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April 17, 2013 Pupdate:

Kernel arrived all the way from Petawa yesterday! Our thanks to the Renfrew County SPCA for rescuing Kernel in the first place. Thanks also extends to his temporary foster mommy for the shelter, Chanel! And of course, thanks to the two drivers who brought him safely to us: Lynn who helps with rescue transports for the shelter (we're honoured to know you, Lynn!) and our buddy Ainslie (one of the wonderful Vet Techs at Toronto Animal Services) who kindly offered to pick him up from Lynn in Peterborough! Last but not least, our thanks to his new foster family! We'll introduce you to them shortly! In the meantime, if Kernel's story touched your heart and you started mulling over the idea of joining our Foster Family, please don't hesitate now! In the time between welcoming Kernel and sending this pupdate, we've been asked for help with not one, not two, but three other beagles! That's why more dedicated, loving foster families are so important to us and the beagles we're here to save! Don't wait another minute! Send us your application today! It's worth at least submitting an application and having a chat about the wonderful world of fostering!

April 5, 2013 E-Blast:
We want to call him L'il Kernel.
He's a lemon & white beagle, no more than 2 years old.
We think the name suits him.
He's like a cute little kernel straight out of a Green Giant Peaches & Cream can of corn!
But he's not corny.
He's adorable!
Why does he need us?
Because he's scared.
He's scared of a lot of things, but mostly the kind of thing that walks on two legs --- especially the male variety.
We don't know why.
We don't want to know why.
What matters is his TODAY and his TOMORROW.
We don't know where he's been or what he's experienced in his young life up until now.
We just know he needs us NOW.
The shelter staff where he wound up after being rescued off the streets thinks he needs us too. That's why they contacted us.
He's too scared to spend a single moment in the shelter.
He's in a temporary foster home for this shelter but they can't keep him forever, as much as they'd like to. They have too many pets already. And oh, how he comes to life around other pets, dogs and cats alike! He loves them all.
Here's what his temporary foster mom (a caring 21 year old student) has to say about him:
"When he first came to my house, he was very nervous around me and my family but he took to the other dogs and cat in the house very well. We gave him his space and let him approach us at his own pace and on his own terms. He made the living room his “safe spot” which is where he liked to spend most of his time. This is where people he wasn’t used to could meet him. They would go sit on the couch so he could check them out without feeling overwhelmed. He seems to be more nervous around males but he is getting better with that. It seems he feels like part of the family now but he still gets nervous sometimes when you do something like turn around quickly while he’s following you. Otherwise, he's showing great progress. He goes exploring, he approaches us, gives us kisses and wags his tail. I truly believe he is capable of being loved by someone who is willing to let him get used to them in his own time."
We're so grateful to this young lady for what she's done for Kernel over the last two months.
It is clear to us. He needs someone special like her to help shed his fears.
He needs someone kind. Someone to celebrate his achievements, cheer him on, and build up his confidence.
He needs to be taught all the things your own beagle knows off by heart. He needs to be amazed and overjoyed by all the things your own beagle takes for granted.
He needs to be loved. Unconditionally. 
He needs a rescue group like ours to find someone just like that to change his life.
We want this little boy under out protective wing. But once again, our foster homes are full.
Could you be the foster parent for L'il Kernel?
We're looking for a quiet, adult only home, preferrably with a friendly dog and/or cat to be his fur buddy.
We're hoping to find someone who is either retired, works from home or only part-time, ready and willing to give him the one-on-one attention he needs. We're reaching out to friends, both old and new. If you've never fostered for us before or not for a long while, please consider filling out a Foster Application. We hope to find Kernel a foster placement as soon as possible. Even if we find that placement before we receive your application, we hope you will still be interested in proceeding with our screening process. We are always in need of expanding our foster family program and you might be chosen for the next L'il Kernel that shows up on our doorstep!
   So if you're all that and a can of corn…
Maybe we're waiting to hear from YOU!