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Feb 22, 2012 e-blast:
Do you remember Clementine's arrival just before Christmas? We're proud to say she's our 100th beagle saved!!!
Clementine is sweeter than any clementine you'd find in the fruit bowl. She's one of a kind. I can't figure out what she's mixed with - she's our mystery mutt but she's definitely got a good helping of beagle in her...judging from her appetite.
Our Darlin' Clementine is currently enjoying the country life at Sheba's Haven. We thought she fit the bill for this sanctuary for palliative care pups. We were wrong.
Sure, she's 12 years old and yeah, she did have a couple malignant tumours that were surgically removed but Clem is as bouncy as a newborn beagle now that's she's recovered! She's full of beans. If only the other Haven residents were so inclined. Catherine is convinced Clementine isn't as happy as she could be. She needs more one-on-one attention and a like-minded playmate with equal bounciness.
Here's what Catherine has to say about our long-legged princess:

Clementine is a laid back, quiet, sweet and friendly girl. But there's no mistaking she also has a lot of spunk! She likes to be involved in family activities. Like exercise time, for instance. When my husband and I are doing our workout routine, she's right there on the floor beside us, trying to perfect the technique. Mostly, she just lies on her back faking the moves while happily anticipating the next one. We can't help but laugh at her determination.


Clem also likes to help in the kitchen. That's where the beagle side of her truly comes out! She can be rather exuberant at treat time. So, we're working on her manners and happy to report she's starting to get the concept of "Sitting Pretty"!

When she's not sitting pretty, Clementine loves to run around and play. That's how we know she's lonely because nobody can keep up with her. Eventually, she gives up, lies on the couch, and lets out a sad sigh.

She really needs a playmate - human or canine - to reach for the moon with her on a daily basis. Nevertheless, at the end of her busy day, she wants nothing more than to nab that spot next to you and snuggle up for the evening. Clementine is definitely the whole package! We love her and we want the best for her.
Could you be what our Paperbag Princess is longing for?
Then give us a howler! Whether you'd like to provide her with the ideal foster home or adopt this royal beauty, let us know!
Dec 14, 2011 E-Blast:
Yesterday, we brought Clementine home to us. She didn't have a name until then because her rescuers at the pound will never know her real name. Clementine was left tied to a shopping cart in a mall parking lot one cold December night. December...the month that's supposed to be about love, joy & peace.
Guessed at 12 years old, Clementine is riddled with suspicious lumps, a bad heart murmur, and gosh knows what else. We'll know more when the test results come back from our vet.
But we do know the most important thing already. We know she's worth all we've got to give. And we've got a lot to give.
Clementine gives the sweetest little kisses you've ever felt. And she comes alive when you kiss her back.
Help us give Clementine a Christmas filled with all those things we sing about this time of year ~
Love, Joy & Peace
Come to think of it, you'll be making Christmas merry for two other precious beagles we welcomed to our family this month!
Winston aka Winnie the Pooh and Beowulf aka Wulfie, both of whom lost their homes when their elderly owners were moved into nursing homes.
Let's just say, Christmas is even merrier this year with the arrival of
Two Wise Kings & a Paperbag Princess!!!
Oh, and one more little tidbit of information for you.
Clementine marks our 100th beagle saved since Big On Beagles began it's work over a decade ago!
Now that's something worth celebrating this Christmas, don't you think?!!!

Click here to make a howliday donation for Clementine!