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May 29, 2023 FB Post:
Vet Day for Mazzy & Star today!!!
And things aren’t looking too bad!!! Pending blood results of course. But our vet thinks they look pretty darn good! In fact, she thinks they’re not so senior! Maybe 6-8 years old!
Mazzy has an ear infection but aside from that, nothing alarming upon examination! They’re probably not spayed though and were likely used for breeding. But those days are over!
The weekend revealed more about their personalities and just how very bonded they are to one another. Star is the adventurous one! Full of beans! Mazzy is more reserved and timid. Loud noises scare her. Star is clearly her rock. But best of all, they are both little love bugs that love to be loved! We are definitely up for the job, ladies! ❤️

May 26, 2023 FB Post:
Mazzy & Star are HOME! ❤️
Our thanks to Freedom Drivers Animal Transport for getting them to us safely! And to the folks at MeowTown in Brockville for saving them first! And last but not least, to our fab foster parents - Tina & Dave for opening their hearts and home once again to beagles in need!!!

May 8, 2023 eblast:


Just you wait and see


We've been waiting for this moment ever since we got the message a few weeks ago.


"Hello! I just picked up 2 tiny little beagles. Senior females, crawling with fleas and ticks, lame. Bad teeth. Cute as buttons. A local firefighter called them in, they were dumped at his property in the country. I am searching for rescue for these little girls if you have space, please let me know! Thank you ❤"




We have some work to do for these two senior girls.

They need extensive medical care.

Mazzy likely suffers from Spondylosis and will require pain management.

She may also have issues with the colon but further diagnostics need to be done.


Both Mazzy and Star are at high risk of having contracted Lyme Disease given the condition they were in when found abandoned on the firefighter's property.


So here's what we need to do.

We need to get them to our chief vet clinic - Carter's - in Bowmanville and get started on caring for them from nose to tail.


But we cannot do this without a loving foster home local enough to us for them to decompress while undergoing they're veterinary care.


Our foster homes are full.


We are reaching out to all of you in the hopes of finding the perfect spot for these two very bonded girls to rest their weary heads, curl up in a soft bed together, and finally know they are safe and loved.


If you're interested and you've fostered for us in the past, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by email at your earliest opportunity.

If you've not fostered for us before, we ask you to visit our web site at to learn more about our work and to fill out a Foster Application for our consideration.


Your patience is also greatly appreciated as our priority right now is finding these two dear little ones placement as soon as possible.

We will respond to any inquiries as quickly as we can, but with the focus on Mazzy & Star first and foremost.



If you can't foster but you want to help, please don't hesitate to make a donation towards our upcoming BEAGLE WIGGLE WALK.

The medical costs will be high and we sure could use the extra support right now.