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February 24 eblast:

Introducing our sweet little freshly rescued Donald.


You can't see it, but he comes with baggage.

The baggage of not having consistent veterinary care in his senior years.

Last time he was to the vet was back in 2016.

And there were serious worries then.


Donald had not been annually protected against ticks and he was exhibiting signs of potential infection.

The vet highly recommended testing for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses but the owner declined.


Fast forward six years later.

Donald's owner surrenders him to the shelter for euthanasia, claiming serious health issues resulting in his suffering.

But the shelter vet wasn't convinced it was the end of the road for Donald.

Neither were we.


It may be a roulette game of health conditions and the medical costs that go with them EVERY SINGLE TIME we take in an old beagle with baggage like Donald,




Because just like you, our hearts melt the moment we look into the sad and bewildered eyes of a beagle in need,


and we pray for the day we can change that completely.


Our sincere thanks to the wonderful staff at the Humane Society of Hastings / Prince Edward for saving Donald first and for calling us next,

AND to Bill & Catherine at Sheba's Haven for opening their heart and home to foster yet another senior BOBBER for our little beagle repair shop!  


All these smiling faces coming together just for you, sweet Donald.

Welcome to our FAMILY, baby.