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Sept 9, 2013:

We have wonderful news! Annie is on the mend! She was diagnosed with severe Pancreatitus and spent the entire weekend in hospital. She's still there today but our vets are confident she'll be able to return to her loving foster home at some point tomorrow! We are so thankful to our team of veterinarians who are taking such good care of her and keeping us informed on her progress each day. We also want to thank Annie's foster mom, Kathy. She's been visiting her in the hospital every day, bringing home-cooked chicken for her to eat and giving her much reason to get better. And finally, our thanks to all of you for sending your well wishes to Annie and, of course, for your ongoing support of these special beagles. 



Sept 7, 2013 posting:


Hey Everybody,

We really need your pawsitive thoughts right now. Our sweet Annie (recent rescue from earlier this summer) was rushed to our vet's yesterday when she stopped eating. At first, we figured she got into something like a typical beagle) and would recover in no time. This is unfortunately not the case. She was worse as of this morning and our vet will be taking her to see a specialist t...his afternoon. He adores her, by the way, and so does his parents. At this point, we don't know what's wrong with Annie, but we're very concerned.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who joined our Monthly BOBefactors or made a donation towards our Ten Dollars to Fill Collars Campaign. It's times like these when the security of monthly support means so much. Rest assured, Annie is getting nothing but the best medical attention thanks to YOU and to our incredible veterinary team at Beaches Animal Hospital.

Please send pawsitive energy! We'll keep you posted!



June 27, 2013 eblast:




We were starting to worry we wouldn't find a foster home for Annie

But we did.

Our thanks to friend and BYOB member, Kathy, for opening her heart and home to this very happy girl!


You may recall Annie (Rescue Case #115) was taken in by SPCA officers when found

chained outdoors in a yard that looked more like a dump than a yard.


Annie was first taken in by the good folks at the Bracebridge branch of the SPCA

In fact, they insist on covering the cost of her spay!

That's teamwork!


Everybody wants to help Annie!

That's because Annie has this way of stealing everyone's heart!


But you've never even met her and still you know she's worth it.

You know every beagle we save is worth it.


On Annie's behalf, we're honoured to thank you for making her rescue possible.


Stay tuned for Rescue Case #116!

Budley Budright aka Bud the Spud is on his way to us as I write this!




In the meantime, we hope you have one howl of a long weekend!

We know Annie will!