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Haven & Laura-Bell settling into their New Digs!
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Jan 30, 2014 eblast:


Recognize the human cushion?

It's BOBateer Kelly!

Kelly designed our first BOB Calendar for 2014 (sold out by the BEAGLE BASH!)

Kelly also drove the final leg of the journey from Kentucky to Toronto on Nov 30th for all 3 of the Kentucky Clan - Haven, Laura-Bell & Grandpa Louie!


Kelly has come full circle with The Twins!

When she delivered them to our veterinary clinic in the Beach less than a month before Christmas, she'd already fallen madly in love with Haven.

Laura-Bell was more timid but clearly, she's come around since then.


Our thanks to Kelly and her lovely family for speaking up for our girls!


We'd also like to thank everyone else who contacted us to inquire about fostering them.

We love connecting with you!

And for anyone considering the Foster Experience, don't hesitate to fill out a Foster Application!

This way, we'll have your application on file for the next beagle that needs our help!

No strings (or leashes) attached!

Filling out an application just means you're one step ahead of the game when we find the right match for you!


It's our dream to have MORE foster families for the beagles we're here to save.

We'll never give up on that dream 'cause we'll never give up on you…


Dec 5, 2013 pupdate:


Christmas came early for us at our 8th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH! We certainly decked the HOWLS with boughs of BEAGLES that day by raising enough to keep our doors open for 3 little wise beagles from Kentucky. We even managed to keep the door cracked open wide enough to welcome a beagle named Odie. Odie is in the care of a shelter in Vaughan and will soon undergo surgery for a torn cruciate ligament. By Christmas, he will be lovingly waited on by his doting foster Mom who is already preparing for his arrival!


As for our 3 Kentucky FINE chickens, they're all going HOME to their foster families this week - the girls having left earlier this afternoon!


But here's where you come in. All 3 of these dear souls have Heartworm. Treatment is underway and we are so very hopeful for their return to health. Our thanks go out to the vet clinic in Kentucky who diligently worked with our vets to properly address their medical needs. We were fortunate on the timing of their rescue too, with mosquito season safely behind us. Big thanks also goes out to the Transport Team - many American volunteers who sacrificed their Thanksgiving to bring them HOME to us.


If only Heartworm was the only concern.


A thorough examination at our end of sweet little Haven revealed not one but several mammary tumours to worry over - something we cannot fully address until the Heartworm treatment is complete.


And dear sweet lovable Louie has a significant heart murmur which may or may not be connected to the Heartworm.


Aside from some heartbreaking scarring on her paws likely brought on by compulsive stress licking and of course, the Heartworm, shy little Laura-Bell is in good health!


And all 3 are surprisingly in such good spirits despite all their troubles! But then again, why should we be surprised? Beagles are known for their happy spirit.


While they may be overwhelmed by all the attention, like true beagles, they're lapping it up too! Enjoy it now little ones, because once we've cured the Heartworm, all three of you will need to be spayed/neutered…sigh…


So yes, my friends, we've got some serious stockings to fill this Christmas, with gifts that will last throughout the New Year!




If you were unable to attend our fabulous BASH on Nov 24th,

but would still like to make a donation for the HOWLidays, don't hesitate to delight us!


Help us fill Haven's stocking, and Laura-Bell's, and Louie's, and Odie's,

and don't forget our perma-foster-beagles like Jerry Maguire and Carlton!


Make your End-of-the-Year Donation here!



Perhaps you'll want to make a donation in a loved one's honour!

We'll send a card on your behalf!

And, with a donation of $25 or more, we'll gladly include our First Edition 2014 Beagle Calendar (while supplies last)!!!


Here's another idea and it's a really good one.

Why not become a Monthly BOBefactor to start the New Year off with hoots & howls!?

You'll be saving lives right along with us ALL YEAR LONG!!!



Nov 19, 2013 Pupdate:

We're busier than beagles at a Squirrel Convention preparing for our 8th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH this Sunday!


We've got time for little else…


until we learned that TIME is something these three dear souls don't have.

That's when we did just what you would expect us to do.


We saved them.


They were dumped at a pound in Kentucky by their owner. All 3 of them. Why? Because they're old. That's their crime.


We never rescued any beagles from Kentucky before but time was running out and no other rescue had room. We reached out. Look at those faces. How could we not?


They didn't come with names. Well, the male beagle was apparently called "Bull". We're hoping he's not that attached to it because we googled "Famous Kentuckians" and came up with beautiful new names for their new life with us!


Country Musica Hall of Famer Grandpa Louis Marshall Jones, born exactly 100 years ago, was a banjo player from Niagra, Kentucky.

He was also a cast member on HeeHaw!


Born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1981, Laura Bell Bundy has become a Broadway actress and singer!


and SongWriters Hall of Famer, Haven Gillespie, was born in Covington, Kentucky back in 1888.

He wrote "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"!!!




Give our 4-legged version of these famous Kentuckians a little time.

They'll be playing banjo, hitting the stage and writing Christmas songs before you know it!

Yep, if it wasn't for YOU, it could never come true..


Grandpa Louis, Laura-Bell & Haven are Coming to Town!


I think they're gonna like it here, don't you?