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HOWLO! It's me! Sooner! Guess what?!!!  
I'm the Official Walker for Big On Beagles in the K9 Rescue Me 10th Annual Walkathon at Woofstock on Sunday, June 9, 2013! 
I'm walking proud and I'm walking loud ya'll! That's because I've got me a good set of beagle lungs!  But it's also because I'm so glad to be around to walk this Walk.
If it wasn't for Big On Beagles, I wouldn't be here. And if it wasn't for YOU, Big On Beagles wouldn't be here.  
We're FAMILY!!! 
So for this year's Walk, please tell everybody you know about your Family. Tell them about me, the favourite member of your Family! Tell them I'm worth their pledge! And so is the next beagle that arrives at our little beagle repair shop known as BIG ON BEAGLES!

If you're planning to walk with your beagle on behalf of Big On Beagles, THANK YOU! Click here to register with K9 Rescue Me and to set up your own Canada Helps Giving Page!

Click here to pledge ME! Thank you!!!

October 10, 2012 E-Blast:
Back in the 70's, I remember watching a made-for-tv movie titled "A Girl Named Sooner". For some reason, that movie stuck with me. It was about a young poverty-stricken girl living in the hills of Indiana, abandoned by her parents, raised by an abusive old hillbilly of a woman until she was adopted by an uncertain couple who couldn't have a baby of their own. It took time, but Sooner had this special way about her. She won the hearts of this couple. She may not have been the newborn baby they thought they needed, but in the end, she was exactly what they needed.
I think Sooner is the perfect name for this little girl pictured here. She came in to the pound as a stray, 8 to 10 years old. Fragile yet strong. Timid yet yearning to love and be loved. Too old for adoption, they say. Nobody wants the older dogs, they say.
We want the older dogs.
And you make it possible.
We've raised close to $1,000 through our Collar Campaign! Our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed already. But we hope it's not over yet and we double that amount like we did last year! Older dogs like Sooner need the support. We're so grateful you understand that. It shows with every donation we receive.
Sooner arrives on Friday and will go straight to our vets for her workup. We'll want to run a senior blood profile and have her spayed. Paws crossed she doesn't have any teeth in need of pulling - dentistry is always costly despite the incredible rescue discount we're so fortunate to have thanks to our veterinary clinic. With their expert help, Sooner will walk out of the clinic all shiny and new!
After that, her shiny new future is up to us.
We're looking for a loving foster home for Sooner.
Could you be the one?
No matter how you're able to reach out to her - by way of a donation to our Collar Campaign if you haven't yet added your $10 to the beagle fund, or by submitting a foster application to give a rescued beagle like Sooner a real home for maybe the first time in her life - whichever way you reach out, we just want you to know one very important thing...
On behalf of Sooner - the beagle to follow Emily,
 and the next beagle to follow Sooner whoever that might be,
We just want you to know...
YOU are exactly what we need!