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March 8, 2024 eblast:



We had to say goodbye to the boy with the crooked tail yesterday afternoon.


We couldn’t fix his failing heart.

Our beautiful Ziggy Stardust.


I don’t think there’s a worse pain than this.


But there was something else in that room with us yesterday.

It was all around us…like stardust.

The music he made. The love he created.


The love he left this world knowing so deeply.


One call after another came through for Ziggy on his foster mom Lorita’s phone.

Everyone wanted some FaceTime with the boy who spent the last 7 months as part of their family.  


His foster daddy, Ming, and his two human sisters (one being the sister that let him borrow her scarf to keep his ears warm the night of his first medical emergency just weeks ago).


I heard the heartbreak in their voices but I also felt the love that they will always carry with them for Ziggy.

It came through loud and clear.


In the end, that’s all we can hope for.

That we know love like that.

It is the only thing that truly matters.  


Please light a candle for Ziggy tonight and thank the stars above for his forever foster family for giving and receiving the thing that matters above all else.


Light up the heavens with all that sparkling love, Ziggy Stardust.

Hiram Walker will miss you,

But Mitch and Cooper (formerly Adagio) and precious Luke will be there to strike up the band in celebration.


Until we meet again…



***Special thanks to the Team at CARTER VETERINARY HOSPITAL. Our extended Family.

They always make the hardest part about loving a dog somehow beautiful, right down to the heart on Ziggy's bandage.

July 20, 2023 eblast:


Once upon a NOW, there came along a Boy With a Crooked Tail.


No doubt he has a Crooked TALE to go along with his crooked tail, but we'll never know about that.


That part of his story was BEFORE.

This is NOW.


The Boy With the Crooked Tail found his way to the good people at the Humane Society for Hastings Prince Edward County (where Pax & Donald hailed!)


He quickly grew to love his rescuers there.

Even if they were overcrowded with abandoned pets and there were no more dog kennels available for him.

He happily accepted a crate instead.


He was content.

He had love…and food, of course.


His rescuers adored him from the moment he arrived.

They started calling him ZigZag in honour of his special tail.


But his rescuers wanted so much more for their Crooked Tailed Boy.

They worried about him.

He'd been covered in ticks upon arrival.

He seemed so very tired.

They worried about Lyme Disease.


And so they called us.

And we came running.


They had us at "ZigZag" don't you know.



While we waited for this extraordinary boy to appear down the long corridor of the shelter yesterday morning, we met a chirpy baby robin in a shoebox also waiting to be picked up by a special someone anxious to save her.


But when ZigZag appeared down that hallway, my eyes were only for him.

My beagle-lovin' heart skipped a beat as it always does.



After talking his ear off in the car for about an hour, we reached our first destination…

our wonderful vet clinic in Bowmanville - Carter Veterinary Hospital.


Things started really well but…there's always a catch, isn't there?

Ziggy's teeth are in excellent shape! No dental required!

But then Linda checked his heart.

At least a grade level 4 heart murmur present.

We immediately ran chest xrays and did a full senior blood profile.


We won't have the results on his heart until next week. But we do have the results on the blood work.

Our Ziggy is double Lyme Positive --- tested positive for Lyme Disease and Anaplasma (another bacterial tick-borne disease).


But we're not daunted. We will get him right as rain. He's worth the trouble. He's our rock star.

He's meant to be GLAMOUROUS and play guitar.


So just as Ziggy Stardust was leaving the vets to go to his new HOME, George Bayley was undergoing his TPLO Surgery.


The operation went very well and he's now home recovering with his foster mommy, Kathy.


We want to thank everyone who has contributed towards his surgery already.

We are close to $1000 raised so far!

We are very grateful.


We're also grateful to George's surgeon who kindly charged at the lower end of his estimate - just over $4K.


It's especially meaningful to us given the arrival of Ziggy who has already spent close to $1K on diagnostics alone.


But did we mention how much he's worth it?


If you'd like to make a donation towards George, rest assured it's also going to make an impact on Mr. Ziggy.



Just click the link below and we'll be singing your praises for all the stardust you'll be casting upon this little beagle repair shop with your gift - no matter the size!!!


And now, for some very special Acknowledgements on behalf of The Boy with the Crooked Tail…


Special thanks ALWAYS to our magnificent vet - Linda Carter (aka Wonder Woman) of Carter Veterinary Hospital - for ensuring Ziggy gets the absolute BEST veterinary care!

Special thanks to the wonderful staff at the Humane Society of Hastings Prince Edward County for saving Ziggy first.


And here's where the Extra Special thanks goes!

To his new Foster Mommy, Lorita, and her family (including BOB Foster, Hiram Walker!) for opening their hearts & home to Ziggy!  

You've won the jackpot, Mr. Stardust. You really have.


Last but never least, our thanks to YOU for making Crooked Tails/Tales straight up HAPPY time and time again!!!