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June 19, 2013 eblast:


This is Liza. She's got a stone in her bucket. Don't you worry, dear Liza. We're gonna fix it.


I picked up Liza from Toronto Animal Services in Etobicoke this afternoon.


There is no greater joy for me than picking up a beagle from a shelter, popping that beagle in my car and telling that beagle everything is going to be okay from here on. Sealing it all with a kiss.


It's even better when that beagle is as sweet as a sugarplum!


Poor Liza does in fact need an operation to remove the very large bladder stones causing her pain right now.

She'll have her operation tomorrow.

It won't be cheap.

She needs to be spayed as well most likely. There's no sign of a spay scar.

But we're very blessed. Our veterinary clinic gives us a substantial discount.

Nevertheless, Liza will cost us over $1,000.


Money well spent.

Liza and her bucket are worth fixing no matter the cost.





On behalf of our newest rescue case - Beagle #114 -


Miss Liza Doolittle,



June 11, 2013 E-Blast:




And so it continues…

On Monday, the day after our Walk at WOOFSTOCK, we received an email from an animal shelter just a car ride away.

This little approximately 8 year old beagle girl was rescued off the streets in May.

When blood appeared in her urine, they got worried.

Xrays revealed she has several stones in her kidneys and some are very large.

She may be yet another beagle that needs surgery to remove them.

Surgery is not within the shelter's budget.

She needs us.


We've got the money, folks.

You made sure of that this past weekend.

Now, we need the foster home.