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May 17, 2011:

We love the happy new beginnings for our beagles! Tilly found hers with Marlyn! Congratulations to both Marlyn and Tilly for their new found love together! Apparently, Miss Tilly went visiting some horses the other day and couldn't understand why they didn't want to play with her no matter how much she barked at them. Keep making us smile, Tilly-Bean!   (  ;

 March 8, 2011:

At long last, we're bringing you a pretty little pupdate on our pretty little girl! Our apologies for keeping you waiting so long! We've been as busy as a beagle at a squirrel convention!

First and foremost, we're tickled pink to announce an exciting new feature and Tilly-Bean is the first one to benefit from it! We plan to make little video clips of each of our beagles for their web site postings so you can see them in action!!! First to be filmed was Tilly this past weekend! Have a look at her movie debut below!

Isn't she's adorable!!?

Now here's a little written pupdate on Tilly for you too!

We're so happy to discover that Tilly is fit as a fiddle with only a food allergy to contend with, which is easily controlled by adhering to a strict diet. A comprehensive list of her allergies and the recommended food will be given to her adopter. We also recommend low-cost supplements to help with her allergies, i.e. probiotic and digestive aid. Her thyroid should also be checked regularly as she's on an inexpensive medication to keep it level.

Tilly's video is a wee bit deceiving! She was somewhat tired at the time after her long drive to Howling Heights! It was also rainy outside which added to her tranquil mood. Normally, Tilly is full of beans and loves to be where the action is! She's very alert and loves to play with other dogs! But when the playing is done, she likes nothing better than to cuddle up with you, or with her Bean - her stuffed dog toy from IKEA. Tilly goes through "Beans" every few months as she likes to suck on their necks! Eventually, she sucks the stuffing out of them! But fear not! She will gladly enjoy a brand new Bean when the old one has to be thrown out.

Tilly is also involved with her community. She loves people and, as such, is part of a Pet Therapy program so she can dole out kisses to all her admirers at the local nursing home.

Last but not least, Tilly is a beagle through and through. If you drop food on the floor, she'll be the first to gulp it up. She also won't hesitate to steal another dog's food from their food bowl if they're silly enough to look away for an instant. This is why her adopter will need to be very careful so Tilly doesn't eat something she's allergic to and thus, suffer the consequences of itchy, painful skin rashes or worse!

We hope you enjoyed Tilly's movie debut and learning more about her! She's a special little girl with a whole lot of love to give the right person so don't hesitate to fill out an adoption application for our consideration TODAY!!!


October 20, 2010 eblast:

Meet Tilly-Beans, currently residing at Animal Control in Hamilton. Tilly had a family until they decided she was costing too much money. You see, Tilly has a severe food allergy that hasn't been figured out yet. She's also had bouts of pancreatitis which landed her in hospital. She desperately needs sorting out and we're up for the challenge. Miss Tilly arrives at BIG ON BEAGLES this coming Friday.