Carol Ann

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Sept 9, 2013:
Yesterday was a beautiful day at Howling Heights! Carol Ann, now known as Cali (short for Calypso!), was officially adopted by her new parents! Congratulations to Malki & Gary! And of course, we can't leave out her new beagle sister ~ Soca! They are now one big happy family! These happy endings (or rather, happy new beginnings) are what keep us going, giving us plenty of reason to continue to come to the rescue of beagles in need. Big beagley thanks to our Adopters - not only for giving our beagles lasting and loving permanent homes, but for inspiring us time and again to never stop doing what we do.
May 1, 2013 E-Blast:
Please keep Carol Ann in your thoughts today! She's gone in for her surgery as of this morning!  
April 22, 2013 E-Blast:
Yep, Carol Ann has warmed our hearts like a fresh baked croissant! 
I know you're probably thinking…what kind of a name is Carol Ann for a little French maiden from Quebec? I dunno. I just kinda liked it, ever since the little girl in the movie Poltergeist.  She's heeeeeerrrreeee!
So let's just say Carol Ann is from Texas and moved to Quebec to learn a second language and take in some Canadian culture! Little Carol Ann, no bigger than a croissant in fact, arrived to our waiting arms last night. We thank the wonderful gals from T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue for bringing her to us! Carol Ann was just one of several dogs they rescued from Quebec this past weekend! By the time they got to us, they were exhausted but still had the energy to gush over this beautiful baby girl. Believe me, she's easy to gush over! 
After spending the night with Yours Truly, she scurried over to our vet's today for an examination --- not to mention a ton of gushing courtesy of the staff. So far, so good! We were both in agreement she's a spry little 9 year old at most. Heart is ticking beautifully! Just a bit of tartar to the teeth so should just need a cleaning and, paws crossed, no extractions. Aside from that, our vet only detected a bit of arthritis in the joints so we'll get her on a supplement for that. We couldn't make out a spay scar so that will be investigated when she goes in for her dental cleaning next week. Today, she had all her shots and her Heartworm test so it's always adviseable to give them a week before any surgery. This, of course, means Madamoiselle Carol Ann will remain in my care until she's had her operation. At that point, we'll be looking for a lasting home for her. Pending blood results tomorrow, if all comes back dandy, we think this little girl deserves an adoptive home rather than a foster home. She's a dear little soul and the time with us should give enough indication as to what would be a good fit for her!
April 18, 2013 E-Blast:

We got an email from our friends at T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue a few days ago. They've been doing a lot of rescuing from the Quebec shelters. This little girl wound up in one of the rural pounds there, where time is always running out. Yet another stray with a story we'll never know. Guessed at 10 to 12 years old, this wee little thing is as sweet as she looks - great with dogs, cats & humans alike. We're not about to let this treasure be lost forever. She's got a ride to Toronto this weekend if we'll take her. Don't worry, we'll take her. We didn't hesitate to say "yes", even if we don't exactly have a foster home set up yet. It's a risk we're willing to take. She's our kinda beagle.