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Congratulations to Miss P for winning BEST IN SHOW!!!

Way to represent the BEST BREED in the WORLD!!! 


Thanks to Miss P, we were interviewed by the Toronto Star for our thoughts on her big win! To read the article, visit our FB Page by clicking the link below!


Click here to read the Toronto Star article!


To All Our Fellow Beagle Lovers!


We're so delighted to announce our partnership with Maggie Deuitch Photography! Maggie approached us earlier this year with an interest in helping to promote our homeless howlers. After all, beagles can't take "selfies". They require a professional dog-crazy photographer to take the perfect portrait to capture their perfect personalities!


Not only does Maggie plan to photograph our rescued beagles for promotion via our web site and for the next BOB Calendar, she's also extended the offer to photograph YOUR beagle while helping OUR beagles at the same time!


We hope you will welcome Maggie and support the BOB cause by booking a photo session for your little howler this year!