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Would you like to plan your own event to support our homeless howlers?!! Our tails are wagging in anticipation! We so appreciate it when we hear from you about your special plans! Whether it's a big corporate fundraiser like Global Pet Foods' annual Show Us Your Heart Campaign, or your child's birthday party --- we are truly grateful for everything! The ideas are endless, from yard sales to weddings! Have a peek below at the last third party event that benefited our homeless howlers! Last summer, we benefited from donations made in lieu of gifts for a fellow beagle lover's retirement party! These unexpected surprises mean so much to us. Please let us know if you're planning something special for our beagles! We're happy to help with promoting your event too! The success of your event means the happiness of our rescue waifs! Hugs & Howls to YOU!!! 


Awww, the Month of LOVE!!!!

Our Favourite time of Year!!!!


That's because our friends at Global Pet Foods (in Trenton & Port Hope!) have chosen BIG ON BEAGLES (BOB) Rescue


to be the official recipient of funds through their



Beagle Kisses & Tailwags to GLOBAL PET FOODS and to all of YOU for supporting this very special fundraising campaign!!!





Awww, the Month of LOVE!!!!

Our Favourite time of Year!!!!


That's because our friends at Global Pet Foods once again chose BIG ON BEAGLES (BOB) Rescue as a recipient of funds through their annual

SHOW US YOUR HEART Campaign for 2015!

And you know how much we need support like this for our latest rescue cases…with YOUR help and THEIRS, we'll be back on top in no time!!!


Our sincere thanks to Global Pet Foods (Beaches/Danforth/Lower Jarvis/York Mills)

and to all of you who participated in this fundraiser by shopping at Global and supporting the Show us Your Heart Campaign! It's meant a whole lot to us and to the beagles we're here to save!




Global Pet Foods, you Rock!


Did you ever Show Us Your Heart in February! 
We've received the proceeds from Global Pet Foods' "SHOW US YOUR HEART" Fundraising Campaign 2013
Clearly, it was the best year ever.   
Are you sitting down?
You better sit down.
Good sit.  
Thanks to Global Pet Foods
Thanks to their wonderful staff
and thanks to YOU  
We're gonna be rescuing a whole lotta beagles this year
'cause we received… 
Add that to what I know we'll raise together through the Rescue Me Walk at Woofstock in June

and we'll be howling at the moon for joy right along with our homeless howlers!



It's Wedding Season & He's Celebrating Early!!!

Meet Mr. July...& his soon-to-be-wed Mommy & Daddy!!!

Beagle of the Month:  Blake!
Devoted Owners:  Jill & Peter
Here's the lovely message we received from Blake's mommy:
Dear Big On Beagles,
My partner Peter and I are getting married in July, and we've suggested our guests make a donation to Big On Beagles in celebration of our Wedding Day!! Instead of a registry, we thought it would be an excellent tribute to our handsome little beagle Blake and much more meaningful than receiving things that we just don't need. Our friend and dog trainer Andre Yeu of "When Hounds Fly!" suggested BOB to us! :)       (Thanks Andre!!!)
Blake was adopted 2 years ago from The University of Guelph. He's kind-of a rescue because he sure did put his time in helping vet students learn to bandage legs, give vaccinations, and clean canine teeth! He's very happy now in his forever home and we just love him to bits!
We're sending the wedding invitations out in about a week, so I hope BOB starts to get donations over the next few months! Here's our website if you want to check it out!
Thanks for being awesome- we appreciate everything you do for dogs!


Jill & Peter, we wish you the very best on your special day and many years of wedded bliss ahead! Our sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness! The gifts made in your honour will be so appreciated by us and our wonderful homeless howlers while they wait to score great 'parents' like the ones Blake scored in YOU!!!