, including Heartworm test, and do a fine needle aspirate of the mass. Once we know what we're dealing with, we can then determine the perfect foster home for this lovely little cherub.

            Jude will be costly, but that's par for the course. Money comes and money goes. But the financial rollercoaster ride is worth it when we're able to save a life like Jude's. One kiss, one wag, one smile from him and, you guessed it, we'd risk everything to save him.

It's the Story of our Life.


Endless thanks to those who keep the BOB story going year after year!

If you'd like to be a part of our ongoing Story

Become a Monthly BOBefactor

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